How to feign neoteny: an instruction manual for women


The following instruction video from the Fascinating Womanhood Movement teaches women how to feign neoteny to get their own way with husbands. (1.37 to 2.33):

Group facilitator: Another thing I’d like to talk about is childlikeness, and I surely would like you to tell the class about it Penny.

Penny: I was in the kitchen and he was at the dining room table and he just, y’now, really spouted off at the kids, and my inner teapot was just really bubbling, but I wasn’t really ugly angry, not yet.

So as I walked through the dining room, he’s sitting there and I just mmmmmnnnnr [gestures, pokes her tongue out like a petulant little girl] [Group bursts out laughing], and I turned around and I just beat on his chest [gestures again, moving little hammer-fists up and down like a little girl] and said “You brute. You’ve been so mean to me I just can’t stand you,” and [she smiles] he just put his arms around me and he laughed and he smiled, and everything was just beautiful – the anger was gone.

Group facilitator: In fact girls, if you’ve never tried childlikeness, after you’ve experienced this you’ll wish you had something more to complain about. You’ll really think, ‘I wish he’d do something wrong so I can use it,’ you know! [laughter in the room] It’s beautiful.4

The practice is elaborated in greater depth in the 1965 volume Fascinating Womanhood which gives instruction for women in feigning “childlikeness.” Click on the link below to read an excerpt:

Childlikeness teaching for women

2 thoughts on “How to feign neoteny: an instruction manual for women

  1. So true, I used to use this as a means of getting my own way with past boyfriends, it works completely. Nowerdays, I don’t seem to have the energy or the enthusiasm as my ratings of men are not very high, – hence, no worth the effort.