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  1. It may be me not knowing my way around Reddit but the 7 comments that I saw weren’t too much to chew on, really. Did I miss something? I also think that the major thread focuses on chivalry, but in fact, when you decompose what Wright is saying here wrt gynocentrism, there are really three prongs to it. Romance, courtly love and chivalry, which conspire to make men vassals and approval seeking in others. It exacerbates and aggrandizes the already competitive sexual marketplace, imposing cultural norms that demands men be of service, be just, be brave and also do so in part to earn a woman’s love. The courting etc are expressions of all this.

    Rollo Tomassi has a great shorthand for romance. “Oneitis” – I giggled the first time I saw the word. Primary among the many lies men believe about love and women is that there is a woman out there who is “the one”. Even if we are cycling through them quickly or at the same time, we are still looking for “the one”. Entire segments of popular and high culture are devoted to this essential romantic idea. Or we hate ourselves because we think we shouldn’t want to be so promiscuous or unfaithful. To me, the entire idea of monogamy has little value to men beyond paternal certainty, so to a man without young children to care for, what’s the purpose? I have the perspective of having become a father young, and at 51 I have a 26 yr old daughter. I was single, married and then single again and raised a child through (as a non-custodial dad since she was 5) it and I can tell you, without a family, monogamy makes no sense to me. I remember the first time I cheated on a girlfriend after I was divorced and thinking to myself, for the first time, that girlfriends really don’t count, only wives. And since I never got married again, it’s been a lot more fun. We split when I was 30, so i went through the wringer young and didn’t come upon MGTOW till a bit over a year ago. But even then, I was scared to death to get married again. My ex moved in the new guy (her lover in the last days of our marriage) who she eventually chewed up and spit out 13 years later.

    I looked carefully at every women I was with since, and there have been more than a few, but the truth is that every last one of them was not worthy of my marriage to them. I had a little acid test for the contenders. I would tell them two things. First, that “Yes, I would get married again, but I would never get divorced again. If I met the right woman and she was willing to make a real, forever promise that we would never break -no matter what – then yeah, I’d try it again.” You should see the face on many women when I would say something so blunt. I’d often add, “I’d rather die than go through another divorce.” I also told them that if we had kids and things went south in our marriage and she cut me off from sex that I would cheat on her rather than lose my family. I’d explain that I’d already been married to a woman who didn’t want to have sex with me once and lost a family over it, I wouldn’t do so again. Perfectly reasonable expectations from MY perspective, but something utterly alien to most women, who usually just laughed it off.

    One such encounter turned into an outright fight over a nice dinner, that of course I was paying for. This was all before the Red Pill for me. My story has another horrible chapter with an adult daughter and sisters turning on me – a real female shit storm actually – but I won’t bore you with it. Suffice it to say that at least I know now. Women are no longer a mystery to me. My biggest reaction is that i wish I knew all this when I was a young man, I would have run my life much differently,and I would be much better of today for it.

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