Gynocentrism And The Demographic Implosion Of Western Civilisation

By Peter Ryan

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Things Are Not As Simple As They Seem

In this article I wanted to share a comment I made in relation to Sargon’s video1 on the increasing trend of people not having children. He was specifically addressing an article about Emma Watson and her choice to “self-partner” and remain single. He went on further to share his thoughts more broadly, about the trend among men and women of not having children. Whilst I certainly think that the importance of people having children to replace society is a valid point, I think he misses the mark by failing to address the environment that is producing this problem and that he focuses too much on individual selfishness as a cause. So I have left a comment below on his video addressing that:

“Shaming people for not breeding in this highly dysfunctional gynocentric society, is like blaming people for leaving a burning building. The sexes are naturally attracted to each other. We have not had a problem replacing ourselves for the entire history and prehistory of our species. Healthy males and females in healthy functional societies, where relationships are healthy and functional, reproduce just fine without shaming people.

It is quite interesting how quickly people are ready to shame single men in particular for being single (and I note it is almost always directed at single men and not single women, because we are that gynocentric we blindly adhere to gynocentric double standards like zombies), but stop the presses if we look at and criticise the gynocentric bias in family court, divorce, the feminist criminalisation and demonisation of masculinity in the legal system and wider culture and the deliberate marginalisation of men in education and employment and the legal system and all of the associated effects that has on men not partnering up and remaining single.

We could look at the effect of the neglect of boy’s education in the feminised education system, feminist employment quotas and its mismatch with female mate choice which is at least partly based on male earnings and female hypergamy, as just one example of many.

If people are SO concerned about the population not replacing itself, how about having the courage to deal with the rampant gynocentrism2 that is at the root of the problem? The usual silence of course will follow no doubt. People can keep ignoring gynocentrism all they like- Until gynocentrism is confronted our civilisation will continue its path of decline. Mark my words- No amount of shaming men will stop this problem. Gynocentrism will continue to destroy society until it is confronted.

I understand Sargon is talking about Emma here, but he is also talking about the growing numbers of single people in general (male and female). What he does not address in the video, is the toxic anti-male gynocentric environment that is driving the low birth rate. He talks about taking responsibility for perpetuating the society that birthed and raised us, but then fails to mention this same society cultivated the very environment that generated the problem he is talking about in the first place. How about the responsibility older generations and society as a whole has for creating a gynocentric feminist environment where the population does not replace itself? Insert crickets.

See responsibility works both ways. If you bring a future generation into this world, you are responsible for making sure you raise them right and preserve your culture and address social dysfunction so they have a healthy society to raise your grandchildren in. You better make sure you protect your culture and values and don’t continuously ignore social problems like gynocentrism.

So you see, society actually has no right to point the finger at younger people not breeding in an environment that is the result of decades of reckless disregard for societies future by older generations. This video is 30 years too late and now older generations and this feminist society will reap what it is sown.

You want to fix this problem? Stop blaming people for leaving a burning building and start putting out the fire.”

Sargon does some brilliant work, but in this instance I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding presented in his video, of the nature of the problem behind the low birth rates in the West and what is actually required to perpetuate society. I do not think things are as simple as Sargon describes in his video and I do think we need to be honestly appraising just how healthy and functional Western culture actually is at the moment, given how gynocentrism permeates almost every aspect of it.

The Gynocentric Cancer Destroying Our Society

Men and women are biologically wired to reproduce and pass on their genes. This is a key driving force of our evolution and the evolution of all living things. The fact that our society has become so dysfunctional that substantial numbers of men and women are not reproducing despite the natural drive to do so, speaks volumes about just how irresponsible older generations and the present population have been to let our culture and society degrade to this level. In our gynocentric culture, we place women on a pedestal and we place men in service to women and then we expect through our collective wilful ignorance, that this dynamic will not lead to exploitation and dysfunction.

This gynocentric mindset has destroyed marriage and relationships, broken up the family and caused an epidemic of single motherhood and fatherlessness. As Stardusk (or Thinking Ape) describes in this video3, our low birth rates are in many respects the result of society putting men down to lift women up and artificially elevated female hypergamy. This mismatch guarantees a low birth rate and the collapse of the welfare state Sargon is so concerned about in his video, when he discusses the pension. This is what happens when society throws men under the bus to pedestalise women. Men are the golden goose that keeps society running and society is killing the golden goose.

The support within our culture and wider society to place female well-being above male well-being and the willful ignorance of the long-term consequences of this imbalance coupled with modernity, has led to where we are now- A dying society. This is a society where men can be put in jail if they fail to pay alimony to their ex-wives (who can work) to finance their lifestyle, even if it exceeds their income or they are unemployed. This is a society where men can have their lives destroyed from a single unproven allegation by a woman and their false accusers can walk away with no consequence. This is a society where in some places4, boys who are statutorily raped by adult women, can later be forced to pay child support to their abusers.

This is a society of fatherlessness, where single motherhood is encouraged and fathers are denigrated in our culture and marginalised in our family courts and legal system. Multiple generations of boys and girls have now grown up through divorce and family court and many of them have been denied any meaningful relationship with their father. This is a society where the needs of boys and men in education and employment are ignored and where the needs of girls and women in these areas are prioritised.

Sargon is correct to criticise the selfishness, narcissism and solipsism arising from the culture of female entitlement. However, I cannot agree on his broad criticism of men and women that choose to remain single (like many MGTOW) and not have children. Choosing to have children is a choice and not a responsibility. Choosing not to have children in this highly dysfunctional gynocentric culture, is completely understandable and that is especially so for men.

Person Refusing Apple Held By Doctor

When you bring a life into this world, you are responsible for raising them and ensuring they have a meaningful constructive future. Increasing numbers of younger people are looking at the future and have serious concerns about the trajectory society is on. Many of these younger people come from broken homes and have seen what divorce and family court does. Many have lived it and experienced the consequences of it directly. Young men in particular, have every reason to be sceptical about marriage, relationships and starting a family.

Many younger people are aware of our enormous and ever-increasing national debts, the huge unfunded government liabilities, the unaffordable housing and the reality our governments have done nothing to address these problems for decades. They are aware of the death spiral of debt the West is in and the increasing prospect of a major depression and a major global conflict with China. Massive student debt and unaffordable housing, combined with the reality of divorce and family court, just add further barriers to men and women starting families and keeping them intact (should they even start one).

Not everyone has the means to raise a child with living costs and housing being so expensive and with employment becoming increasingly volatile and unstable (especially with automation and globalisation). Many younger men in particular are struggling to get a start in life, because of the marginalisation of boy’s education, the effects of fatherlessness and the introduction of feminist employment quotas and selective hiring policies catering to women that discriminate against men. Young men obviously are going to find it more difficult to marry and raise children, when the deck has literally been stacked against them and no effort is being made to address the issues they are facing in education and employment.

No one discusses these realities and they have remained unaddressed for decades. These problems have actually worsened across the West and continue to do so. Then we wonder why people are not breeding. How responsible is it to simply breed and have no regard for the quality of life your children will have? Reproducing without having the means to properly raise children and without considering their future, is reckless and irresponsible. Not having children is sometimes the responsible thing to do.

Not all people should have children and be parents either. Some people are too irresponsible to raise children, or they simply do not have the financial means to properly support children. The continuation of Western civilisation is dependent on far more than just mindless breeding. Having children requires proper planning and investment from both individuals and from wider society, so that future generations are raised properly and preserve the society and culture. Producing large numbers of your children in single mother households with no father, ensures you will have future generations of dysfunctional adults and that your society will decline and regress. Fatherhood is required for modern, developed and advanced countries to stay modern, developed and advanced. Simply breeding with no regard for anything else, just creates countries of poor people.

Why So Many MGTOW Opt Out Of Marriage And Children

No one ever asks the question- Why do so many men that go their own way (MGTOW) choose not to marry and have children? Why is it that growing numbers of men are voluntarily walking away from getting married and starting a family?

The answer, aside from what I have already stated in this article, is that marriage is now essentially a slave contract where the human rights of men can be nullified through the divorce process at the whim of women. That is actual reality and not an exaggeration. Fathers are now reduced to temporary legal guardians that can be removed from their children by the mother at any stage and with the full force of the state. Men are not walking away from marriage and family, because these concepts now exist in name only. Men are walking away from a broken toxic gynocentric system of state sanctioned exploitation. A system that places the needs of women first and the needs of men and children last.

Childless Incels

I do not agree with Sargon either that involuntarily celibate people that by their own label want to reproduce, should be shamed for not doing so. I am frankly surprised Sargon is not able to see the logical inconsistency in his own argument. Shaming people for not doing something they clearly voluntarily want to do, is not going to achieve anything. It makes me wonder whether Sargon understood that the letter “i” in incel stands for involuntary. I think he misspoke here.

Where The Problem Really Lies

Frankly the problem of our low birth rate, does not lie with single men or single women. Sargon says this is a good society with good values that should be continued and yet it cannot replace itself. There are plenty of things to like about the West, but ultimately it is the cancer of gynocentrism in the West (which feminism is just a symptom of) that will ensure it declines. This society is dysfunctional because it allows gynocentrism to grow unopposed and the result has been the breakdown of the family, marriage and relationships and an epidemic of fatherlessness and single motherhood. If Western civilisation is so “good” and if our values are so great, then why can’t it sustain itself? Clearly there is something wrong with a society that cannot continue itself.

This is not a “good” society with “great” values. This is a dying society living off its past greatness and pretending everything is okay under a thin veneer of debt laden decadence. Great values? This is a society that abandons free speech, due process, human rights and basic morals in the face of gynocentrism. Unless something radical happens, the world will be talking about the fall of Western civilisation in a few centuries time.

Simply replacing people with new people, is just one part of continuing society and hardly all of what is required. It is imperative that society confronts and addresses problems that threaten its existence, such as gynocentrism and our over-reliance on debt and does not just keep ignoring them and kicking the can down the road (The “I will be dead by then mentality” of the boomer generation comes to mind.). It seems to me that the people so concerned about society not replacing itself, don’t seem concerned enough to confront the source of the problem- gynocentrism. How responsible is that? Think about that for a moment.

This article is not just in response to Sargon. So many other people, particularly from the “Alt-Right”, traditionalists and nationalists, are quick to judge people and particularly men that do not breed, as selfish and irresponsible. They give no consideration of the state of the debt driven society we are living in and how this toxic gynocentric environment is discouraging people and particularly men from having children. In reality many men are that responsible, they see it as irresponsible to raise children in a dying debt laden society that is living on borrowed time, treats men like slaves, rewards and even glamorises women for their bad behaviour and does not hold such women accountable.

The Sun Is Setting In The West

This video5 was recently made by Stardusk on the contrast between how the West and China regards single motherhood and the impact that is going to likely have on the future of the two societies. Fatherlessness and single motherhood in the West, will contribute to its fall. Sustaining your society is not just about pumping out babies. Society must ensure that they properly raise younger generations to become well-adjusted adults and that the culture and institutions are preserved to provide them with a proper future.

What we have seen over at least the last three decades, is a complete failure of the West to properly raise future generations. We have seen the rapid rise of fatherlessness and the breakdown of the family. We have also witnessed the feminist corruption and decline of our institutions, particularly at our universities and in our legal systems. The magnitude of the damage fatherlessness, the breakdown of the family and the decline of our institutions is going to leave on our civilisation in the coming decades, will be simply enormous. We have witnessed nothing yet, the jet-black storm on the horizon has been building for 50 years.


The sun will be setting in the West and rising in the East over the course of this century. The West is not the best. We actually encourage single motherhood, we have let feminism destroy our institutions and we have marginalised men, boys and fathers. Gynocentrism will play a large role in our undoing. Time to wake up and recognise that we are not as good a civilisation or culture as we think we are. The question is this- Do we value female approval more than we value the continuation of civilisation? At the moment it seems the answer is yes. For that we deserve what we get.

When I think of the future I remind myself that no one can know what the future may hold with certainty. We all have to take collective responsibility for the future of our society and hold our governments accountable for the decisions they make our behalf.

What I see at the moment, is a society on the decline and headed for a major war (possibly a world war). I see a society that prefers to live in decadence and blissful ignorance and refuses to make the hard decisions required to address the serious social and economic problems it faces. I see older generations kicking the can down the road and passing the buck onto younger generations and no one in government taking any responsibility for the long-term prosperity and security of our countries.

That does not have to be our future. We could solve a great deal of problems if society had the collective will to say no to gynocentrism and restore balance between the sexes. Valuing men is not antithetical to civilisation, it is essential to civilisation. In actuality it was treating men as disposable that led to gynocentrism running rampant to begin with and reaching a level where it now threatens the very existence of society.

fempocalypse6 is not some farfetched idea, it is the logical end point to the crazy train of gynocentrism- We need to find the brakes fast.

* * *

A Follow-Up To The Article Above: Take The Loaded Gun Out Of The Room

I noticed after writing this article, that Sargon has done a follow-up video7 on the baby boomers and responded to some of the criticism levelled by people at his earlier video that I addressed. Consequently I would like to respond to that. It is good to see that he has identified the substantial degree of responsibility of older generations for the gynocentric and economic mess that future generations have inherited. I mentioned this as well in my own article.

I cannot agree though with Sargon’s stance on marriage in the modern cultural and legal climate and encouraging men to marry in our current gynocentric society. As I discussed, marriage is no longer marriage. Marriage is now a scam and the marital contract is now a legal instrument that can be used to extort men and enslave them. The family court and divorce process has so thoroughly undermined what marriage was, that marriage as a functional and legally binding contract to formalise a healthy mutually beneficial partnership between men and women to raise a family, simply just does not exist. Marriage is no longer marriage and this needs to be recognised.

I am not suggesting formal partnerships between men and women should not exist. I am stating the fact that modern marriage is no longer a formal partnership in which the interests of men and women are equally protected under the law. If marriage was a business partnership, no one would start a business. As long as women carry around the “loaded gun” that feminists have placed in their hands, which divorce, family court and domestic violence legislation represents, there can be no proper partnership. This is what feminists wanted and feminists have succeeded. They have succeeded because our gynocentric culture places female well-being above male well-being and female interests above male interests.

The notion by Sargon that women should show “restraint” in not exercising the power they have thanks to the gynocentric bias in family court, divorce and domestic violence legislation, in order to encourage men to marry, is not a solution. We are talking about men’s basic human rights being infringed upon by women with the full force of the state and there is no justification for half-measures. If things were in reverse, we would not be asking men to “restrain themselves” to encourage young women to marry them. We would not be finding ways to make this system “work”, if women were treated in divorce and family court like men are. We would be tearing the whole system down, encouraging women not to marry and marching in the streets with torches.

The mere possibility that women at their whim, can use the state to imprison men that displease them, alienate fathers from their own children and turn men into indentured servants to finance their lifestyles, is a disgusting indefensible crime. It is an abuse of human rights and this modern system of marriage and divorce has no place in a supposedly civilised society. There is no justification for this system and “marriage” in its present form (which is now marriage in name only), regardless as to whether women show “restraint”- Take the loaded gun out of the room. No ifs, no buts, no excuses, no half-measures. Men have a right not to have their basic rights threatened.

