Gynocentrism Theory Lectures (Peter Wright)

The following selection of gynocentrism theory articles were published during 2012 – 2019 by Peter Wright. (For the full collection see Amazon title on right-hand sidebar).

Greek goddess


1. Introduction to Gynocentrism
2. Gynocentric Culture
3. Gynocentric Culture Complex (GCC)
4. Timeline of Gynocentric Culture
5. The Sexual-Relations Contract
6. The Birth of Chivalric Love
7. What Ever Happened to Chivalry?
8. Gynocentric Marriage
9. Chasing The Dragon
10. Damseling, Chivalry and Courtly Love (Part 1)
11. Damseling, Chivalry and Courtly Love (Part 2)
12. Sporting Tournaments: A Gynocentric Tradition
13. The Evolution of Gynocentrism Via Romance Writings
14. Why Is It Always About Her? Gynocentrism As a Narcissistic Pathology
15. Bastardized Chivalry: From Concern For Weakness to Sexual Exploitation
16. A Sentimental Continuation of Coverture