Humans as a “gynocentric species” is pure myth. Don’t let simp-science con you any longer

Don’t let the phony simp-science con you any longer. Here’s a debunking of the “humans are a gynocentric-species” foundations they don’t want you to consider:

  • Women’s exaggerated hypergamy can be explained by the rise cultural narcissism.
  • Women’s neoteny can be explained in larger part by the use of cosmetics, practiced childlike gestures, and increasingly, plastic surgery.
  • Women’s pregnancies are not more precious than male provision of protective infrastructure for infant survival (hence men and women are equally important for reproductive success).
  • Women are not “the gatekeepers” of sex. The overwhelming majority of men have been approached by females attempting to initiate sex with them. In these situations men have the full capacity to say “yes” or “no” to sexual opportunities, so are also gatekeepers of sex.
  • Bottlenecks in reproduction indicating that more females than males reproduced in our evolutionary history can be explained by the choices of powerful males sequestering women as wives and property, and by arranged marriages – this is not a result of female choice.
  • Men dying in wars simply “for the sake of women” is a myth. Instead it is historically for the sake of defending things like God, king, country, democracy, or entire families.

The list could go on. There’s no evidence that humans are a “gynocentric species” whose relationships must, by evolutionary nature, be gynocentric. At most we can say men engage in a limited number of gynocentric acts that are matched by commensurate androcentric acts and gestures by women. Eclipsing both of these motives is a wider family centrism, and genecentrism.

Why does it matter?

It matters because if men and women imagine gynocentrism to be the natural default for human relationships, and for the human species, they tend to resign themselves to unbalanced relationships based entirely on deference to women’s needs and wants. This is maladaptive behavior that leads eventually to plummeting birth rates.  Retaining the belief that we are a gynocentric species works as a mental constraint which stymies our mental ability to override it, whereas clearing out such ideological garbage allows the mind to act more efficiently and to make wiser life decisions for the purposes of pair-bonding, families and ultimately, society.