Men should not be put in a secondary position to women when it comes to marriage, the family, divorce, family court and the law. That should just be assumed, it should not even have to be stated. Sargon recognises that there needs to be change and I would wholeheartedly agree. There needs to be fundamental reform of divorce and family court. There needs to be reform in our legal system regarding correcting the imbalance introduced by feminist domestic violence legislation and feminist driven policy. There needs to be renewed respect for fathers and men in general. The list is a mile long with things that need to be changed. Until that happens, marriage in its present form is not marriage and it is about time we stopped living in denial about that. It is time society confronted the stench coming from the family court and divorce extortion industry and bureaucracy.



How to destroy a society


By Peter Ryan

Every now and then I write a comment on a YouTube video that I like to share and this is one of them. Paul, Tom and Janice were recently discussing a book titled, “How To Destroy A Man Now”1. The book might as well have been titled, “How To Destroy A Society Now”. It is a guide on how gynocentrism2 can be used to subvert our legal system and institutions and destroy individual men and civilisation (or what it calls “patriarchy” aka civilisation).

The mere existence of the book and others like it, highlight why it is absurd to claim that society is a patriarchy run by men for the benefit of men and that women are the “nicer” and more empathetic sex. All people have to do to recognise this, is imagine what the social reaction would be if a man wrote a book titled, “How To Destroy A Woman Now”. Men in this culture do not write such books about the opposite sex. In stark contrast, women in this culture do write such books about the opposite sex and this book about destroying men is not an isolated example. The End Of Men3 and Are Men Necessary?4, are other examples of such literature written by women (and I can cite more examples).

The books play into emotional fantasies (and yes sometimes sexual fantasies) some women hold to humiliate and denigrate men as a sex. This is the mentality our gynocentric society instils in women. It is an emotional power trip for female narcissism5 to write and read such garbage about the opposite sex. It makes them feel superior. It is that simple. Are all women like that? No, but this gynocentric culture does nothing but encourage this mentality in women. It is also worth noting the large number of women that stay silent (as many men do) whilst their female counterparts revel in this misandry. In contrast men line up to hold other men in line if they disrespect women, or if men even try to defend themselves against women.

Women are not nicer and they are not more empathetic. Women just do their best to be seen to be nice (it is a form of social camouflage for women) because it adds to their social image and social power, which is their primary form of power aside from the sexual component. This book exposes the lie women are nicer and describes the nature of female violence in detail. It is for this reason, that I would agree with Paul, Tom and Janice that such books should not be banned. The darker side of female nature needs to be exposed and recognised, just as we do with men. There is a saying, “women know what other women are like”. Women know exactly what I am talking about- the truth that women are not all sugar and spice and everything nice and that women can be just as terrible, just as depraved and yes just as evil6 as men. This is the ugly truth the book, “How To Destroy A Man Now” forces society to confront and that women understand but speak of only in whispers among themselves.

Freedom of speech allows society to confront its ugly reflection and stop ignoring social problems, hence why such books should not be banned but scrutinised. However I do not agree with Paul, Tom and Janice that this book was written with the manosphere in mind in support of us. As I mentioned earlier, it is my opinion it is far more likely that such books are written to humiliate and denigrate men and to an satisfy an emotional power trip (and sometimes a sexual one as well). There is no elaborate web of reverse psychology required to explain the writing of this book or books like it. Like feminists keep projecting onto men, it is all about power and control for women that enjoy such misandric garbage. Why is the book not available? Not sure, but sometimes they are too naked about their real motives and the feminist establishment censors its own.

I would agree though that, “How To Destroy A Man Now” does serve to expose the nature of female violence. We know in intimate partner relationships that when only one partner is physically violent toward the other, it is women that are more likely to be the perpetrator (at more than double the frequency)7. But so much of female violence is not actually physical, as the book demonstrates. Female violence is often expressed as relational aggression and also through inciting institutional and social violence by proxy on the desired male target.

Spreading rumors to destroy a man’s reputation in the community or among his peers is relational aggression and a form of violence that can cause grave harm to the male victim. Using the legal system, divorce and family court system as a weapon to destroy ex-partners, is inciting institutional and social violence by proxy. It is worth noting the high male suicide rate8 that follows from the institutional violence associated with divorce and family court that is directed at men and instigated by women. I have not forgotten the story of Chris Mackney9 and neither should you. Stories like that are all around us now, thanks to feminism and gynocentrism. Women do not have to shoot men to kill them. It is time these actions were correctly identified as female violence against men. I wonder how many people have looked at the Duluth model and applied it with the sexes reversed? You would be surprised how much of the wheel of power and control applies to female violence against men.

So with that preamble, I have provided the comment below that I made in response to the video of Paul, Tom and Janice discussing this book10. People may want to watch their discussion first. My comment is as follows (I made one modification to add the links to my earlier work):

“This book exposes the reality that our gynocentric society is based on a number of core social lies- 1. Women are powerless in relation to men. 2. Only men are violent toward the opposite sex. 3. The world is a patriarchy run by men for the benefit of men. 4. Our history is one of men oppressing women. 5. Women are more valuable and deserving of empathy because they give birth and therefore must be protected at the expense of men to preserve the species, regardless of the cost (a lie I have debunked extensively in my writings- Links here11here12here13 and here14 which people can read should they wish to. I have one more article to write on it). It is lie number 5 that lets people look the other way when facts contradict lies 1-4.

You were right the first time Paul, men throwing other men under the bus for women is a glitch in the “patriarchy”. Let us just call patriarchy by its real name shall we- civilisation. Let us not beat around the bush with the truth. The only reason we have a civilised society, is because men cooperate with each other. Once that goes, so does civilised society. Raising children in a civilised society that has the social environment and male productivity to technologically develop to an advanced state and has relatively low levels of male violence, enhances community survival many orders of magnitude and consequently has enormous fitness benefits in a darwinian sense. That all goes once men cease cooperating with each other and throw each other under the bus for women. The metoo# movement is inherently destructive for this very reason. Even primitive tribal societies require some level of male cooperation to subsist and destroy themselves if sufficient numbers of men turn on each other.

The hierarchy men are in, is not all about competition either and involves a great deal of male cooperation to remain stable and functional. Patriarchy is not about culling men in an evolutionary sense (that is a negative by-product rather than a core driving force of the system), but about giving men are means to assort themselves socially and express their sexual market value toward the opposite sex and a means to express their inherent biological value.

It is also worth pointing out that each sex is selected to pass on their genes in the most efficient and effective means possible. Men that willingly sacrifice themselves like doormats either remain cucked, friendzoned or are outmatched by men that reproduce more efficiently. Men that sacrifice other men may benefit in the short-term but not always. Such men may be the target of retributive violence and reduce their trustworthiness within the male social dominance hierarchy, which may then reduce their authority, power and support from other men in said hierarchy, over the long-term. It is a risky strategy for men to throw other men under the bus and it does not always pay off for individual men either (they may die or be exposed for the liars or criminals they are) and it certainly destroys society as a whole in the long term. So whilst there is an element of truth to the idea of men sacrificing other men to get women and to perpetuate their individual genome (just as there is for male sexual violence against women, which is just as heinous and barbaric and certainly something I am not condoning), it is a costly and an ultimately inferior strategy when it is scaled to the level of society.

Societies that are not so cavalier with throwing men under the bus, have greater numbers of stronger and more productive men. Societies that recklessly exploit men, kill the very thing that keeps them going. The army that wins the battle with the least amount of male casualties, has the men to fight another day. The army that carelessly exploits and sacrifices their men, suffers avoidable losses and loses the war. Same thing goes with countries and economies. People need to think things through, before they just discard concern for male well-being.”

It is time for men and frankly the manosphere to wake up. Men have been told their whole life that they have no intrinsic self-worth and are inherently disposable because of being male and not having a uterus. The exploitation of men in this gynocentric system, requires men and boys continue to believe that lie. Reinforcing that message from the manosphere, does nothing but strengthen the lie, especially if it comes from the supposedly red pill world. There is nothing more dangerous to this system than a group of men that know their own worth, reject the lie they are inherently disposable and protect their own well-being. Whether you hear that you are inherently disposable from the blue world or from manosphere, don’t believe the bullshit. Men are much more than sperm dispensers and utilities, no matter how much our gynocentric society would like men to think otherwise.

Keeping men immersed in that lie and on the wheel of learned helplessness, is what keeps gynocentrism chugging along. Heaven forbid the manosphere dare get the idea in their heads that maybe just maybe, men are not inherently biologically disposable and women are not the more valuable sex because of reproduction. The manosphere needs to flush this idea down the toilet where it belongs and stop reinforcing the same message men have already been told their whole lives by this society. People wonder why I write about gynocentrism, the golden uterus and male value so extensively-The reason is simple. That is how much bullshit there is to debunk and set straight when it comes to biology being twisted to justify the erroneous claim men are inherently less valuable than women.

I cannot just rely on common sense to debunk this nonsense, because sense is no longer common in this society. We live in gynocentric clownworld now and have been for 800 or so years15. We abandoned common sense when it came to men, women and relationships centuries ago. That is why it is so hard even in the manosphere to see through the gynocentric BS. We have no proper frame of reference we can immediately use to calibrate our gynocentric bullshit detectors. However slowly but surely the manosphere is getting there and putting the pieces together. We have not completely awakened from the blue pill world yet, we are still in the process (all of us, myself included).

Keep that in mind before you completely subscribe to an idea and hold it as an unquestionable axiomatic truth or a law of nature. I understand it is common to examine the scientific literature in the manosphere when it comes to biology and evolution (in contrast to feminism where everything is a social construct). This is good in many respects, but please keep in mind that the scientific profession itself is not immune to gynocentric bias. There is frequently a clear bias in the sex difference literature to minimise any perceived male advantage in any area of any value and minimise any perceived unique biological value men may have relative to women period (the opposite frequently holds true for reporting on female advantages).

Pushing research or theories to show men are less than women or biologically expendable, is going with the gynocentric bias of the scientific community and is not necessarily reflective of objective reality or sound science, even if it comes from supposedly accomplished scientists (some of which have an axe to grind against men). Here are links to two examples which I highly recommend people take the time to watch, highlighting this gynocentric bias when it comes to reporting on sex differences in intelligence16 and male genius and male variability in traits17. This bias is not just limited to the literature on cognitive abilities either, it is systemic within the scientific community.

Pushing the narrative men are biologically expendable fits with the gynocentric bias within science. Don’t just believe something because a study or scientist says so. Refine your bullshit detector. I have a prior background in the molecular life sciences and I can personally tell you that scientists are just people and not omniscient oracles. Just because you found a study or some scientist said something, does not mean it is true. Scientists can be wrong, theories can be wrong and whole disciplines can be wrong. Look at the data, look at the sampling, look at the methodology and find out if the results have been substantively replicated (there is a great deal of junk science out there). Look at research with a critical eye and remember the scientific method18.

We have to move past this fatalistic concept it is in our nature to exploit men and therefore accept it as some immutable aspect of human nature we can do nothing about. It is in our nature to do a lot of things, including rape, murder and genocide. The fact behaviour may have a biological basis to it (as all human behaviour does to varying degrees), does not mean it is biologically optimal to act that way, or that it is the most evolutionarily successful strategy, or that it is inevitable it will become commonplace to express it. Rape is one strategy to pass on your genes, but that does not mean it is biologically optimal or the most evolutionarily successful strategy (and again for the outrage brigade, I am not condoning rape on any level and are of course against it). Same is true for men throwing other men under the bus for women.

We know where gynocentrism eventually leads- social and economic collapse or the Fempocalypse19 as Karen Straughan aptly named it. Gynocentrism is by its very nature an unchecked and uncompromising fixation on female well-being at the expense of everything else. Despite what gynocentric traditionalists think20, there is no balancing or containing gynocentrism. Feminism is just the logical political end result of traditionalist gynocentric double standards. With gynocentrism there is just a gradual retreat of civilisation back to uncivilised barbarism, there is no happy equilibrium point. The only thing that stands in the way of gynocentrism is men that value themselves and enforce boundaries with women and the physical environment itself. That is it.

I mean no offence to anyone in the manosphere and I respect and admire Paul, Tom and Janice. I am sure people mean well, but I cannot sit back and keep my mouth closed on this any further. The axiom in the manosphere that men are inherently biologically disposable and women are inherently more valuable because of having a uterus, is the wheel of learned helplessness that the manosphere has to recognise as such and walk away from. It is holding the manosphere back. Men are not destined to throw other men under the bus for women.

We need a paradigm shift in our understanding of gynocentrism. To quote Mark Twain: “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”21A quote that ideologues of all stripes will never understand. Question everything guys (I do). Our understanding of gynocentrism is just in its infancy and we know less than we think we do.




Gynocentrism and the value of men (part two)

Please read part one1 of this article before continuing.


By Peter Ryan

Bateman’s Principle, Male Competition And The Intrinsic Value Of Men

Bateman’s principle2 and male competition are sometimes considered to be indicative that men have little or no intrinsic value relative to women and must compete with other men to earn value. Bateman’s principle simply describes that there will be a greater variance in reproductive success among males, as a result of females being the rate limiting factor of reproduction and higher male intrasexual competition. There are a number of problems with the argument. Bateman’s principle and male competition mean that men are less valuable than women and must compete to earn any value.

Firstly this argument ignores the basic requirement to compete- An individual must have the traits to compete successfully and derive some measure of success from competing (that does not necessarily mean being at the very top). These traits have biological value because they lead to evolutionary success. Competition is merely a strategy employed to harness value that already lies within men. A man that truly has no biological value whatsoever, lacks the traits to successfully compete or any traits that lead to evolutionary success. There is a reason why testosterone in men drives status-seeking behaviour and why men are generally more behaviourally active (especially physically) than women on average and boys cannot sit still and be docile like girls in classrooms.

Testosterone drives men to harness the value they possess within themselves through engaging in some type of activity and often that is through some form of rule-based competition. A society without competition is an economically and socially stagnant society on the decline. Modern civilisation simply would not have emerged without competition and the progress it drives. Evolution itself is based on some form of competition, whether it is between two alleles of a gene facing some selection pressure or two individuals. Our species would not exist without competition and women also compete. Feminists may want to think about those realities before they consider labelling male competition, the “patriarchy” (also known as the economy), testosterone and masculinity as toxic, dangerous and bad.

The notion that men must compete to earn value, is analogous to suggesting a Ferrari must be driven to have value or that women must fall pregnant to have value. Some relevant form of value from possessing useful traits that are intrinsic to the individual male, is required for that male to successfully compete in the first place. Competition is not something men do to earn value, it is something men do to harness their intrinsic value and earn resources and status from using it. A talented athlete or business professional competes on the field or in the economy, to make use of their abilities and acquire resources and status in exchange for their efforts. Status and resources are downstream from the intrinsic value within men and are a product of the intrinsic value men possess.

