Gynocentrism Theory Lectures (Peter Wright)

The following selection of gynocentrism theory articles were published during 2012 – 2023 by Peter Wright. (For the full collection see Amazon title on right-hand sidebar).

Greek goddess



1. Introduction to Gynocentrism
2. Gynocentric Culture
3. Gynocentric Culture Complex (GCC)
4. Timeline of Gynocentric Culture
5. The Sexual-Relations Contract
6. The Birth of Chivalric Love
7. How to tame men – gynocentrism style
8. What Ever Happened to Chivalry?
9. Gynocentric Marriage
10. Chasing The Dragon (video) | Chasing The Dragon (text)
11. Slaying The Dragon: Overcoming Sexual Superstimuli
12. Gynocentrism – why so hard to kill?
13. Damseling, Chivalry and Courtly Love (Part 1)
14. Damseling, Chivalry and Courtly Love (Part 2)
15. Sporting Tournaments: A Gynocentric Tradition
16. The Evolution of Gynocentrism Via Romance Writings
17. The Gynocentrism of Jordan Peterson
18. Jordan Peterson’s Map For Oedipal Men
19. Bastardized Chivalry: From Concern For Weakness to Sexual Exploitation
20. What’s In a Suffix? Taking a Closer Look At The Meaning of Gyno–centrism
21. A Sentimental Continuation of Coverture
22. Anti-Gynocentrism Is the Only Anti-Feminism That Matters
23. ‘Frau Minne’ Goddess of Romantic Love
24. Mythologies of The Men’s Rights And Feminist Movements
25. Tradwives, Modwives and Feminists
26. Gynocentrism As A Narcissistic Pathology – Part 1
27. Gynocentrism As A Narcissistic Pathology – Part 2
28. Hera, Ancient Greek goddess of feminism
29. A New Aristocracy
30. Women of Color Feminists vs. White Feminist Tears
31. White Supremacy: A Euphemism For White Women Worship
32. Alison Phipps: White Men’s Ship Floats on White Women’s Tears
33. The Biological Origins of Damseling
34. Two Modes of Damseling
35. Unintended Effects Of Transgender Activism On Men’s Issues
36. Transphobia vs. Manphobia
37. C.S. Lewis: The Feudalisation of Love
38. Feminism’s Transgender Fruit — Process Philosophy in Action
39. Gamma Bias In The Maintenance of Gynocentrism
40. The Tradwife Revisited
41. ‘Biological Gynocentrism’ : Falling Into The Feminist Trap?
42. Maladaptive Gynocentrism Is Not “Natural”
43. Aggrieved Entitlement – women’s reaction to temporary loss of chivalry
44. Narcissism Exaggerates Baseline Hypergamy
45. Has the MRM Become a Gynocentric Ideology?
46. Robert Briffault’s ‘Law’ Doesn’t Apply to Humans
47. Four Dimensions Of Cultural Gynocentrism