I was recently involved in a twitter exchange with a feminist who could perceive only the experiences and needs of women, while simultaneously being unable (or unwilling) to entertain the experiences and needs of men and boys.  I referred to the person’s tweets as displaying a kind of ‘gynomyopia‘ – a made-up term meant to capture a narrow-minded or intolerant fixation on gynocentric concerns.

For the purposes of future discussion I thought it might be useful to add these two terms to the lexicon:

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Gynomyopia: (Noun) Any narrow-minded gynocentric perspective that excludes considerations of male perspectives and experiences  (gyno – “woman/female” + myopic – “short sighted”).

Gynomyopic: (Adjective) characterized by the presence of gynomyopia.


  • “1 out of 4 homeless people are women!”
  • “3 out of 100 people killed in wars are women!”
  • “1 out of every 100,000 people circumcised in USA is a girl!”

2 thoughts on “Gynomyopia

  1. I agree. We badly need words to express that because it happens a lot.
    It’s a feminist mainstay. Overriding by discounting.

    I made another party just now with some examples I’ve seen as well but unfortunately it seems to have been blocked because it discussed mgm.