Men generally on average gain more from competition than women do in an evolutionary sense. Males can produce far greater numbers of offspring with far greater numbers of opposite sex partners than females can. Men gain far more from competition than women do, for the simple reason they do not have to gestate for nine months and can consequently reap the mating opportunities arising from successful competition to a much higher degree. Bateman’s principle is not about men being less valuable than women, it is about recognising the inverse relationship between intrasexual competition and the level of reproductive investment. The sex that can reproduce at the lowest cost, gains the most from competition. Bateman’s principle reflects two different forms of value- Value that is harnessed in higher efforts made in reproductive investment and value that is harnessed in higher efforts made in investment in competition. They are inversely related because there is a trade-off between investment in reproduction and engaging in activities related to competition. Females on average invest more in reproduction and males on average invest more in competition (of course there is overlap and these are just average differences).

Whilst there is certainly some empirical support for Bateman’s principle in the scientific community, the research and data is not entirely supportive of it (see this link3 and this link4 for more information), including when it comes to humans5. It is also worth noting that female intrasexual competition does exist and so does male mate choice and paternal investment in children (fatherhood). All three are often underestimated or forgotten entirely in such discussions about intrasexual competition and male and female mating dynamics. Just because female intrasexual competition exhibits lower levels of physical aggression than male intrasexual competition, does not automatically mean that it is then far less intense. Female intrasexual competition exhibits considerably more social and psychological aggression than male intrasexual competition. Women do compete with each other and they can be just as vicious as men in doing so, but they go about it socially and psychologically and thus it can fly right under the radar of society and even researchers.

Male competition is also not entirely under the control of female mate choice either and a considerable degree it is shaped by males themselves (the same is true for female competition). This reality is much to the chagrin of feminists no doubt, control freaks that they are and is most likely the real basis of their problem with the “patriarchy”.  It is also worth pointing out that competition is not the only strategy that men employ to harness their value and fulfil their lives. Innovation and creativity are other methods men utilise and they do not always have to involve competition. Some of our greatest inventions have come from men that developed technology completely outside of the scope of the competitive marketplace and often these male inventions create entirely new marketplaces and new arenas for competition.

As with most aspects of human biology, Bateman’s principle and male competition is just one factor among many that drive human behaviour. This explains why the data and research is not entirely supportive of the premise these factors alone explain human mating behaviour. Bateman’s principle and male competition are not the all-encompassing phenomena they are made out to be, by those that want to spin and twist these evolutionary concepts to mean men have less value and must compete for women to earn value. Such sophistry is certainly useful though to our gynocentric society to try to rationalise and justify blatant bigotry, when men dare to question their concept of self-worth and challenge the gynocentric zeitgeist. It is a blue pill that is painted red, to try and get the red pill men plugged back into the matrix while they think they are awake.

Such ideas are present in the manosphere to some degree unfortunately and must be confronted because it is a subversive way to get men to accept gynocentrism as a fact of life that cannot be challenged and keep men boxed in. Even Roosh V6 can see the folly in pedestalising the female, harping on like a simp about “male disposability” as if it is biologically set and fixed like the cosmological constant and the stupidity in reducing the biological value of men and women down solely to reproduction. Even the pickup artist community can see how the mantra about “male disposability” as if men are actually biologically disposable, is a trap that holds men back. There are subversive people who will claim to be red pilled or antifeminist, that will use such gynocentric sophistry to keep men from seeing the whole truth. The truth about the value of men is very dangerous in our gynocentric culture, because gynocentrism requires lies and deception to be constantly reinforced and protected (more on that later).

Rare Eggs And Plentiful Sperm

Associated with the appeal to Bateman’s principle by reproductive reductionists, is the mantra of “plentiful sperm and rare eggs” and that sperm is “cheap” and eggs are “expensive”. Like Bateman’s principle, the research3 does not entirely support this argument. Men must produce millions of sperm for one round of fertilisation. So really a proper comparison of relative reproductive investment in gametes between males and females, is the female investment in one egg versus the male investment in millions of sperm per fertilisation event. Adding to that, is the reality that semen has components that are expensive to produce as the linked article on the research discusses.

However let us assume even with all of that considered, that females still invest more in producing gametes than males. The underlying assumption is that this is indicative of males having lower biological value than females and that males are easily replaceable. These differences in the number and expenditure in gametes between males and females, are the result of differences in reproductive function rather than biological value. Males produce large numbers of individually cheap sperm, because there is a competitive advantage gained in doing so and this is especially the case when considering phenomena like sperm competition7. Females simply cannot gain from doing the same, because they have a much higher reproductive investment in producing offspring thanks to gestation and have a much lower ceiling on their total reproductive output. Consequently females focus on producing fewer and more individually expensive gametes. The differences in reproductive function drives different sexual selection pressures on males and females and this drives the differences we see in the form and number of gametes. The differences in the gametes or anisogamy8, does not reflect differences in biological value.

Reproduction Is Not The Rate Limiting Factor For Existence

This notion men are replaceable because sperm is plentiful, assumes that the only thing males contribute to their offspring and community is sperm and that the biological value of males and females is solely derived from reproduction. I have debunked this ridiculously narrow view at length in my previous writings linked here9here10 and here11. Try running civilisation or even a primitive tribal community solely off maximising reproduction and ignore the numerous activities related to survival and caring for offspring and your society will perish. As previously discussed, females might be the rate limiting factor of reproduction, but males are the rate limiting factor of survival.

Some argue that societies can get by without any male contribution to community survival. This is may indeed be the case in some specific instances (and not the case in many other instances) where you have abundant resources, relative safety, no real male advantage in provision and protection in the given environment relative to females and male contribution is not required etc. However there is a difference though between barely surviving or just reasonably subsisting, versus the community actually thriving. A community in a particular environment may indeed survive without any help from men, but it certainly will have a far greater chance of thriving, prospering and surviving, if both halves of the population are contributing. There is a massive selective advantage for a society to harness both sexes and not just rely on one sex. The reality is that even in instances where men are not required for community survival, women get pregnant, lactate and care for small infants. This reality does mean that men will invariably be in the unique position of being fully available to support society in ways women are not able to. This fact will apply regardless as to what environment society finds itself in and whether or not any natural male advantage exists to survive in that environment.

Feminists can howl and moan about this biological reality all they like, but until there is artificial uteri I do not see that changing. Even if we take away every natural male advantage we know of (all of their physical strength, spatial ability, mechanical aptitude, mathematical reasoning, willingness to take risks/lower risk aversion etc), males are always going to be in a better position to support society outside of producing children, because they do not get pregnant. We can keep ignoring this reality to our own detriment, but ultimately any society that ignores reality pays the price. I think it also worth noting that there are many environments on this planet that are scarce, hazardous and where societies are heavily dependent on men for their survival and would cease to exist without men, even if men were not required for reproduction. Our own Western societies would fall apart in days without men and possibly descend into anarchy in hours.

The same logic behind arguing society can survive without men provided a minimum amount are retained for reproductive purposes, can be employed to say the same about women. Society can get by with lower numbers of women as well. Society can get by without the female contribution to survival and with the bare minimum number of women required to replace itself (No I am not suggesting getting rid women for the neurotic feminist gotcha brigade that may read this and likewise men should not be gotten rid of either. We are human beings that have a right to exist.). We can theoretically run society off the bare minimum number of males and females required to replace the population and ensure there is sufficient genetic diversity and provision and protection available. In some environments that may require more males than females and in other environments more females than males. That does not mean such numbers would be optimal to sustain the community though, they would just reflect the bare minimum required for continuation of the community.

The actual numbers of males and females that are optimal for allowing a community to sustain itself and thrive, is also going to vary from environment to environment and those numbers will likely vary over time with changing conditions. In many environments and time periods it may be more advantageous to have greater numbers of males around and in other environments the opposite may hold true. However over time and in general, neither sex can be more crucial to the species than the other. As discussed in part one of this article, across evolutionary timescales and overall, males and females contribute equally to evolutionary success and all of the activities required to sustaining their communities that are associated with that (not necessarily in each activity, but in totality). This is because Fishers principle ensures equal investment in males and females and consequently a roughly 1:1 ratio in the population.

Over time any over-reliance on one sex over the other for community reproduction and survival and by extension evolutionary success, will be counterbalanced by sexual selection on the sex that is least required. There will be a sexual selective pressure on the least required sex, to develop traits useful to the continuation of the community and genome. Eventually such a selection pressure would equalise the reliance on the two sexes for continuation of the genome and the community. Of course this is not the only driver of sexual selection on men and women and there are many other factors that can drive sexual selection. However when an over-reliance on one sex to perpetuate the genes emerges, this can and does drive a sexual selective pressure on the least required sex to develop traits of equivalent value to the other sex in terms of perpetuating the community and the genome.  Any asymmetry in value (or reliance) between the sexes is temporary and simply is not sustainable in the long term over evolutionary timescales, for the reasons I discussed in the previous part of this article. Depending on one sex more than the other puts the genes, the community and the species at a disadvantage when Fishers principle prevails. There is a clear selective advantage to ensuring both sexes pull their weight when the genome is forced to invest in them equally and that neither sex is overly depended on. It is less costly and less risky.

The mistake that is often made in failing to understand the reality of the consequences of Fisherian dynamics, is conflating biological sameness with biological equivalence in value. The two sexes can be different, but still biologically equal in evolutionary terms. If females really were more biologically valuable than men because of their uterus and men really were biologically disposable, then there would be no manosphere and society would not even resemble what we have today. We may even still be small mammals living in forests producing large litters of offspring.

Such a fundamental aspect of human biology would simply prevent any drive to question gynocentrism from surfacing in men and this bias would lie too deep in our biology for any exception to the rule to emerge. In fact such as an aspect of biology would have halted human evolution long before we developed language and civilisation. It has been the selection of traits outside of the female reproductive role that are related to survival (such as tool making), combined with paternal investment in offspring (something that distinguishes human males from many of their primate counterparts) that has led to the development of modern humans. Every year the manosphere increases in size and so does MGTOW, despite the enormous levels of gynocentric indoctrination in the schools and the censorship. This is not a fluke of nature, this is an awakening that is in its early stages. As with all awakenings in their infancy, they take time to become a mass awakening.

If Only Women Ran The World We Could Live In Huts

There is almost a cult like devotion to the myths that past human society was matriarchal and peaceful, rather than egalitarian and that men conspired to establish the “patriarchy” and it was all downhill from there. Often female fertility and motherhood form the centrepiece of these “theories” of a peaceful prehistoric matriarchal utopia. I am using the term “theory” very loosely because they resemble ideology more than proper scientific theory. Such claims are highly questionable based on the current state of knowledge about prehistory and are over reliant on inferences and assumptions and lacking in solid incontrovertible evidence (Read this book linked here12 critiquing goddess ideology by Nathanson and Young) .

The feminist saturated field of anthropology like so many of the softer sciences in academia, has a major problem with separating ideological agenda from rigorous empiricism and the scientific method. This is only made worse by trying to make sense of a forensic puzzle on what human society tens of thousands of years ago was like and is missing many jigsaw pieces. Sophists thrive in such environments, where they can spin fragmented evidence to justify their ideology and give it an air of legitimacy. Facts and evidence are one thing, inferences made from facts and evidence are not factual. They are at best a hypothesis which is difficult to test in anthropology, or at worst such inferences are just junk science.

But let us assume those that wish to pedestalise the female sex are right on all points about our supposedly and highly questionable matriarchal past. So what? Human prehistory is one of relative stagnation and little progress. We had tens of thousands of years of nomadic existence before civilisation. Modern civilisation has been cultivated by harnessing male potential. In the words of dissident feminist Camille Paglia, “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts”13. It has been a patrilineal and patriarchal cultures that have given rise to modern civilisation. There is a reason why the most successful, developed, safe and prosperous societies on Earth have all arisen from cultures that practice monogamy and value fatherhood and men. Once male potential was fully harnessed, the health and life expectancy for the average human being dramatically rose from our hunter-gatherer existence and we went from painting pictures on caves to walking on the moon.

Our current feminist establishment seems to think returning back to primitive tribalism and destroying marriage and attacking men and fathers is progress. The statistics on fatherlessness14 and the boy crisis15 are alarming and those two problems will eventually collapse our once prosperous societies economically and socially. My own prediction is that the Fempocalypse16 will begin in about 20 years and I anticipate society to begin unravelling in fundamental ways by 2040. The initial slow decline before the great collapse has already begun and it takes time for civilisation to decline to critical levels hence the timespan I provided. Society cannot last in it’s present form by marginalising the male half of the population that is mostly responsible for running, maintaining, building and sustaining it financially, economically and otherwise.

What remains of fallen Western society may be able to live in a third world environment (Think Venezuela in 2019 only much much worse), with extreme poverty and deprivation where men are marginalised. However it will be the societies that value men that will invariably end up surpassing the remnants of our society and running the global economy, colonising the solar system and eventually travelling to the stars. Perhaps they will record the fall of the West in their history books, as we do the fall of Rome. To put it in terms reproductive reductionists can understand, cultures that value men will give rise to societies that will replace those that do not. Putting men down to lift women up destroys the fertility rate of a society and destroys the conditions required to support large scale civilisations. Once you throw men under the bus, advanced civilisation will go with them.

Male Self-Worth And The Big Lie

“I am not the first to suggest, and I am sure I shall not be the last, that the male’s drive in work and achievement may actually be the consequence of his recognition of his biological inferiority with respect to the female’s creative capacity to conceive and create human beings. One of the ways in which the male may compensate for this biological inferiority is by work and achievement.” -Page 53, from “The Natural Superiority Of Women”17 by anthropologist Ashley Montagu.

The simple truth that men have intrinsic value has been deliberately quashed and any recognition of men’s humanity has been silenced, so that our predatory gynocentric system can exploit men. Men are regularly demonised and any attempt to discuss men having unique strengths and value, is a social taboo in society. Misandry is normalised to the point that even cutting off a man’s penis is a source of laughter for people18. Exposing men to an environment that encourages them to think of themselves as inherently valuable as human beings, is toxic to this gynocentric society. The climate of misandry and denigration of men and masculinity must be maintained, because gynocentric elements of our society rely upon it to exploit men. Men that know their worth are dangerous to the exploitative gynocentric institutions and culture in our society and men must therefore be convinced by the gynocentric culture to believe they are disposable.

Men and boys are consistently bombarded in our gynocentric culture with the messages that imply what is quoted above by Ashley Montagu (I would have to actually write a book to cover how much is wrong in that Montagu’s book). Notice there is no recognition of the male creative capacity to create life in that quote and that women have no capacity to create life without men. Notice there is no recognition of the role of fatherhood in nurturing life, or the role men play in society in making sure everyone stays alive and the creative process that entails in building and running civilisation. Notice there is no recognition that perhaps men might actually be driven to work and achieve to pursue interests they find personally fulfilling and to look after others they care for. There is no recognition that the male athlete, researcher or business professional, might be putting in the hours to fulfil personal goals and ambitions, or that the male soldier might be protecting his country for his family.

