Chivalry, traditionalism and MGTOW

The following video series by Barbarossaaa discuss what he calls “traditionalism,” a shorthand term for traditional gynocentric culture and its practices.

Schlafly podcast gives ridiculous divorce advice:

Traditionalism and feminism, the great gynocentrisms of our time:

Organic dissolution of traditionalism, and small government platitudes:

Traditionalism and chivalry = the other feminism:

Traditional Relationships…nothing but business and a bottom line:

Do men Justify their own exploitation?

To learn more about MGTOW see YouTube for some excellent channels and discussions: Men Going Their Own Way

Gynarchy in America

Modern dictionaries usually define gynarchy as a political system governed by women or a woman. For a more nuanced understanding it’s important to recognise that “the political system” that women govern may actually be staffed by male servants called prime ministers, presidents, or politicians who work on behalf of the ruling female gender.[1] In her book What’s Right With Feminism, Cassandra Langer gives a concise definition that accounts for the proxy role of male leaders: “Gynarchy refers to government by women, or women-centered government.” – PW

The following articles show that Columbia was more than an empty symbol of America’s pedestalisation of women (*click articles to enlarge):

The Open Court, 1897


‘A Dethroned Tyrant’ 1902


The Philadelphia Record – 1903


England and the English from an American Point of View – 1909


From Dublin to Chicago: Some Notes on a Tour in America – 1914

Women in USA 1914

Albert Einstein declares Women Rule Here – 1921



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