The Answer to Feminism is Not Gynocentric Traditionalism


Dysfunctional Gynocentric Cultural Values Must Go

Black Pigeon Speaks (BPS) did a video recently titled, “ONLY Patriarchy Builds Nations * / & Other Uncomfortable Truths”1. The video raised a number of pertinent factors to consider in what makes developed civilisations sustainable and in this article I will provide my thoughts on that and where Western society went wrong. As the societal consequences from decades of feminism become more and more apparent, there is a push in some corners of society for a return to gynocentric traditionalism2.  The answer to feminism is not returning to promoting gynocentric traditionalism, by encouraging chivalry and infantilising women. Gynocentric traditionalism allowed feminism to gain traction in the first place. We got to where we are because we treat men as expendable and we do not hold women accountable for their actions and treat them like they are children. These dysfunctional gynocentric cultural values, have allowed the feminist trojan horse to take over society and have led to the marginalisation of men and boys. This marginalisation of men and boys, will eventually trigger socioeconomic collapse, or the “Fempocalypse” as Karen Straughan coined it3.

As BPS’s video addresses, there is an obvious need for the population of a country to reproduce and developed nations are at risk of dying out because of fertility rates falling below replacement levels. However I would add that investment in the survival of civilisation is just as important. There is no point breeding if there is no properly functioning civilisation, economy and infrastructure etc to support the survival of the population. Men are required for that to a much larger degree than women and always have been. Men are responsible for designing, innovating, building, maintaining, running and leading civilisation and no amount of feminist social engineering over the last 50 years has changed that. Indeed in one of BPS’s other videos4, he cites research on how only men pay taxes and how this covers what women as a group take out of the system. He is not the only one to point that out either. Even female consumer spending is substantially fuelled by income earned from their male partners and the result of male dominated industries and male driven economic activity and taxes, ensuring the viability of the female dominated service sector and public sector. There is much less money for women to spend and welfare to use, without men participating in the economy.

Like the low fertility rate, a silent time bomb is growing every year from the decades of neglect of boys in the education system and the epidemic of fatherlessness. We can see from the plethora of research available, the enormous costs of fatherlessness5 and the boy crisis in education6. These problems are going to have serious economic, financial and social consequences in the coming decades. Male unemployment and crime will skyrocket. These problems will eventually implode our economies into a depression, governments will default as fewer men will be in a position to pay taxes and social cohesion will erode from widespread crime, poverty, broken families and substance abuse. Society will come apart at the seams socially and economically.

We have seen what happens to societies when large numbers of men become disenfranchised. It does not end well for the society in question. Revolutions and civil war originate from such conditions and it is something to be avoided. Our civilisation runs because of men. If even one percent of men walked away from society for a day, we would have serious problems. If all men walked away from society for one day, it would collapse. Men are not expendable. It is quite the opposite and we are going to pay an enormous price as a society, if we fail to acknowledge men actually do have value. Feminism, the epidemic of fatherlessness and the boy crisis in education, have all grown in large part precisely because we treat men as expendable and do not care about the consequences that comes from marginalising men and boys. To treat men as expendable is to treat civilisation as expendable. Without healthy,  productive and well-adjusted men that can make use of their potential, there is no future for civilisation.  As I have mentioned before, even if we see men as machines, we understand the need to look after those machines to keep them working for us. If you don’t replace the oil in your car, it won’t last very long. Men are not machines, men are human beings. Looking after them properly requires more than basic parental investment. Men and boys must be treated with respect and compassion.

MGTOW is about men living life in their own way and refusing to be expendable. That is a good thing. Why? Because men have value to society and if men value themselves then they protect society and themselves from wasteful sacrifice of male potential. Men going their own way is not antithetical to civilisation. It is quite the opposite. Western civilisation was based around recognising the rights and freedoms of the individual for very good reasons. It is what made the West the success it became. Valuing individuality and respecting the rights and freedoms of the individual, is the basis of a free market economy and a free society. It generates tremendous economic prosperity and drives scientific and social progress and innovation.  These Western principles of valuing individuality and protecting individual rights and freedoms, is a very MGTOW concept. It is the group identity of the feminists and the far left, that is antithetical to MGTOW and advanced civilisation. Men naturally contribute to civilisation without coercion. It is literally in our DNA to invent, build, explore, discover, maintain, repair, protect and provide. We find it naturally fulfilling, we do it without coercion.