Such messages like what is reflected in Ashley Montagu’s quote, attempt to warp men’s sense of themselves and instil in their minds the ridiculous assertion that men do these things to compensate for some supposed inferiority, because they can’t get pregnant. The bottom line is there is no recognition in that quote by Montagu, that men have their own intrinsic value and have the right to decide for themselves who they are and what they do with their own lives, irrespective of whether women approve of it. That lack of recognition of the intrinsic value of men, is the fundamental basis of gynocentrism.

The exploitation of men requires that you dehumanise men and rob them of their own sense of self-worth. A man that is raised from birth to believe he has no intrinsic self-worth and must acquire his sense of self-worth as a human doing and by performing like a workhorse for the wishes of this gynocentric society and winning its approval, is a useful slave. He is the best slave because his very identity is based on being a slave and he can easily be controlled through social approval and disapproval by women and the gynocentric culture. He knows no other way to live and has no desire to. In our gynocentric system, the male slave strives to win the approval of a gynocentric social system that has no regard for his well-being beyond what is good for women and it increasingly has no regard for his well-being at all and tells him he is obsolete19. The gynocentric society tells men to frame deferring to women and serving women like they are their superiors, as “taking responsibility” and being a “man” and “manning up”. In reality it is highly irresponsible and turns men into slaves.

As I discussed in a previous article20, our gynocentric system feeds off male chivalry and cannot exist without it. When I refer to chivalry I am not just talking about buying dinner and opening doors for women without reciprocity, I am talking about something much broader that is illustrated in this video example21. Male chivalry in the gynocentric realm, is the practice of men sacrificing their own well-being and the well-being of other men for a woman or women, partially or entirely because they are women and with no commensurate benefit given in exchange from women. Male chivalry is alive and well in this society. Despite reports to the contrary, there is no shortage of men willing to throw themselves and other men under the bus for women. That is especially the case in the realm of politics, the law and the mainstream media.

Male chivalry is based on convincing men of the big lie- That men are less valuable than women and must earn the approval of women and this gynocentric culture to have self-worth and by serving female well-being. Men are swamped in this lie and indoctrinated in it from birth. The glorification of the female uterus, pregnancy and motherhood and the denigration of the importance of fatherhood and men in general, are the central axioms that this lie is based upon if you probe its foundations. If you ask people to qualify their gynocentric belief’s, they ultimately end up relying on women giving birth and being the rate limiting factor of reproduction as their excuse and rationalisation. Men must protect women, prioritise female well-being and sacrifice themselves, because women give birth etcetera, etcetera, rinse and repeat. That is the one-track thinking of gynocentrism- To not consider the multitude of other factors required to sustain society and to not recognise that reproducing children is merely one requirement that must be met and is not automatically the most pressing factor.

The male suicide rate, fatherlessness, the gynocentric corruption of our institutions and the decline of relationships, all can be traced to men being culturally indoctrinated into thinking that deference to women as if they are men’s betters and chivalrous subservience to women, is being a man and being respectful. A man demonstrates the responsibility to set and enforce personal boundaries and values with women and not just with other men. A man treats women as his equal, not his superior or inferior. A man expects responsibility from women and has the strength to hold women accountable. He does not just hold men accountable and then put his hands up when he encounters women behaving irresponsibly, inappropriately, wrongly, violently and dangerously. A man does what is right and speaks the truth, even when women do not approve of it. A man respects himself and knows his own intrinsic self-worth and value as a human being.

Manning up is not about slaving up to women, but that is precisely what it is in this gynocentric culture. Being a man is having the strength to stand by what you believe and value and it is about standing up for yourself. Kowtowing to gynocentrism and calling that responsibility, is a mask to hide weakness and immaturity around women. It is not a strength or adult behaviour. It is the gynocentric white knights from traditionalism and feminism, that need to grow up out of their fairy tale and stop being man children living in fairy tale fantasy world.


I could easily go further with more and more arguments, debunking each and every facet of reproductive reductionists and why men are equally biologically valuable to women, but at some stage people need to start thinking. For some people what I have written thus far would seem obvious, but worryingly when I look at this gynocentric culture and even some pockets of the manosphere, I see a gynocentric stupor. It is truly amazing the scale of people that can be fooled by appealing to women being the rate limiting factor of reproduction to justify gynocentrism. If you have one man and ten women blah blah, rare eggs and plentiful sperm blah blah and the eyes glaze over and people nod without questioning what they are being told. People will adamantly defend the most ridiculous and absurd arguments about why gynocentrism is a biologically immutable facet of human nature and how it all comes down to the golden uterus and rare eggs and plentiful sperm. In the end it is emotion, bigotry and entitlement driving such thinking. There is not much actual thinking going on, except what is required to rationalise their pre-existing bigoted beliefs or perpetuate their own learned helplessness and fatalistic worldview.

It is time for men to think, to get off their knees and seriously consider their own intrinsic value to themselves and society. That is the first step to winning the war against gynocentrism and ensuring our society and species has a future. Later on in my articles on gynocentrism, I will discuss the nature of male value further in relation to our gynocentric culture.



Gynocentrism and the value of men (part one)


By Peter Ryan

As I discussed in my article on Gynocentrism And The Golden Uterus1, there is a prevailing assertion in the wider gynocentric culture that women are superior to men. The central tenet of this belief system is that because women give birth and are the rate limiting factor of reproduction, they are more biologically valuable than men. The relative biological value of life, and the value of life in general, of males and females, is reduced down to their relative investment in reproduction.

Successfully reproducing offspring is erroneously regarded as having the same outcome as successfully continuing the lineage over generations. At a glance it is easy to see how such an error can be made. It is a fact that any organism must reproduce to pass on its genes. However it is also a fact that any organism must first survive and develop to reproduce. It is also a fact that after reproduction, some degree of parental investment is required for offspring to survive and for reproduction to not become a dead-end.

The problem with stating that ‘women are more biologically valuable to the species than men because they are the rate limiting factor of reproduction’ is that it omits the vast multitude of activities and traits outside of reproduction that contribute to genes successfully passing from one generation to the next. It ignores the reality that biology is comprised of systems. The reproductive role of women is essential (and so is the male reproductive function) to genome propagation, but it is not the only essential role or activity required to get a genome from generation A to generation B or C or D.  A number of these other essential activities disproportionately rely on men, such as provision and protection for community survival.

Communities that lose women lose their capacity to reproduce, but communities that lose men lose their capacity to survive. Women might be the rate limiting factor of reproduction, but men are the rate limiting factor of survival. Reproduction cannot occur or lead anywhere without surviving to reproduce and ensuring sufficient numbers of offspring survive. These are the realities that time and time again are ignored and never addressed by those that suggest women are more valuable than men based on the sex difference in reproductive investment. Is it a fact that women are the rate limiting factor of reproduction? Yes. Is it a fact that this is a core driver of biological sex differences? Yes. Does that play a role in driving gynocentrism? Indirectly yes, as it does with most social dynamics between the sexes.

These facts do not then automatically mean the female sex is biologically more valuable (or more valuable in general) than men, or that men are biologically disposable. For those who think I am wrong and remain convinced women are more valuable, and that men are biologically disposable because of differences in reproductive investment, or stick to the fallacious ‘two tribes’ analogy, please read my two part article on Gynocentrism And The Golden Uterus linked here1 and here2.

This article will be focusing on further examining the value of males and females in biological and evolutionary terms and without the gynocentric rose-tinted glasses on. It will also be focused on rectifying common misconceptions floating around in society about the related science which have been promoted by our gynocentric mainstream media and academia to convey a narrative of female superiority.

Certain man haters and female supremacists in the scientific community, and media, make claims like “maleness is a birth defect”3 . Maleness is not a defect. Only the mentally and morally defective would hold such beliefs. Unfortunately for society, such hateful man hating bigots hold senior positions at our universities, in our mainstream media and other institutions. These beliefs cannot be ignored because they reflect the beliefs of too many individuals holding positions of influence and authority in society. This will contribute to undermining the future prosperity and very survival of our society, as civilisation heavily relies on men being in a position to ensure its own existence. I am writing these articles to set the record straight for generations of boys and young men that are being told they are inferior and defective, from every corner of our institutions.

Male Development And Body Size Reflects Male Value

Firstly when evaluating the value of males, we should consider the basic biological characteristics of males. If males were less valuable to the species than females and biologically disposable, then their biology would reflect that. If men were truly biologically disposable, they would resemble the tiny male Anglerfish4 that fuses into the female and becomes an appendage (the linked educational video is an amusing literal illustration of this), or a male worker bee or an ant, or a tiny male spider. Men would be much smaller than women and have a much shorter and less energy demanding developmental period, as they would need to be easily and quickly replaced to be disposable. Their low value would not warrant their biology and life history5 profile, investing time and energy in a large body size or a long developmental period. Human males are larger than females, take longer to develop and consume more energy during development (Teenage males consume whole fridges). Human male biology runs against the narrative men are biologically disposable and less valuable than women. In particular species where there are males that appear to be “disposable”, males develop quickly and have small body sizes.

Fishers Principle

If we are measuring the biological value of the two sexes, then we have to consider the evolutionary forces that shape biology. Biology exists in its current form because of selection for certain traits and genes that increase the number of copies of the genome or genes. The number of copies of the genome (or genes) that exist after a certain number of generations, is a measure of evolutionary success and thus biological value. Value also has to be considered in relation to the entities that invest in that value.

When it comes to the biological value of males and females, we are measuring the number of copies of the genome (or the number of copies of individual genes of the genome) that male and female progeny contribute to their parents, whom invest in producing the male and female offspring. The overall biological value of males and females to their parents is exactly equal. This is because the total number of copies of a genome produced after a set number of generations for parents of males and parents of females, is exactly equal. That is a mathematical certainty by virtue of the fact that every copy of every genome requires one male and one female to produce it. After ten, one hundred, or one thousand generations, parents of males and parents of females leave exactly the same total number of copies of their genome.

This is why the sex ratio at birth is almost 1:1 and there are roughly equal numbers of males and females in the population. The total parental expenditure in producing males and females will be equal, when the total number of copies of the parent’s genome that male and female offspring generate is equal. Parental expenditure is not just the reproduction of males and females, but also all the parental investment incurred in raising offspring. The reason the sex ratio is slightly biased in favour of males at birth, is because of the higher male infant mortality, which leads to a higher production of male offspring to equalise total parental expenditure in males and females. What I have described is Fishers principle6. It is also what evolutionary biologists Dr. Brett Weinstein and Dr. Heather Heying were referring to in this video7, when they were discussing why neither sex is “better” in an evolutionary sense. Biology does not have a favourite between males and females, because they produce exactly the same number of copies of the genome.

If the rate of reproduction is all that matters, then why produce a surplus number of males and why not produce an entirely female population? Fishers principle partly explains why that cannot happen. If parental expenditure in a population for male offspring is reduced and increased for female offspring, then any parent that invests in male offspring will be at an evolutionary advantage. This is because the total number of copies of the genome from investing in male offspring remains exactly equal to the total for investing in female offspring, as one male and one female are required to produce every copy. This means that the lower investment in males produces the same level of evolutionary success as the higher investment in females. Consequently parents that invest in males have a winning strategy, as they get more return from their parental investment in males, or more bang for their buck. Parents that develop a genetic bias to investing in males over females, will thus be at an advantage. As a result, investment in males will rise until the advantage from doing so disappears once parental expenditure is equalised.

The dynamics of Fishers Principle I have just described, is called an evolutionary stable strategy8. When Fishers principle persists in a species and applies, any deviation from equal parental expenditure in male and female offspring either cannot emerge or eventually disappears. This is because it is inefficient to invest more in one sex, when the total evolutionary success of each sex remains the same. People only need to ask the question why half the population is male, to recognise the tunnel vision of people that assert women are more valuable to the species (or vice versa). If that were the case then our biology would reflect that. Instead of having equal total parental investment in males and females, it would be unequal. It is important to note that whilst Fishers principle is very frequently observed, it is not universal to all life. Evolution and adaptation can bypass Fishers principle and drive an uneven investment in male and female offspring. There are species with very uneven sex ratios, or that reproduce asexually.

Fishers principle restricts a species to equally investing in males and females. If evolutionary success is more dependent on females than on males, then sexual reproduction that leads to an equal investment in males and females becomes costly and risky. A greater dependence on one sex in terms of risk, is analogous to putting all your eggs in one basket. It is also costly because you are wasting half of your resources on a sex whose contribution to evolutionary success relative to females, is lower in proportion to the share of parental investment expended on them. Consequently where evolutionary success is more dependent on females than on males and Fisher dynamics are present, there is a selective pressure to either:

A. Develop a method of reproduction that does not rely on males (such as a form of asexual reproduction), so as to overcome Fishers principle and produce entirely females.

B. Develop males that do equally contribute to evolutionary success.

In our lineage and many others where Fishers principle has prevailed, we have gone down pathway B. The constraints of Fishers principle and females being the rate limiting factor of reproduction, generates a sexual selective pressure on males that is proportional in magnitude to the greater reproductive investment of females. This pressure drives the development of traits in males, that are equivalent in biological value to the value of female reproductive investment and the biological value of women. Despite what feminists claim, men do have innate strengths relative to women. Males have a biological value to the species that is equivalent to that of females, it is just a different form of value. These traits do not make men superior to women, just as having a uterus does not make women more valuable than men.

We have had the current Y chromosome derived male in our lineage for over 160 million years9. That is a long time to invest half your genome in a supposedly “disposable” male reproductive vehicle! Dinosaurs walked the Earth and the two supercontinents Laurasia and Gondwanaland had only recently started to break up, when Y chromosome derived males in our lineage first emerged. Males were around even before then in other forms of life for hundreds of millions of years, prior to the Y chromosome form of sex determination emerging.

If men were truly biologically disposable and the rate of reproduction was all the mattered, then at some point in the last 160 million years males would have been removed from the lineage. To illustrate this point, let us assume for the moment that reproductive reductionists are right and that women are biologically more valuable than men because they are the rate limiting factor of reproduction. Over 160 million years there would have been a selective pressure to drive the biology of our ancestors to remove males from our lineage and develop alternative methods of reproduction that rely entirely on females. This is because there would have been a cost incurred from failing to adapt along these lines and a big advantage to avoiding the cost of producing “disposable” males that had little value. Populations that produced asexually would have developed at first by accident and then quickly out-reproduced their counterparts and dominated the future gene pool. Eventually males would have disappeared from the lineage. After more than 160 million years this has failed to occur.

Humans demonstrate equal parental investment in male and female offspring and so have our ancestors over many tens of millions of years. Many species have come and gone, continents have moved and the Dinosaurs have roamed the Earth over the timescale we are talking about. Even in evolutionary terms, there has been plenty of time to develop different reproductive strategies that could have overcome Fishers principle and lead to an entirely female population. Asexual reproduction such as parthenogenesis, which is observed in the natural world, could have emerged in this time frame in our lineage. Why didn’t it? If reproduction matters so much, then why not adopt a far more rapid method of reproduction and have a population entirely of females? The answer is simply that reproduction is not the sole determinant of biological value. That is why our species sexually reproduces to begin with and has males. It is because biological value is not solely determined by the rate of reproduction, that we have males in equal number to females.

