Articles about chivalry


Historical articles about gynocentric-chivalry

Enterprise of the Green Shield with the White Lady (1399)
Chivalry for love – by Thomas Warton (1774)
The spirit of chivalry – by Sir Walter Scott (1818)
The evolution of chivalry – Analectic Magazine (1818)
Instruction of boys in the arts of chivalry – by Charles Mills (1825)
The role of ladies in the first sporting tournaments – by Charles Mills (1825)
The Spirit of Chivalry – Westminster Hall Exhibition (1845)
American Chivalry (Newspaper Article – 1846)
Has Chivalry Fled? (Article, 1912)
Modern chivalry – by Ernest Belfort Bax (1913)
The Dream of Heroism and Love – by Johan Huizinga (1924)

Contemporary essays about gynocentric-chivalry

The birth of chivalric love – by Peter Wright
Sexual Feudalism – by Peter Wright
The Feminine Imperative – by Rollo Tomassi
What ever happened to chivalry? – by Peter Wright
The allure of chivalry today – by Peter Wright
Chivalry: a sexist expectation of the medieval mind
Feminism, sex-differences and chivalry – by Peter Wright
Chivalry: A learned deathwish – by Paul Elam
Sporting tournaments: a gynocentric tradition? – by Peter Wright
Damseling, chivalry and courtly love in history (Part 1) – by Peter Wright
Damseling, chivalry and courtly love in the feminist tradition (Part 2) – by P. Wright
Aggrieved Entitlement – women’s reaction to temporary loss of chivalry – P. Wright
Bastardized Chivalry: From Concern For Weakness to Sexual Exploitation – P. Wright
‘Chivalry’ in International Negotiations: A Survey Experiment in the Council of the European Union (study)

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