What MGTOW is about, is applying men’s natural gifts and desires to do these things in ways that are authentic to the man. If anything, MGTOW boosts the prosperity of society by preventing the huge waste that comes with treating men as disposable and preventing men from being exploited and used by a parasitic, corrupt and unsustainable gynocentric social system. MGTOW can instead freely apply their gifts and abilities in ways that are genuinely positive for society and for themselves (These are not automatically mutually exclusive things). There are countless men throughout history that have contributed to the advancement of their society enormously and did not get married or have children. Sir Isaac Newton, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Nikola Tesla, Ludwig van Beethoven and Adam Smith, are just a few of these men. Their scientific discoveries, intellectual and social contributions and technological breakthroughs, still have lasting impacts many years after their deaths on Western civilisation and the world. Getting married and breeding offspring is not the only contributing factor to the continuation of civilisation. Contributions to the scientific and technological knowledge base and intellectual capital and culture of civilisation, can be just as important and arguably be an even greater factor in ensuring the longevity of civilisation.

If we are going to give women equal rights as a society, then they must be held equally accountable. Otherwise it creates an imbalance that destroys society. Having reciprocity between the sexes is critical not just for individual relationships, but also for society. Treating men as expendable, provides no resistance to groups like feminists emerging and treading on men’s rights and marginalising men and boys. When men are regarded as expendable and you give women equal rights with no accountability, it does not take a genius to predict feminist groups will emerge and take advantage of that and they have.

By marginalising men and boys and treating them as expendable, you also reduce fertility rates below replacement levels. When fewer and fewer men have the finances and work status to meet the hypergamous expectations of women, thanks to the impacts of growing up in fatherless households, the boy crisis in education being unaddressed for decades and feminist initiatives like female hiring quotas, fewer and fewer children will be produced. When men are treated as expendable and put through the divorce and family court extortion and exploitation pipeline and women have no obligation to be accountable in relationships and roughly half of marriages end in divorce (the majority of which are initiated by women), many men will understandably start deciding not to marry and have families.

If we want a sustainable and prosperous society, we must recognise the value of men and boys and stop treating them as expendable. We must hold women equally accountable to men and encourage individuality over groupthink and identity politics. The parasitic feminist welfare state has to go too, which is something Stefan Molyneux has recently spoken about7. Like a parasite, it feeds off male taxpayers and supports lack of accountability from women (particularly from single mothers) and eventually destroys society. If you regard men as expendable and don’t hold women accountable, such a parasitic system will emerge. These dysfunctional values must go if we want civilisation to continue.

At the base of these dysfunctional values, is a belief in chivalry and the purity and superiority of women. Despite decades of feminism, chivalry is alive and well in our culture and in the corridors of power. I am not talking about men paying for dinners or opening doors for women. That type of chivalry is small potatoes compared to what we have today. I am talking about the widespread preferential treatment shown toward women by our governments, legal system, education system, health system, academia, media and culture, on the basis they are “vulnerable”, “victimised” women of the patriarchy and are in need of protection from “oppressive”, “privileged” men and thus deserve special treatment. Our modern feminist culture, is merely a modernised iteration of the same chivalrous tradition found in earlier gynocentric traditionalist cultures over past centuries.