Debunking The Nonsense ‘Men And The Y Chromosome Are Disappearing’

There are some gleeful closet dwelling female supremacists and radical feminists in the media and elsewhere, that like to rely on cherry picked research that men will soon disappear because the Y chromosome is supposedly “dying out”. The gynocentric mainstream media has enjoyed promoting this narrative and reporting on it every couple of years. The claim that males and the Y chromosome are disappearing is not supported by most population geneticists, as Dr. Judith Mank explains in her presentation10 at the Royal Institution. Dr. Mank states that due to selection pressures that have acted on and refined the Y chromosome, rather than degraded, “You have a Y chromosome that’s small but quite mighty in its functions”. Of course people would not know that if they read certain news articles that want to twist science to suit an agenda.

The Y chromosome is not disappearing. The size of the Y chromosomes has stabilised and it has not lost a gene for 25 million years11. The Y chromosome has features (such as palindromes) and mechanisms (such as gene conversion12) that enable it repair to itself (see this link13this link14 and this link15 for more information). Research also shows that purifying selection16 may play a role in maintaining and refining the quality and structure of the Y chromosome. Lastly it has also been found17 that the Y chromosome has genes whose functions extend beyond sperm production, that are active in other areas of the body like the heart and lungs etc and play a role in essential cellular processes important to survival. It is thought that the presence of such important genes on the Y chromosome, may be a further factor in ensuring the integrity of the Y chromosome. Even if the Y chromosome does disappear, there are multiple examples18 observed in other species that males still remain after it is lost and that another chromosome simply takes over the Y chromosomes functions and/or an alternative mechanism of sex-determination is developed.

Linked to this ‘men are disappearing’ myth is a less common but ridiculous narrative that the lower sperm counts of men is evidence that nature is getting rid of males. Firstly the claim that the decrease in sperm counts in men over the last 50 years is going to lead to a male fertility crisis for humans, has been exaggerated and it is unclear such a crisis awaits us. Whilst there has been a large decline in sperm count reported19, it was also stated that men still have 47 million sperm per ml and that this is well within normal ranges. The average male sperm count is well above the 15 million per ml threshold where fertility problems occur20. With that said, that does not mean this is a problem we should ignore and just make idiotic remarks that “nature” is working against men. Despite what female supremacists claim, the available evidence suggests the declining sperm count of men is not due to nature selecting men out of the gene pool, but is actually driven by artificial causes. Prenatal exposure to plasticizers such as phthalates, have been shown21 to negatively affect male fertility. Women are not exempt either from these negative effects. The same plastic chemicals have been shown to also negatively affect female fertility and also their health. See these links here22 and here23 for more information. The claim lower male sperm counts are evidence of nature getting rid of males, has no leg to stand on.

The Male Variance In Reproduction

It is often quoted2425 by some that in the past one man reproduced for every two women. I have heard other numbers cited, some higher, some lower. The exact numbers of male and female ancestors that reproduced is still a matter of debate and has likely fluctuated over time and will probably remain uncertain. It is certainly a fact that males show a greater variance in reproductive success than females. When it is quoted that one man reproduced for every two women, it is misunderstood by some people to mean that men contributed only a third of the genome and women the other two thirds. In reality this is not correct. If one man reproduced for every two women, each man that did reproduce, reproduced at double the frequency of their female counterparts. Whilst lower numbers of men may have passed on their genes than women, those men that reproduced did so at a higher frequency than women. So the total contribution to the genome was exactly equal between males and females, but the contribution per male that reproduced was higher than the contribution per female that reproduced. It is a common misunderstanding to confuse the difference in the numbers of men and women reproducing, with the total level of reproduction of each sex. They are not necessarily identical.

It is also incorrect to assert that because more females reproduce than males, females are more biologically valuable to their parents as more female offspring pass on their genes. Whilst a parent may give birth to males that do not reproduce at all, that does not necessarily mean males in general are less biologically valuable than females. Any population that has fewer males reproducing than females, will also have individual males reproducing at a higher rate than individual females. This is a mathematical reality. There are parents of male offspring that pass on their genome at a higher rate than any female offspring in the population. For every male that fails to reproduce, there is another male out-reproducing his female counterparts.

The total biological value of males and females is exactly equal, but there are differences when comparing the distributions of the biological value of individuals of each sex. As we see predictably with so many human traits, women cluster around the mean of biological value with less variance and men are over-represented at both the high and low extremes with greater variance. There are females that are more biologically valuable than males and males more biologically valuable than any female. I will have more to say later on in this article on why the value of male and female life is greater than its biological value and must be regarded as equal.

The Trivers-Willard Hypothesis And The Biological Value Of Men

Fishers principle applies to the population as a whole and the result is that the total evolutionary success and biological value of male and female offspring to their parents as a whole, is exactly equal. However as previously mentioned, there can be deviations within the population when we consider individual males and individual females within the population. Some male offspring leave more copies of their genes behind than females and some female offspring leave more copies of their genes behind than males.

The Trivers-Willard hypothesis (TWH)26 predicts that the sex ratio of offspring can be varied with maternal condition. This is because males show a greater variance in reproduction than females. The number of copies of the genome males leave behind relative to females, can increase and decrease by a much greater degree. Furthermore, the physical and mental condition of male and female offspring affects their reproductive success. Consequently the reproductive success of sons is much more sensitive to the physical and mental condition of sons, than the reproductive success of daughters is to the condition of daughters. If the condition of a son increases, this could lead to a much larger gain in reproductive success than for a daughter, because male offspring can reproduce at a much faster rate and therefore have a much higher limit on how many offspring they can produce. A daughter in good condition might have 10 children and a son in good condition might have 100 children. The condition of offspring will affect their reproductive success and the condition of offspring is affected by maternal condition.  As maternal condition affects the condition of offspring (paternal condition does also in other ways) and the condition of offspring impacts the reproductive success of sons to a greater degree, maternal condition has a greater impact on the reproductive success of males than on females.

To illustrate this point, consider a mother in good condition. A mother in good condition could produce a son in good condition that could father 100 children. In contrast, a mother in good condition could produce a daughter in good condition that could give birth to 10 children. TWH predicts that mothers in good condition, will have a sex ratio biased in favour of producing male offspring to maximise evolutionary success. What happens when a mother is in poor condition? A mother in poor condition could produce a son in poor condition, who will be outcompeted by male offspring in good condition and may father only 1 or 2 children or none at all. Conversely, a mother in poor condition could produce a daughter in poor condition, that may still give birth to at least 4 or 5 children. The poor condition of the mother negatively impacts the reproductive success of the son to a much greater degree than it does for the daughter’s reproductive success. TWH predicts that mothers in poor condition, will have a sex ratio biased in favour of producing female offspring to maximise evolutionary success.

Fishers Principle does provide a constraint on the dynamics emerging from TWH. If every mother in the population is in good condition and produces more sons than daughters, or every mother in poor condition produces more daughters than sons, that will bias the parental expenditure in favour of one sex over the other in the population. Fishers principle predicts parents of the rarer sex in such a scenario, will have a higher return on their parental investment (as the total evolutionary success of each sex is equal and is shared between fewer males than females for example). This will eventually lead to an opposing bias emerging, where more of the rarer sex will be produced and the sex ratio will then shift back to equilibrium.

Whilst the population as a whole will have a sex ratio of virtually 1:1, the cohort of the population in good condition will have more sons than average and the cohort of the population in poor condition will have more daughters than average. The sex ratio bias in each cohort will balance each other out and so neither sex is favoured in the population as a whole. Fishers principle will apply to the population as a whole and TWH will predict confined deviations from the 1:1 sex ratio within cohorts of the population based on maternal condition.

What does TWH have to do with male value? Let us assume that biological value is solely or overwhelmingly derived from reproductive investment and women are more biologically valuable based solely on their greater reproductive investment. If this is correct then we would expect parents to be producing daughters in greater proportion than sons, across all values of maternal condition. This is because females always have a greater reproductive investment than males across all values of maternal condition, thanks to females having a uterus and males lacking one. If parents are in optimal condition, then they are free of external pressures and have the resources available to select for whichever sex they prefer. It would then follow they would select for producing female offspring, in such an instance where females were more biologically valuable than males. TWH does not predict this result and neither do the studies27supporting it, instead they show the predicted bias in favour of producing male offspring when there is good maternal condition.

For those that automatically assume that the effect of maternal condition on the sex ratio is proof of women being more valuable than men, there is research showing that paternal condition also affects the sex ratio. Research has found28 that adult male primates higher in the social dominance hierarchy with higher testosterone levels, can bias the sex ratio in favour of producing sons. It is also worth considering that good maternal condition is not important under TWH, unless it leads to sons that are also in good condition and can successfully compete and survive to make full use of their reproductive capacity. Good maternal condition has value under TWH, only if it positively affects the condition of sons.

Whilst the evidence for TWH remains mixed in humans, there is no evidence to demonstrate that production of female offspring is universally preferred over the production of male offspring by parents, on the basis of females being the rate limiting factor of reproduction. Studies that have better measures of parental investment show more support for the TWH, than studies with poorer measures29. Like most aspects of human biology that are based on systems, relative investment in male and female offspring is multifactorial and cannot be reduced down to a single simple mechanism (like women being the rate limiting factor of reproduction). So it is unsurprising that the evidence shows mixed support for TWH.

Where research runs contrary to TWH, it does not support the claim female offspring are selected over male offspring based solely or primarily on greater female reproductive value. A recent study30 of TWH in humans, reported little support for TWH and found women had a stronger psychological preference for having girls and men had a stronger psychological preference for having boys. If females were more biologically valuable than males, both male and female parents would show a preference for having daughters and yet that was not what was observed.

If females were truly more biologically valuable than males, then the bias to favour having female offspring would be deeply biologically ingrained. There would not be communities in China having a disproportionate amount of sons, based on the cultural tradition of wanting to continue the family name31. If all it takes is a cultural tradition of passing on the family name to cause communities to favour sons and skew the sex ratio at birth, then that makes a few claims very questionable and probably wrong. If women were more biologically valuable than men based on their reproductive value, then a preference for daughters over sons would be a universal biological reality with no significant exceptions (certainly not whole communities). No cultural tradition or exception would be strong enough to override such a biological reality, as the bias would exist at such a fundamental level of our nature. Simply wanting to pass on the family name would not stand a chance against such a deeply seated biological bias to favour females, if it actually existed as described.

The Biological Value Of Men That Do Not Reproduce

The number of copies of the genes that male and female offspring contribute to their parents, is not solely determined by their individual frequency of reproduction. It is often said casually by critics of MGTOW (men going their own way), that as these men do not reproduce they will be removed from the gene pool. Of course as predicted, these same people fail to point out that the same reductive reasoning can be applied to many feminists and entitled princesses that also fail to reproduce. The data32 shows that childless women are on the rise. Would anyone dare make the same remarks about childless women as some people do about MGTOW? I don’t think so.

It is also worth pointing out that whilst substantial numbers of MGTOW may not have children, that choice is incidental to men going their own way and very often the result of choosing to not marry women or cohabitate with them. A man going his own way does not automatically translate to a man choosing not to have children, any more than it means having children. MGTOW is a man going his way over gynocentrism and choosing a direction in life based on his choices, rather than winning female approval. Some MGTOW may choose to have children and other MGTOW may choose not to.

The evolutionary reality is actually more complicated than simply asserting that the failure of an individual to reproduce, means a failure to pass on their genes. The number of copies of the genes (or the contribution of the genome) an individual leaves behind, is decided not only by their individual frequency of reproduction, but also by a number of other factors such as:

  1. The number of their offspring that actually survive to sexual maturity and are in a sufficiently healthy condition to reproduce.
  1. The number of offspring their relatives produce and survive to sexual maturity in a healthy condition to reproduce.
  1. The number of offspring genetically similar non-relatives (unrelated individuals that share genetic similarity, will share a certain fraction of genes) produce and survive to sexual maturity in a healthy condition to reproduce.

Concepts like inclusive fitness33 and kin selection34 matter when considering the total fitness and evolutionary success of an individual. It is not just all based on the individual’s personal reproductive fitness. Whilst there are males that do not reproduce, they may still leave copies of their genes behind. These males may directly and indirectly contribute to the fitness of relatives and genetically similar non-relatives. What is often overlooked by many people, is the contribution men make to the survival of their community and the impact that then has on the capacity of the community to reproduce and also care for offspring. Men that do not reproduce but contribute to the survival of their community, can enhance the capacity of their relatives and genetically similar non-relatives to reproduce and care for their offspring and to pass on their genes. As these individuals share similar genes to the men that do not reproduce, the genes of these men can be passed on to the next generation indirectly through other people.

The concept of alloparental care35 is an important example to consider in this context. In our species, adults care for related and unrelated children that are not their direct descendants. Brothers, uncles and cousins etc that may not reproduce, may care for related kin (which was even more the case in our historical and prehistoric past). Male teachers may educate children that are completely unrelated to them. Men running our basic infrastructure and utilities provide essential services that ensure related kin and non-relatives get electricity, food, water, shelter and basic provisions. Men running our military and emergency services, protect and care for relatives and non-relatives. Men inventing, designing, constructing and maintaining our technology, infrastructure and buildings, ensure our economies continue to churn and their innovation ensures the prosperity of our societies. All of what I am describing either directly or indirectly increases the survival and reproductive prospects of relatives of these men and non-relatives that they share genes with. The list goes on and on. These examples are just a small sample of the alternative activities to reproduction, that can contribute to the evolutionary success or total fitness of individual men and allow men that do not reproduce to pass on their genes indirectly through other individuals.

The cooperation between men to ensure the continued existence of civilisation, has been going on for thousands of years and extends all the way back before civilisation to our primitive hunter-gatherer communities. These cooperative efforts between men, increase the number of copies of their genome and genes they leave behind. A man may do hundreds of activities in his lifetime which allow other activities to occur, which then either helps his own offspring survive, or his relative’s offspring, or the offspring of people genetically similar to him. A man who does not reproduce but drives a train carrying food to a local city or maintains the electrical grid, is indirectly contributing to the continuation of his own genes by ensuring his brothers, sisters, nieces or nephews or genetically similar people in that city, survive and reproduce. A male teacher that teaches unrelated children, may educate pupils that go on to improve the prospects of his relatives or individuals that share genetic similarity to him.

The cooperative efforts between men, can also lead to social rewards that enhance their evolutionary success. Cooperation between unrelated men, can enhance the evolutionary success of both of them. This can even apply where one of them does not reproduce. If such cooperation leads to the man raising the social standing of his family in the eyes of the men he assisted, then this may benefit the prospects of his family in the long term and increase the number of copies of his genes that are passed on through other members of his family to the next generation.

