Dom vs Unruly Supremacist

The following article provides a useful differentiation between female domination, and female supremacy. Gynocentric culture is a mixture of these two things and, from my perspective at least, female sexual domination lends itself to a transmogrification into female supremacy – ie. a little power leads to absolute power by dint of the power urge in human nature.

The Vivifier


“Do you think that sexually submissive men fostered and encouraged, or even brought into existence (and hence bear responsibility for) the female supremacy/superiority movement?”


I don’t support any female supremacy/superiority movement and yes they have indeed joined with feminism which, well, that sums up feminism for you. I would say the fantasy of female supremacy irresponsibly leaking out into society is indeed a problem. Would I say submissive men are at fault for this? I would say they are a part of this. You can’t have a Dom without a sub. However, ultimately it’s a Doms responsibility to have self discipline. That’s not the role of the sub/slave to keep the Dom in check. If a Dom cannot check themselves by keeping their fantasy within the realm of consensual, they are not a true Dom.

There is still a confusion with BDSM that has not been clarified. Female…

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