Gynocentric Traditionalism Is Driven By Chivalry:

The core element of gynocentric traditionalism is chivalry. Chivalry is a tradition of male service to benefit women without reciprocity. It places women above men. Chivalry is a practice that takes advantage of men’s protective instincts and uses them to serve women under the guise women are the supposedly “weaker” sex. It is a tradition that encourages one standard of accountability for men and a lower standard of accountability for women toward the opposite sex. Women might be physically weaker than men, but the last time I checked they have all the same rights and privileges men do in Western society and some people make solid arguments they actually have more. Women are quite capable of being just as vicious verbally and socially as any man and many would probably argue they are more capable. Women can destroy a man’s life merely with an accusation in the post metoo# era, with no proof or legal due process required. Women are also quite capable of being physically violent and are especially adept at using the state and the legal system as a weapon of coercion on partners, husbands and fathers. Indeed it has been a principle driver of mainstream ideological feminism, to warp our legal system and shape government policy to marginalise men for the benefit of women.

Women are not the fragile powerless snowflakes some people would have men believe. Chivalry has emboldened and enabled feminist women, to rapidly warp our social norms, legal system, political system and mainstream media etc to elevate women above men. Women and girls enjoy a multi-billion dollar international feminist empire that puts their interests ahead of everything else in numerous sectors of Western society. This exclusive support for women and girls pervades the mainstream media, academia, legal system and education system, politics, private industry, government policy and public health, just to name a few areas. We even have entire government departments devoted to women and girls. There is no comparable set of organisations or level of support for men and boys. Predictably, women and girls are excelling at every level of education over men and boys and doing quite well in the workforce relative to men (especially for those under 30 years old).

I think I speak for a lot of men and boys when I say we are getting sick and tired of women and girls pretending they are weak and vulnerable creatures, when there is a wealth of evidence to the contrary. The social power women wield in society is enormous and chivalry has done nothing but enable that power to go unchecked for decades, if not centuries. Chivalry is a bigoted tradition that enabled the demonisation of men and boys in our culture. Our mainstream media and political system is awash with feminist women spreading hateful messages about men, boys and masculinity. If women in politics or in the mainstream media want to make bigoted generalisations about the opposite sex, then shielding them from the consequences with chivalry is not the answer. All it does is keep the cycle of demonising the male half of the population growing and growing without opposition. If you make bigoted remarks about the opposite sex, then you are not the victim and that suddenly does not change when the person making the bigoted remarks happens to be female. Chivalry does not have a place in a modern society where women have equal rights and freedoms to that of men. If you make bigoted remarks against men, you do not get to play the victim because the men around you respond in a manner you do not approve of.

Almost a decade ago Miranda Devine discussed a concept called, “Female Entitlement Mentality”8. It takes a sense of entitlement to expect men to behave like gentlemen toward women that act like bigots. Indeed Peter Wright wrote an article9 discussing a research study showing the link between entitlement in women and their disposition to support chivalry in men. Women have no place lecturing men about acting like gentlemen, when feminist academics write articles in the Washington Post titled, “Why can’t we hate men?”10. It is time for women to get off their pedestal and start taking accountability for their own words and behaviour. If you want men to be respectful toward you, then be respectful toward them. Two thousand years ago, a man called Jesus spoke of a simple concept to treat others the way you would like to be treated.

I certainly think women have it in them to empathise with men and accept accountability for their own choices, behaviour and words toward men. Karen Straughan’s own blog is called, “owning your shit”11. The name says it all regarding accountability. There are plenty of other examples of women displaying these qualities I have come across both online and in my personal life. A more recent example for instance popped up on my YouTube feed over the weekend. Her name is Sydney Watson. Here are two videos of hers for people to look at regarding recent events in Australia concerning men and feminism, link12 and link13. Of course there are the Honey Badgers, Janice Fiamengo and numerous other women.