Cooperation, altruism and alloparental care are ubiquitous in our species, because evolutionary success is not solely guaranteed by individual reproduction and is substantially dependent on other activities related to survival that often require coordinated social activity. Such social activity very often involves males working together. The dark triad of human nature exists, but so do the better parts of our nature. It was the mass organised cooperative efforts between men, combined with an organised and rule-based (or honour based) form of competition, that enabled civilisation to emerge and harness male value. The notion that natural selection favours survival of the fittest in a dog eat dog world, is an oversimplification of evolution.

Whilst that raw side of our nature exists, human social behaviour is not solely governed by individual evolutionary success and individuals competing against each other. There would be far more violence and no civilisation to speak of, if human males demonstrated little cooperation and had the same level of competition and aggression as male chimpanzees. The same can also be said about there being far more violence and no civilisation, if human males were truly biologically disposable. Civilisation requires sufficient numbers of men in good mental and physical health to support it and to peacefully work together. This in turn requires society to value the worth of men and not treat them as disposable. Male disposability leads to violence, war and in the long term destroys the male value civilisation requires to sustain itself.

Men Are Not Solely Driven To Reproduce

It would be incorrect to assume that men failing to reproduce means they demonstrate no evolutionary success and have no biological value. As discussed, such men can indirectly leave copies of their genes behind through their efforts to contribute to the survival of the community. There has always been a cohort of men in history and prehistory that never reproduced and had no interest in doing so. They used to be called confirmed bachelors. Men choosing not to marry and have children is not a new phenomenon, it has just markedly increased in recent years with the social changes of rampant gynocentrism and feminism.

The simple fact is that if the hypothesis of men filtering themselves out of the gene pool by failing to reproduce was correct, then the significant and growing cohort of men that are choosing to avoid marriage and children would not exist and would never have arisen in the first place. Male lifestyles of any kind that do not lead to having children (religious clergy, confirmed bachelors and many MGTOW) and any deviation from heterosexuality would not exist, if this hypothesis were correct. This is because the hypothesis depends on the assumption that the only way to pass on your genes is to reproduce and consequently that then means that any predisposition to not reproduce, would have absolutely no chance of passing on to the next generation. Consequently after enough time, only males that desire to sexually reproduce with females would remain in the species.

The reality is that childless or celibate and homosexual men that do not desire heterosexual relationships do exist and have done throughout history. Why? The genes of those men were passed down through other relatives or genetically similar individuals. Take religion as an illustrative example. Dr. Brett Weinstein in a discussion36 with Dr. Richard Dawkins pointed out that whilst clergy may not have reproduced, their contribution to their religion may have indirectly furthered their genes. In actively promoting their religion, they may have encouraged behaviours and practices that could have enhanced the evolutionary success of their relatives and individuals within their communities, that they shared genetic similarity with.

We can go through a long list of famous men like Wilbur Wright, Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton that never married and never reproduced, but made massive contributions to society that led to technological changes that enabled the population size to mushroom from one billion to seven billion in just a few centuries. There are plenty of unknown men that never reproduced that helped build and maintain all of our roads, canals, railways, airplanes, ships, numerous pieces of infrastructure and buildings we all use on a daily basis. There are unknown men that never reproduce, that farm the land and transport our food to supermarkets. Civilisation relies on a massive coordinated effort of male activity to support the current population size and therefore support evolutionary success. This supportive buttressing effect of coordinated male activity on evolutionary success, was also true for our prehistory before civilisation. Reproduction is not the only contributor to evolutionary success.

Whilst the exact numbers of men relative to women that reproduced in our prehistory is a matter of debate, it is generally accepted that there has always been a cohort of men that never reproduced. There has always been an environment where men needed to find another way to live, pass on their genes and contribute to the community, that did not necessarily involve reproduction. There has been a selective pressure on men to develop an alternative pathway to propagating their genes, when reproductive opportunities are limited.

Much has been said about the strong sexual appetite of men in popular culture (the sex drive of men has been exaggerated), which has been generalised to represent the libido of all men. However there is next to no recognition made about the substantial numbers of men that find fulfilment beyond chasing vagina and whom silently immerse themselves in other pursuits. There are men that spend most of their waking hours in a lab doing experiments, or designing a new device, or doing programming, or building a legal case, or running a company, or working in finance maximising their portfolio returns, or building something in their garage. For these men chasing vagina is often a distraction they have very little interest in. They are married to their interests, hobbies and careers. Some men are wired that way. On occasion such men through the achievements they derive from their single-minded focus on such pursuits, may rise in social status, be instead chased by women and sexually reproduce.

Regardless as to whether they end up reproducing or not, it is my view that the cohort of single men finding an alternative pathway in life beyond mating and reproduction, has been a significant factor that has led to the development of our culture as a species. I believe it has also been a significant factor in much of the exploration, invention, research and discovery that led to the emergence of civilisation. I am not the first person to suspect this either. Nikola Tesla said, “I do not think you can name many great inventions that have been made by married men”37.When Wilbur Wright was developing the airplane he said, “I don’t have time for both a wife and an airplane”38.

I am certainly not suggesting married men or men that have partners, cannot invent and I do not believe Tesla was absolutely correct in the assertion that not many inventions were made by married men. However there is some underlying truth to the remarks of these famous inventors. It is a fact that single men are freer to focus on and undertake certain activities than other men, particularly those pursuits that require large amounts of time and require geographical mobility. Men focused on their intellectual, economic, political, artistic and athletic pursuits and that prioritise them over pursuing relationships with women, will generally spend more time on those pursuits and achieve more. These greater achievements can positively affect the survival and reproduction of their community and indirectly increase their own individual evolutionary success (through benefitting related kin and genetically similar individuals) and that of others.

It is also worth pointing out that when men find alternatives to reproduction, intrasexual male competition drops and so does the level of violence in a community when mating opportunities are scarce. This carries benefits to evolutionary success through ensuring a safer environment to raise offspring and more male cooperation. The greater male cooperation leads to greater provision and protection for the community.

There are numerous examples of men that despite being heterosexual, are immersed in other pursuits and for which relationships are a low or non-existent priority. There is likely a neurological and genetic basis to this alternative pathway in life for men, given how lopsided mating prospects may have been in the past and the evolutionary benefits that can be derived from men pursuing activities beyond reproduction. Barbarosaaa had a few things to say in this video39 on the notion of MGTOW being “inherently” unsustainable and that reproduction is all that counts. Yes a society must reproduce to replace itself, but reproduction means little without the prosperity to support the progeny. Furthermore, once society is past a certain threshold, prosperity for a population matters more to evolutionary success than reproduction (As Barbarosaaa’s video discusses).

Single men can contribute to their evolutionary success in ways that can compensate for not reproducing, by contributing to the betterment of their community. The contribution of these men may be incremental across multiple generations in some cases. For some men their legacy on the survival and reproductive prospects of society may be felt in the second, third and fourth generations of their relatives and unrelated but genetically similar individuals. This may lead to a large increase in evolutionary success over the longer term. The impact certain influential men can have on our culture and the downstream effects that can have on evolutionary success, can be profound. Think of all the philosophers, scientists, inventors, soldiers, legal scholars and leaders etc that left no offspring, but improved their cultures and society and enhanced the future survival and reproductive prospects of dozens of generations.

The Value Of Human Life Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

When we consider males that do not reproduce, we are not considering their evolutionary success in totality if we just look at their lack of reproduction. With that said, it is a reality that men do dominate the extremes of the bell curve when it comes to evolutionary success and biological value. Men and women have equal evolutionary success and biological value overall, but men are over-represented in the highest and lowest values of the distribution. That does not mean that men who have little evolutionary success are less valuable as human beings, or that men with the highest level of evolutionary success are more valuable than everyone else.

The mentally disabled and the elderly are not regarded as less valuable human beings because they have less potential evolutionary success than the general population. We correctly recognise that the value of human life transcends biological value. Why? Civilisation requires that we respect the value of human life, regardless of the inherent characteristics of that life. This is an essential part of our culture, because it allows us to cooperate and be civil and fair with each other. Reducing the value of human life down to biological value, is a very destructive way of regressing civilisation to violent and barbaric tribalism. There are numerous historical examples of science being used to argue certain groups are subhuman or inferior to justify extermination, sterilisation and the use of eugenics.

Civilised societies that regard the value human life as sacrosanct, tend to be safer and more prosperous. Consequently, they generally do better in passing on their genes than primitive tribal shitholes. Of course all of this basic logic and fact is completely lost on those that want to wilfully ignore the value of men and promote gynocentric double standards based on a narrative that having a uterus makes you a more valuable human being. The value of human life whether it is male or female, is greater than its biological value. The inherent value of all human life must be regarded as equal and not be ranked based on the sex or race etc of the individual. Anything less than that leads to tribalism, social dysfunction, dehumanisation, exploitation and violence. Given enough time any form of implied or overt sexual superiority, leads to mounting social and economic consequences that eventually destroys civilisation.

In part two of this article I will be debunking further sophist arguments that men are biologically less valuable than women and are biologically disposable.



  22. and-women/


Gynocentrism and the golden uterus (part two)

The following is part 2 of my article on debunking the bedrock of the female supremacist belief system that drives gynocentrism; the golden uterus. Please read part 1 before continuing. – Peter Ryan

Commons building workers

The Naturalistic Fallacy

Often reproductive reductionists will appeal to nature to justify their bigoted beliefs that we should treat men as a lower class of human being, or even regard men as subhuman on the basis that having a uterus makes an individual more biological valuable to the species. The assertion that having a uterus makes an individual more biologically valuable is wrong, because it assumes that reproduction is the sole determining factor of biological value – and I have explained in part one of this article why this is wrong.

But I want to assume for the moment that reproductive reductionists and female supremacists are right. Should we value human life on its utility? Should we base society and government policy on the survival of the fittest and selectively abort males prior to birth and subjugate the males that are born, as some female supremacists put forward? We have numerous examples of genocides in the 20th century that were the inevitable end result of such ideas.

We have seen what happens when such a society dehumanises a group of people and the destruction it brings for such societies. We have observed the legacy and the guilt such atrocities have on their culture. History is littered with such examples, and there is a reason why societies that dehumanise groups of people remain either undeveloped tribal shitholes or deteriorate into such shitholes given enough time. It never ends well for the society that dehumanises a group within their population, let alone the half of the population responsible for keeping most of the infrastructure going, etc.

If we are concerned about making sure civilisation remains functional enough so that it can sustain itself, then we should consider the reality that dehumanising half the population which keeps the water running and the lights on at night, will invariably lead to its collapse.  When enough men are that marginalised they have nothing left to lose, history shows it leads to revolution and war. That is just me citing history, it is not a threat. The United States itself was founded in the wake of marginalised men fighting a tyrannical government. If national security matters to our governments, then they might want to consider what happens when large numbers of men are raised with no father for generations, have little or no employment prospects and are marginalised in society.

For the record, I do not want to see a violent revolution happen. I want to peacefully go about my business. However I am concerned about the growing likelihood of this eventuality occurring, and the steps we should be taking right now to reduce the risk of future national instability in Western countries from large numbers of marginalised men. The solution is not to marginalise men further. The solution is simply to respect men, invest in them, support them, and guide and provide them with an avenue to voluntarily contribute to society in a way that is personally fulfilling and constructive.

Treating men as subhuman, creating a male underclass and demonising and marginalising men and boys on the basis they are male, is a sure-fire way to bankrupt your country, collapse your economy, socially destabilise your society and destroy your country from within through civil unrest, crime, revolution and war. If you treat men and boys with no compassion, then do not be surprised when you create monsters and witness a surge in mass shootings, organised crime, roaming gangs of male thugs and eventually an organised militia and then an army. I do not want to see that future unfold, but that is where society is headed if we don’t start treating men as human beings and supporting them.

So on a purely rational level, appealing to nature to subjugate and marginalise men is not sustainable or functional for the long-term prosperity and the continued existence of civilisation. The Nuremburg trials that were organised after World War 2 are a testament to that reality in the aftermath of the atrocities committed by the Nazis against the Jews.

In the words of Justice Jackson1,

The privilege of opening the first trial in history for crimes against the peace of the world imposes a grave responsibility. The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated. That four great nations, flushed with victory and stung with injury stay the hand of vengeance and voluntarily submit their captive enemies to the judgment of the law is one of the most significant tributes that Power has ever paid to Reason.”

A statement that needs to be etched in stone. When we dehumanise men or any group of people, we undermine the basis of civilisation itself- human dignity. We do not just undermine the dignity of the group that is dehumanised, but our own dignity by participating in the abuse or letting it happen. Once dignity is gone, civilised behaviour quickly goes as well and with it civilisation.

Some people infer from history and from the present day, that dehumanising men and treating them as disposable is natural, normal and okay, as they believe it is required for civilisation. Slave owners used to use similar arguments to justify slavery. Disposability implies that something can be discarded without any consequence and that it can easily be replaced. Civilisations and tribal communities have certainly required a contribution of protection, provision and innovation from men to ensure their continuation. However just as with reproduction and evolutionary success, male contribution to the community is not automatically interchangeable with male disposability. Men can contribute to communities without being disposed of and the less that are lost, the more men are available to contribute in the future.

Any community or civilisation that loses its men or fails to invest in its men, or fails to adequately support them, loses some or all of its manpower and some or all of the contribution men bring to sustaining civilisation and their communities. The loss of male life and the marginalisation of men is something to be minimised and avoided, because it costs communities and it costs civilisation. Any community that exploits and marginalises men and neglects them, squanders and wastes the value men can provide to society. By avoidably undermining the well-being and health of men, communities and civilisations undermine themselves.

Any community that exploits and marginalises men and neglects them, squanders and wastes the value men can provide to society.

It is indeed the case that men have sacrificed their lives in war for their countries countless times, but that does not mean it was ideal for that society that they lost their men. The loss of male life in war was just unavoidable, just as women dying performing their reproductive role in childbirth was unavoidable for centuries. The country that not only won battles but did so with the least amount of male casualties, had the larger army to win the war and the men available to rebuild their societies and occupy and rebuild the societies of the territory they captured.

As with women in childbirth, men have died in performing their role for society. Society has days to recognise the cost of the sacrifice of millions of men in war. Anzac Day, Memorial Day and Remembrance Day come to mind. Disposable utilities do not have days of remembrance. We say, “Lest we forget” on Anzac Day for a reason. Deep down we recognise the loss that society, countless families and the men themselves incurred, from losing men in war. We have days of remembrance in part to remind ourselves of the cost of war and the cost of losing men. It is a solemn warning not to forget the cost of war.

Countries that raised their men and boys properly and invested in them and supported them, had more available men that were equipped to power their economy and participate in a larger and fitter military in times of war. Strong support for men and boys creates strong men and strong men create strong empires. The empires that not only harness the potential of their men, but look after their men and lose as little of their men as possible, prevail and win. These are not an either/or set of priorities for a given civilisation, one priority is dependent on the other.

The simple truth is that civilisations that look after men so they can in turn look after society, prosper and they eventually surpass civilisations that exploit their men and treat them as disposable. Yes societies require men to contribute to their continued existence and prosperity, but with the least amount of loss to male life and well-being. Societies that follow that simple rule thrive over societies that do not.

