Miscellaneous articles

Sexual Feudalism
Gynocentric culture
Gynocentrism 1:0, 2:0, and 3:0
Gynocentric Culture Complex (GCC)
Timeline of gynocentric culture
The sexual-relations contract
The real history of men — Part 1
The other beauty myth
Gynocentric marriage
Gynocentrism Theory Lectures
Gynocentrism: definition and early mentions
Gynocentric etiquette for men
Damseling, chivalry and courtly love
Articles exploring the concept of gynarchy
Gynocentrism 2.0, compassion, and choice
The evolution of gynocentrism via romance writings
Why is it always about her? Gynocentrism as a narcissistic pathology
The following items elaborate on the long-running gender quarrel (La Querelle des Femmes) from the twelfth century to today.


Christine de Pizan: the first gender warrior
Jane Anger: gynocentrism in 1589
Modesta Pozzo: gynocentrism in 1590
Lucrezia Marinella: gynocentrism in 1600
Margaret Cavendish: gynocentrism in 1662
Elizabeth Poole Sandford: Female Power, Influence, and Privileges in 1835


La Querelle des Femmes
Ernest B. Bax on “Chivalry feminism”
Feminism: the same old gynocentric story
Gynocentrism and its Discontents
Feminism: gynocentric or egalitarian?
Feminism, sex-differences and chivalry
Nathanson and Young on gynocentric feminism
Gynocentrism, humanism and The Patriarchy™
Offering a concise definition of feminism
Gynocentrism 2.0, compassion, and choice
Damseling, chivalry and courtly love in modern feminism
Book review of ‘Governance Feminism: An Introduction’
Mythologies of The Men’s Rights And Feminist Movements
Tradwives, Modwives and Feminists



MGTOW philosophy
Perspectives on MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) – a significant post-gynocentrism subculture based on the principle of male self-determination.
Querelle du Mariage
How to tame men – gynocentrism style
Gynocentrism – why so hard to kill?
MGTOW – facts and fallacies
What are MGTOW against?
Early references to “Men going their own way”
Definition of MGTOW
A MGTOW Yardstick: Determination Of Self By Other (DOSBO)
On the nature of MGTOW self-determination
MGTOW: 12th century style
MGTOW movement of 1898
Authoring your own life
Don’t just do something, SIT THERE
The historical role of gynocentrism in societal collapse
Chasing the Dragon: Superstimuli as a cause of extreme gynocentrism (Video)
Marriage shunning
The following collection of articles describe the post-gynocentrism phenomenon of marriage shunning by males, and the rationale behind it.
Marriage is a gynocentric custom
Slavery 101 – dating as taught to girls
Valentine’s Day: gynocentrism’s most holy event
Women complaining about lack of available slavemasters
Evidence of why men should avoid marriage: The Henpecked Club
Men not marrying

Men shouldn’t marry
Querelle du Mariage
Marriage is obsolete. Are women?
The real reasons to not get married
Don’t give up on marriage? Request denied
Down the aisle again on the marriage question
Men on strike: why men are boycotting marriage
A MGTOW Yardstick: Determination Of Self By Other (DOSBO)
Post-gynocentrism relationships
Post-gynocentrism relationships between men and women are possible and even desirable for many people. The following articles explore how relationships can be revisioned.
Hail to the V
The other Beauty Myth
Sex and Attachment
Love and Friendship
On the marriage question
Tradwives, Modwives and Feminists
Post-gynocentrism culture
Articles (mostly from AVfM) exploring post-gynocentrism culture. Each article presents a post-gynocentrism paradigm for individual or collective existence.
How to end gynocentrism
Gynocentrism – why so hard to kill?
Freedom from gynocentrism in 12 Steps
Breaking the pendulum: Tradcons vs. Feminists
Why anyone who values freedom should be fighting against feminism
A Voice for Choice
Traditionalism versus traditionalism
Gynocentrism and the hierarchy of entitlement
The Counterculture
MHRM: counterculture or subculture?
On creating a counter-culture
A little blood in the mix never hurt a revolution

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