I am not buying the idea women can’t overcome gynocentrism, any more than the false assumption men cannot overcome gynocentrism. Sure there are challenges, but gynocentism can be overcome provided it is recognised as a problem by society and a pathology that should be discouraged. As I explained in my article on normalising gynocentrism14, gynocentrism is so common because we have normalised it. Encouraging women that go against the gynocentric grain of the culture and holding women and girls accountable for their words and actions toward men and boys, would be a key step in the right direction in reducing gynocentrism in society. We most likely are never going to completely eliminate gynocentrism to absolute zero, just as we will never completely eliminate obesity. We will always have a residual level of pathological behaviour in society because human beings are imperfect. However we can reduce gynocentrism by a considerable degree from its present levels and make it far less common and a fringe behaviour rather than a normal behaviour in society. We have the behavioural control to do that as discussed in my earlier article, but only if we recognise gynocentrism for the pathological set of behaviours it is and we make an effort to reduce it.

Suggesting that feminism is the source of all men’s issues is short-sighted. Feminism grew from our past culture of gynocentric traditionalism and feminists have used chivalry and their victim ideology and revision of history, to pull the strings of the men in power for decades to get what they want. Without gynocentric traditionalism, there would be no feminism. Gynocentrism runs through both gynocentric traditionalism and feminism and is the real basis of the preferential treatment of women at the expense of the marginalisation of men.

Chivalry Is Antithetical To Freedom:

Dr. Warren Farrell had a famous saying, “women can’t hear what men do not say”. As long as men remain silent for fear of offending women, absolutely nothing is going to change and that silence will contribute to gynocentrism remaining normalised in the culture. So start speaking your mind to women if you are a man and stop self-censoring, because it is about time men found their voice. That is why A Voice For Men exists. Use the platform. Calling men and women out on their gynocentric bullshit is not spreading hate, it is generating powerful and badly needed cultural change and demanding an end to hypocrisy and sexist bigotry. People need to recognise that we are entering a stage where freedom of speech is now being undermined. Now is the time to speak while you still can. There is an authoritarian push from the left side of our political spectrum, to silence any dissent against them. It is a form of oppression and we must fight against it.

If this trend of censorship continues, then it may become illegal to even question feminist ideology, or even question any aspect of gynocentric behaviour by women or men. Chivalry at its modern extreme end, is antithetical to freedom of speech. Quashing dissenting speech in the name of protecting women, is a slippery slope that leads right to totalitarianism by a feminist authoritarian state. Once freedom of speech is lost, then the rest of our freedoms and basic rights soon vanish. If we reach that threshold and we are dangerously close to it, then the sun will set on our civilisation and what will follow will be a totalitarian dark age followed by collapse and then anarchy. We need to be speaking out now and protecting our freedom to do so while we still can.


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6 thoughts on “The Answer to Feminism is Not Gynocentric Traditionalism

    • While I won’t try and speak for the author, I think yes there is a non-gynocentric traditionalism….. but that comes down first to how we define gynocentrism. Here’s two definitions:

      1. Gynocentrism as the guiding force and tone of heterosexual relationships.
      2. Gynocentrism as an occasional element in people’s behaviour (supporting pregnant woman) or in culture (eg. celebrating Mother’s Day).

      Leaving aside the latter scattered samples of gynocentrism, which will always be with us and are equally balanced by what we might call phallocentric or male-centered acts, I would answer your question as Yes, there was a time when male~female relationships were not premised on gynocentrism……. they were, rather, relationship-centered, family-centered, and community-centered (not gyno-centered).

      • It’s better to define gynocentrism as female favoritism. Can you please tell me what was the time where relationships were not premised by gynocentrism?

      • Relationships only became ‘entirely premised’ on gynocentrism after the revolution in gendered customs that began in medieval Europe, specifically France and Germany, which birthed the practice of romantic chivalry. That revolution slowly culminated in the extreme gynocentrism we have today.

        Before then, relationships were not premised on gynocentrism, but rather were premised on relationship-centrism, family-centrism and tribe-centrism. Prior to the Middle Ages you will never find an image of a man going down on one knee before his superior woman.

      • Thank you, I’ve read in other articles that the revolution began in the High Middle Ages (1000 – 1300) with Leonor de Aquitaine, do you consider that Early Middle Ages (476 – 1000) was also premised on gynocentrism?