I am not suggesting that we have never had elements of society and our culture over history and in the present day, that have marginalised men, exploited men and treated men as disposable. We certainly have. The difference between the past and the present though, is that in the past we recognised to a certain extent the need to minimise needless male sacrifice as much as possible, despite the far greater incidence of male sacrifice. The sacrifice of men was not ideal for past society, it was just often unavoidable. Unavoidable male sacrifice is not the same as regarding men as disposable. One perspective recognises the value in men and the other does not. Over the last 250 years and particularly over the last 50 years, this perspective has been lost.

In the present prosperous, safe, well nourished and risk free society we live in, we take men for granted. We have normalised men’s marginalisation and exploitation and confused unavoidable male sacrifice in the past as a justification to treat men today as disposable. Society can get away with this temporarily until the safety bubble of prosperity bursts, from its own decadent recklessness and disregard for the men keeping society running.

Current Western society does indeed marginalise men and has increasingly treated men as disposable, as the costs of male sacrifice for society have faded into distant memory since World War 2. However the West does so to its own detriment and eventually given enough time neglecting the men it relies on to sustain itself, will result in the collapse2 of the West as other societies take its place.

Male disposability proliferating and becoming normalised, is a characteristic of the final stages of a decadent and complacent civilisation on the decline. It is a pathology arising from societal decadence. Some collective pathological behaviour will always be present in a society, regardless as to what stage it is at. However it is in the final stages of civilisation, that pathological behaviours previously minimised and confined to the margins of society, start to spread and become normalised. This is the same pattern that has occurred with male disposability.

In the last 1000 years, male disposability and gynocentrism has slowly grown century after century from the fringes of our culture, to a substantive and enduring level. Much of the proliferation of male disposability within our culture, has occurred in the last 250 years and especially in the last 50 years. We have always had some degree of male disposability in the past, just as we have always had murder and rape. That does not mean we considered it to be normal or acceptable to the point it was pervasive within every aspect of the entire culture, like we see today.

Like I said earlier, regarding men as disposable and society accepting the unavoidable level of male sacrifice required to protect and sustain society, is not the same thing. One perspective recognises the value of male life and the other perspective does not. The difference in the current cultural climate is that now we are rationalising and justifying male disposability, and gynocentric double standards in an effort for our society to convince itself it is “normal”, when it is anything but normal.

There are plenty of behaviours that have natural and biological underpinnings that are not optimal for society and are morally repugnant. Rape, murder and infanticide are seen in the wild and in other primate species and are driven in part by hormones, genes and biology. A man that rapes a woman or a young underage girl who is fertile, enhances his reproductive fitness. That does not make it okay to rape them. Plenty of violent, pathological and deviant behaviours have a biological basis to them and improve reproductive fitness. None of these acts are morally right and normalising them on the basis they are natural will not allow a civilisation to prosper and sustain itself over long periods of time. In fact normalising such behaviour is a recipe to turn civilisation into an uncivilised barbaric primitive tribal shithole.

If female supremacists want to argue treating men as disposable and as subhuman is acceptable and right because it is natural, then they should have no problem accepting that rape is acceptable and morally right because it is natural. Both of course are not acceptable or right. If female supremacists are going to rationalise double standards against men on biological grounds, we can argue the same when it comes to race and the biological differences between races. Again both forms of bigotry of course are wrong. However if female supremacists want to remain logically consistent, then they should at least have the honesty to acknowledge they are no different from the KKK and numerous other groups that claim group supremacy and appeal to nature to justify their beliefs. Claims of male supremacy or any other form of group supremacy on the basis of biology, are not morally justifiable either.

Acknowledging biological group differences does not automatically require making value judgements about the value of human life and justifying double standards based on the group an individual belongs to. Advanced society requires an advanced culture that acknowledges biological differences between individuals and groups, but rises above appealing to nature to justify bigoted and irrational beliefs and double standards that are demonstrably dysfunctional and that undermine the long term prosperity, stability and sustainability of civilisation. Societies that invest in men and support men will have the manpower to flourish, and societies that exploit men and marginalise men will not. That is just a fact. Whilst male sacrifice has been unavoidable at times, it came at a great cost to society. Those societies that minimised such sacrifice had enough healthy men available to live and fight another day and they prospered.

I do not think I need to describe the value men provide to civilisation in detail. Men discover, invent, design, build, maintain, repair and improve the bulk of basically every facet of our infrastructure, technology and buildings. Men are responsible for the majority of the leadership, innovation, research and expansion of the intellectual frontiers of civilisation and our political, legal and economic systems. Our military, police and emergency services all heavily rely on men. Men are the bulk of our Nobel laureates, Fields Medallists and inventors. None of this has changed despite 50-60 years of feminist social engineering and affirmative action. Whether or not feminists want to accept it, there are biological underpinnings to these realities and the value men provide to their families, their communities and their civilisation.

If men stopped working for a week, billions would be dead from thirst, starvation and violence before men went back to work, as a result of the lack of basic working utilities and mass unrestrained civil unrest. Men are not easy to replace either. It takes 18 years of parental and societal investment to raise an adult male from scratch and they must be raised properly so they have the required physical health, mental health, skills, knowledge and motivation, in order to productively contribute to society.

This is why our current society is screwed. Even if we started today reforming the education system, marriage, family courts and divorce, the legal system, health system and workplace etc, to attend to the social, medical, psychological, learning and employment needs of men and boys and ensure fathers play a role in raising children, it is going to take at least a generation to see any positive impact on society. This idea we can just disregard men and boys with no consequences to society and treat them as disposable, is an idea that will be unlearned through suffering and death on a scale society has not seen for centuries. Death and suffering on a scale that matches our own collective stupidity and reckless indifference toward male well-being.

Our best hope to stave off this social and economic catastrophe is to take as much redemptive action as quickly as possible, to reduce the long-term consequences of this multidecade indifference toward men and boys, and use the now unavoidable consequences coming our way as a lesson for future generations on what not to do. We need to value men, boys and masculinity again in our culture and we need to do it now.

Society requires men, because men like women have an intrinsic value that society depends on to survive and thrive. An intrinsic value that arises from the unique male biological potential they possess. If society harnesses this male potential and does not squander it by exploiting and marginalising men, society persists and advances. Just as women have the potential to bear children, men have the potential to provide, innovate and protect. If we are going to argue men are human doings because they only have value from what they produce, then why not argue women are human doings that only have value if they produce children? Of course I am not endorsing this, but I want to make a point here.

If we are going to argue men are human doings because they only have value from what they produce, then why not argue women are human doings that only have value if they produce children?

Using the bigoted logic of a reproductive reductionist, women’s reproductive utility has no value if women remain barren (as growing numbers of them are). That question and that logic provokes, or at least should provoke scepticism regarding the saying, “men are human doings and women are human beings”. If reproductive utility is the basis of the value of human life, then women themselves only have value based on the quantity of children they produce and those that remain barren are of no value at all. This is not my belief, this is just the logical conclusion that one arrives at by employing the reasoning of female supremacists and reproductive reductionists.

Human males and human females must be treated as human beings if they are to contribute anything to society. Like women, men are not machines. Men have personalities, emotions, hopes and dreams. Men and boys have to be raised properly, invested in, supported, nurtured and loved, to express their potential and do so in a constructive way. Dr. Warren Farrell’s book3 on the boy crisis has some good direction that. If the humanity of men is given no consideration, then their psychological and physical condition will reflect that neglect and their contribution to society will be significantly reduced or eliminated entirely. That is the flaw in treating men like they are human doings.

In some cases with abuse and neglect, male biological potential will not be reduced or eliminated, but instead be directed toward highly destructive and violent ends. If you abuse men and boys and neglect their suffering, then do not be surprised if some of them start shooting people and engaging in violent crime. That is not a justification for their actions, they are still responsible for their actions. However society is also partially responsible for such tragedies through our collective indifference toward the well-being of men and boys.

At the very least if we neglect male well-being, we get failure to launch (which is really nowhere to land), men checking out of society and an epidemic of male suicide. We all know what eventually happens if you fail to look after the general maintenance of your car. If we do not look after the basic needs of men and their general well-being and instead exploit them, then like a car that is not properly looked after, men will break down psychologically and physically. The male suicide epidemic, the falling employment and educational attainment of men, the plummeting fertility rate, the dissolution of the family and the slow and gradual social and economic implosion of Western society, is all partly the result of or entirely because we treat men as disposable and have neglected their humanity.

Exploiting men has a use by date for society, which it will either need to abandon or unlearn through unprecedented death and suffering of its own making. Failing that, natural selection itself will remove gynocentrism and male disposability from humanity, as populations that harness male potential but remember to invest and support their men, surpass populations that do not and replace them. I am not supporting social darwinism, I am just stating reality. Treating men as disposable has consequences.

Civilised society requires us to base the value human life on something beyond its simple biological utility. I am not being hyperbolic when I equate female supremacists with Nazis, because they both make the same fundamental mistake of equating the value of human life with its utility and biological characteristics. The mentally and physically disabled were exterminated with the Jews, because they were deemed by the Nazis to be biologically defective. Claiming men are biologically less valuable than women and using that to justify bigotry, leads to the gynocentric double standards we see today, and eventually given enough time it will escalate to the same outcomes as what occurred in Nazi Germany.

Gynocentrism is indefensible and just based on a different flavour of the same general bigoted logic of every other form of group supremacy in history. Like I said earlier in this article, we have numerous examples in the 20th century alone of what eventually happens to such societies and how it culminates in their decline as other countries prosper and often ends in their collapse. When you put half your population down to benefit the other half of the population, they both sink together.

Humans Are Not Mice or Microbes

As I mentioned in part one of this article, every species has a strategy to maximise its own evolutionary success by strategically investing in activities related to not just reproduction, but survival, growth and parental care (etc.) to differing degrees over their lifespan. Life history theory explains this in detail4. The species whose life history strategies prioritise reproduction, have fast life history speeds. They exhibit little parental investment, reach sexual maturity quickly and have short lifespans and put minimal investment in their own development and growth. They tend toward reproducing once (semelparity) and produce large numbers of offspring. They have relatively high mortality rates among their young and for the population in general, compared to other species with slower life history speeds. Bacteria, and many insects and small mammals like mice and rats, prioritise reproduction.

Complex lifeforms like elephants and humans have life history strategies that show a more balanced investment in survival in addition to reproduction and have slower life history speeds. They have high parental investment, mature slowly, have long lifespans and show substantial investment in their own development and growth. They tend to reproduce multiple times (iteroparity) and produce fewer numbers of offspring. They have lower mortality rates among their young and for the population in general, relative to species with fast life history speeds.

Human beings have high levels of parental investment, long intensive developmental periods and slow rates of maturation. Humans have long life spans, are iteroparous and produce relatively few offspring. We are not a species that focuses on maximising reproduction. Humans perform very poorly relative to other species when comparing rates of reproduction. Humans have a life history strategy that invests considerably in activities other than reproduction, such as survival, parental investment and development and growth. Human communities and human individuals are driven to optimise their own life history strategy, not to just simply maximise their rate of reproduction. Simply focusing on reproduction alone or overemphasising reproduction in a species like humans, leads to evolutionary failure and not evolutionary success. We are not simple microbes, insects or mice that can just rely on breeding our way to the future.

Human beings are social animals that have developed a large brain and a sophisticated culture, precisely because we are so heavily invested in activities beyond reproduction. Many of these activities are focused on maximising our own survival in often unforgiving and harsh environments that demand a more sophisticated life history strategy than simply maximising reproduction. Just pumping out babies does not cut it for humans. That is why we have civilisation and have landed on the Moon. None of that happens if the priority is reproduction and maximising the quantity of offspring. Such a life history strategy does not allow for the developmental period or the somatic effort to be long enough and great enough for a large brain to develop and make such feats possible. If our lineage evolved on the basis of maximising reproduction, we would resemble small mammals with large litters of offspring. There is a reason why mice, insects and microbes are not building rockets to go to Mars. When a species is on the track to maximise reproduction, there is little time or energy for anything else other than reproduction, aside from doing the bare minimum to subsist.

I have experience in the molecular life sciences and a general understanding of evolutionary biology. Yes I am aware of Bateman’s principle, the Trivers-Willard hypothesis etc. None of these evolutionary concepts state women are biologically more valuable than men, or that reproduction alone is the sole determining factor of evolutionary success. That is a twisted inference of evolutionary theory to justify an agenda. It is not science, it is dogma masquerading as science.


What I have described in this article could be mostly arrived at by employing common sense (which is worryingly becoming not so common), that is how simple and basic this is. I find it telling that our culture is so gynocentric that many people are blind to such obvious realities. I find it concerning that even some scientists who should know better, will actually beat a drum claiming female superiority5 because it fashionable to do so in this man-hating culture and I can cite more than one example of this. This is no better than scientists who claimed male superiority in the past and female supremacists make the same error in basing the value of human life on its utility. They cherry pick data and omit facts that do not support their narrative and make unsubstantiated and oversimplified inferences from the data, as this article discusses6.

Make no mistake, there are people with a vested interest in framing human evolution along gynocentric lines to justify their own bigotry. It is simply a matter of time before feminism switches from ignoring sex differences, to acknowledging sex differences and then twisting the science to justify their own female supremacist agenda. The manosphere needs to identify this, be prepared for the switch in strategy from feminists and be ready to address it head on when it surfaces.

It is simply a matter of time before feminism switches from ignoring sex differences, to acknowledging sex differences.

What I have described in this two part article is just the beginning of debunking the underserved worship of the golden uterus. This is just the opening salvo, there is much more to come. In closing I have provided a link7 from evolutionary biologists Dr. Bret Weinstein and Dr. Heather Heying, on why it is neither “better” to be a man or a woman from an evolutionary perspective and why neither sex is more “valuable”. I will have more to say regarding this excellent video discussing Fishers principle8 and other important evolutionary factors at a later date. For now I encourage people to watch it and am glad to see that at least some of academia has not yet been polluted with female supremacist man-hatred.

Men and women are simply two reproductive components in one reproductive system which the genome fabricates to perpetuate itself. The propagation of a lineage has nothing to do with sexual superiority and everything to do with optimising the interdependent relationship between the sexes that best propagates the genome, given the prevailing environmental conditions. Arguing female superiority in the context of genome propagation is like arguing in the superiority of your reproductive system over your circulatory system. It is a meaningless false dichotomy. It is time for society to see the forest through the trees when it comes to men and women. We are all part of a system bigger than ourselves. Astronauts call this awareness the overview effect9. It is time for humanity to grow up and move beyond these reductionist perspectives of sexual, racial and group superiority and narrow concepts of value and instead look at the big picture.

I note Dr. Robert Sapolsky from Stanford University shares a similar perspective to my own on the dangers of employing reductionist “categorical thinking”, when examining human behavioural biology and I would encourage people to watch his first lecture10 discussing that very danger (in a brilliant highly recommended lecture series on human behaviour). As he discusses, plenty of monstrous activities have occurred on the basis of bad, bigotry driven science. Female supremacists in the sciences twisting the data to push their narrative, are not an exception.

