A short word on love terminology

The various kinds of love are classified by ancient Greek terms, of which the following are examples:

  • Eros: (desirous love)
  • Storge: (affectionate & pairbonding love)
  • Agape: (charitable love)
  • Pragma: (practical/pragmatic love)
  • Philia: (friendship love)
  • Narcissism: (self-love)

This list captures the more common forms of love, even though more subtypes could be added. Missing from the usual lists, however, is one of the most important forms of love for the contemporary era:

In the past romantic love has been defined by the vague and meaningless catch-all term eros, a word that has lost all specificity and become synonymous with the English word love – itself another nonspecific term. For that reason I have returned eros above to its original Greek meaning of desire, and designated romantic love by the popular European term amour.