Men and women might be different, but that does not mean society shouldn’t treat men and women with equal dignity (that does not mean equality of outcome). The equal value of human life of all people regardless of race or sex, must be considered sacrosanct for civilisation to remain civil and not descend into tribalism.


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Gynocentrism and the golden uterus (part one)

By Peter Ryan


The Pedestalisation Of Female Fertility:

The value of masculinity to society and to the species is rarely acknowledged in our modern gynocentric culture. Masculinity is frequently portrayed as toxic and destructive and in need of reform or removal. At the same time, we are told that women are pure and “create life”. Associating the creation of life as something that is exclusive to women and worshipping motherhood, is a gynocentric delusion. There is no recognition in this delusion, of the fact that female uteri remain barren and useless without male sperm. There is no recognition either of the importance of fatherhood in raising children into healthy, productive and well-adjusted adults, despite the plethora of research demonstrating this reality. Women do not create life, men and women create life. The fact that has to even be said, demonstrates how warped human thought can become from gynocentrism.

This culture has an embedded belief that women are superior and men are inferior. Everything wrong in the world is masculine and everything good in the world is feminine. Gynocentrism is based on a belief system in female superiority and so it becomes essential to debunk this belief system if gynocentrism is to be overcome. This article will be the first in one of a number of articles, that will focus on debunking the core foundational premise of female superiority. The foundation of this belief system in female superiority, is that the value of human life is primarily or exclusively based on its reproductive utility. Women have a uterus, women invest more in reproduction, women are the rate limiting factor of reproduction, so therefore women are biologically more valuable than men.

This is the core foundation of the belief structure in female superiority. Does this sound familiar? It should. Even in the manosphere this line of reasoning is promoted by some as an unquestioned truth and the moment you make any step to challenge this belief, you are labelled a denier of biology. In reality, the real deniers of biology are those that deliberately ignore areas of biology that do not fit their gynocentric narrative that the golden uterus is all that counts. These are the reproductive reductionists.

I knew even when I was writing my article “The Normalisation of Gynocentrism”1, and before it was even published, that there would be one specific area of that article that would trigger the reproductive reductionists and that was when I wrote about reductionism. They came out of the woodwork like clockwork as I predicted they would. I know their own arguments and the underlying biology better than they do, from my own experience in molecular genetics and general understanding of evolutionary biology and also most importantly because I have actually listened to what they have had to say for the last ten years. Their arguments have essentially become a form of unquestioned dogma and it is not just a problem I observed in the wider gynocentric culture, but also within the manosphere itself.

Their entire argument rests on an assumption that successful reproduction and evolutionary success are interchangeable. It is important to define terms to avoid confusion. Evolutionary success is the number of copies of the genome of a lineage left behind after a specific period of time has elapsed. If we take a set time period of two centuries for example, an unbroken cyclical chain of investment in survival, development, reproduction and parental investment must take place for copies of the genome of a lineage to be preserved after that passage of time.

Evolutionary success is far more complicated than just asserting that it all comes down to reproduction. Reproduction is merely one step in the cyclical and unbroken chain of events that must successfully take place to perpetuate the genome over time. Reproduction is certainly essential, but so are a multitude of other activities which must occur to ensure preservation of the genome of a lineage. Reproduction itself is often dependent on those activities successfully occurring as well. For example, an organism must survive to mate and reproduce, as it cannot find a mate and then reproduce when it is dead. This sounds obvious and yet some people will persist in maintaining reproduction is all that matters.

Before I debunk reproductive reductionism further, I want to discuss the groups of people I have noticed subscribe to reproductive reductionism. Reproductive reductionists come in three general flavours from my observation, some of which can overlap:

  1. Female supremacists who believe women are superior and that gynocentric double standards are justified on the basis they reflect the natural order (as they see it). Biology essentially becomes a way of rationalising their own bigotry and persuading others to accept gynocentrism as something normal and good for society. Female supremacists operate on a naturalistic fallacy that what is natural is proper, right and just, and what is natural ought to be good for society.
  1. Fatalists who subscribe to the view gynocentrism is an immutable aspect of biology based on women being the rate limiting factor of reproduction. They dogmatically refute any argument to the contrary, or that anything can be done to reduce gynocentrism. Fatalists like to live in a world that is certain and where they can excuse themselves and others from taking responsibility for their actions. They generally like to ridicule those that dare to challenge the status quo as being delusional and not realists.
  1. Ideologues who support a worldview of absolute biological determinism and that anyone who disagrees with them is deluded or irrational. These individuals often hold themselves out as authority figures on evolutionary psychology and biology, often with little or no formal education in the subject. They cultivate an image of intellectual superiority over others who do not support their worldview. They exhibit a naïve realism bias, that objective reality fits their worldview and so people that disagree with their worldview must be deluded, irrational or biased. There is generally a high level of narcissism, combativeness and a lack of humility exhibited by such individuals when challenged.

All three groups are generally impervious to reason, facts and evidence that runs contrary to their assertion that how many uteri you have in a community is primarily what counts to the continued existence of that community. Disagreement with this article does not automatically assign you to one of these groups. Wilfully ignoring facts, evidence and reason that does not support your worldview does.

All three groups make the error in reducing evolutionary success to reproductive success. There are individuals who do not want men to realise their own value, because if they did the powerbase that women rely on to control men would be challenged. As I mentioned in my article “The Gynocentric Mob And Female Superiority”2, the gynocentric social power of women is based on cultivating an image of female superiority. Women only have power in society to the degree that men value what they have to say and what they do. The moment men question female superiority and in particular the moral superiority of women, suddenly women can be held accountable for their own behaviour.

The overvaluing of the female reproductive role and the pedestalisation of the “golden uterus”, is central to female superiority because the female reproductive function is not only essential to the continuation of society, but distinctly female. Challenging the importance of the “golden uterus” in our gynocentric culture is tantamount to questioning the existence of God in fundamentalist communities. You get the same reaction questioning the “golden uterus”, as questioning the basis of a religion. Even some people in the manosphere refuse to question the overvaluing of the female reproductive function, often through omission and ignoring the subject. They will discuss its importance, but never critique its overvaluing in the culture.

Questioning the basis of the gynocentric religion that women are divine beings or more biologically valuable by virtue of having a uterus, is exactly what I am going to do in this series of articles. Functioning as an incubator for nine months does not make someone a mother any more than depositing sperm makes someone a father. Having a uterus does not make you a more valuable human being and like men, women’s value as human beings biologically and otherwise, is not solely dependent on their reproductive functions either.

Maintaining the social fixation on sex and reproduction is key to maintaining female social power that is beyond reproach. In other words, glorifying the female role in reproduction is central to maintaining a belief in female superiority in society and by extension maintaining gynocentrism. Despite what some people in the manosphere think, feminism does not argue that men and women are the same. Feminism argues that women are superior. If men are better at something, then feminists argue this must be due to socialisation and the oppressive patriarchy. If women are better at something, then feminists argue it must be an innate female advantage. If men excel in STEM relative to women, then it is because women are being discriminated against. If girls are excelling in school relative to boys, then it is because girls are smarter than boys. If you want a clear example that feminists do not regard men and women as identical, look at their response to transgenderism and allowing transgender women into female spaces. Feminism is about female supremacy, not gender equality.

What Reproductive Reductionists Miss

So why are reproductive reductionists wrong? I could literally write a book on why they are wrong and I will be going into further and further detail in future articles. However at some point people need to think for themselves and critically evaluate facts by themselves instead of relying on other people’s argumentation. Beliefs like female superiority flourish in societies where people have lost the ability to think and critically evaluate information by themselves. People in such societies essentially become sponges that absorb whatever sets of ideas they find most emotionally appealing and useful pawns to manipulate to further an agenda.

There are three main flaws in the thinking of reproductive reductionists: 1. An ignorance of basic life history theory and that evolutionary success is reliant on a number of activities other than reproduction. 2. A lack of recognition and understanding of biological systems and systems in general. 3. Falling victim to the naturalistic fallacy.

The Optimisation Problem Of Life

Evolutionary success requires a whole sequence of activities to occur in optimum proportion and reproduction is just one of them. Life history theory3 describes the strategic investment that organisms make in their own survival, development, growth, reproduction and in the parental care of offspring over their lifespan to optimise evolutionary success. Maximising evolutionary success in a given environment is an optimisation problem that requires the strategic investment of resources by an organism in numerous activities over their lifespan and reproduction is merely one of them. These often involve trade-offs between investing in activities with limited resources available. For example, a species can invest in maximising the quantity of offspring produced over the quality of offspring they produce, but both cannot be maximised at the same time.

Of course the common retort is that survival leads to nowhere without reproduction. Yes reproduction is essential, but it is not the only essential activity required to propagate the genome. These same reductionists seem completely unaware that reproduction does not happen without survival. An organism or a population has to survive long enough to reproduce and even that alone is not enough. An organism must reproduce an optimal number of times and then raise the offspring to sexual maturity, whom also have to then survive, mate and then raise their offspring. If this does not occur to a sufficient degree then any reproduction that does occur is insufficient to perpetuate the lineage and it dies out.

Simply pumping out babies is not sufficient to ensure the lineage is preserved. Offspring that do not survive to sexual maturity or do not reproduce, are evolutionary dead ends. Organisms that do not invest in their own survival do not reproduce at all, or do not live long enough to reproduce a number of offspring sufficient to guarantee continuation of their lineage (as some of their offspring will die or fail to produce offspring themselves). Parents who do not provide sufficient parental care to their offspring fail to become grandparents because their children either die before adulthood or are in an underdeveloped condition where they are either infertile, cannot carry a child to term, or are unable to attract a mate. Consequently their lineage terminates despite producing children and there is evolutionary failure.

The role that men play in contributing to the perpetuation of their lineage is not just simply based on their contribution to reproduction either. Men make an enormous contribution to the survival of their families and their wider community and that does impact the evolutionary success of their lineage and the community they reside in. The reality is that just as women contribute a disproportionate amount of investment in reproduction, men contribute a disproportionate amount of investment in the survival of their partner, progeny and their community. This investment in survival does contribute to the evolutionary success of the lineage, by allowing more offspring to survive, by enhancing the physical and mental health and development of offspring, by better equipping offspring materially and intellectually for adulthood and by allowing more reproduction to occur etc.

This contribution to survival has been partly what men have been sexually selected for. Men have been shaped by female mate choice to carry the part of the load of perpetuating the species that women cannot, whilst women are temporarily disabled or partly limited by pregnancy and preoccupied with caring for infants and toddlers. Males in our species even directly invest in the raising of their offspring as fathers because of the cost of childhood and juvenile development in our species, unlike males from some of our primate relatives.

The selective advantage of a larger brain and the extension of our developmental period to allow for that larger brain, had a ratchet effect on our evolution. It put long term selective pressures in place that drove mate choice and sexual selection to select for traits and re-task existing traits in men and in women, that enabled a complementary division of labour to emerge. This complementary division of labour and the paternal investment of fatherhood in offspring, played substantial roles in providing the necessary support for the longer and far more costly developmental period of offspring.

The underlying evolutionary processes and the sex differences behind what I have described in the last two paragraphs is discussed in evolutionary psychologist Dr. David Geary’s brilliant book, “Male, Female: The Evolution of Human Sex Differences, Second Edition”4. I am not suggesting that the traditional division of labour as we know it today is biological, I am saying it has biological underpinnings. These biological underpinnings are reflected in the sex differences in interests that feminists refuse to acknowledge5, because it does not suit their underlying agenda of female supremacy.

These sex differences in interests, traits and biological roles, do not make either sex superior to the other. Each sex is an interdependent component in a system that the genome encodes to perpetuate itself. That is the evolutionary context through which these differences emerged and that is the context through which we should be interpreting these differences. It has nothing to do with superiority or supremacy and everything to do with a dynamic adaptive system optimising the propagation of the genome that encoded it over time and across environments, by developing complementary components with complementary strengths and roles, that functionally serve a purpose greater than either component on their own.

Before modern technology and birth control, some gendered division of labour in one form or another was more or less an inevitability of historic and prehistoric populations. Oh and if female supremacists want to argue technology makes men obsolete, they might want to reflect on precisely which sex overwhelmingly develops, maintains and runs the technology first and then reflect on the reality that technology can replace all female functions and jobs, including gestation, and that the dignity of men and women is worth more than just their utility, but I digress. Men have had their space and role in the community and women had theirs. Even indigenous tribes of today have some segregation between the sexes and sites, customs and roles for men and sites, customs and roles for women. They might not have the same gendered traditions and social norms as in the West, but they have them nonetheless.

The fact technology and birth control which men have overwhelmingly been responsible for, has given each sex the personal freedom to expand beyond their past roles, does not negate the reality that biological sex differences remain. It does not negate the reality that there are going to be sex differences in interests and in the roles men and women undertake in society, when we consider males and females as a whole and look at the averages, regardless as to how much feminist social engineering is undertaken. It is not sexism, or entirely cultural, there are biological underpinnings to the differences in the roles males and females adopt in society. The mistake reproductive reductionists make, is ignoring the value of roles outside of the female reproductive function when it comes to their contribution to evolutionary success, or deliberately ignoring or downplaying innate male advantages that contribute to evolutionary success, usually by claiming they are the result of sexism rather than the result of a true male strength.

What I have just described is a very basic overview of biology that reproductive reductionists wilfully ignore or downplay, because it does not conform to their narrative in female superiority, or their narrow and fatalistic worldview. The real deniers of biology are the reproductive reductionists that cherry pick facts that suit their narrative and ignore the multitude of biological facts that don’t.


Biology is comprised of systems.  Your cells are compromised of numerous molecular and subcellular systems. Your body is compromised of numerous systems- the nervous system, the reproductive system, the circulatory system etc. Numerous species live in ecosystems. Reproductive reductionists are incapable of acknowledging the complexity and interdependent nature of human biology. They are incapable of recognising gene culture coevolution and that biology and culture feedback on each other in a continuous loop. They will recognise that biology restricts and shapes culture (which I agree it does), but will ignore the facts and the evidence6 that culture itself introduces novel environments, alters selection pressures on genes and shapes biology. They will recognise that culture is a function of biology, but fail to acknowledge the influence of the environment and that biology expresses itself differently across different environments and timescales.

The human reproductive system requires other body systems to function properly. If the circulatory system fails, or the nervous system fails and the body dies, the reproductive system will fail and die with it. This is an example illustrating the interdependent nature of biological systems that reductionists fail to appreciate. The same interdependence can be observed with ecosystems. Just like the reproductive system in the human body is dependent on the proper functioning of other bodily systems, so is the successful reproduction of a population dependent on numerous other activities aside from reproduction, that are related to the survival, nourishment and growth of that population. Systems thinking is the kryptonite of reductionist thinking, because it forces people to think outside of the categories and the walls they throw up around their own thinking.

A common example that is used by reproductive reductionists is the argument that a tribe decimated by some calamity with a handful of men remaining and the majority remaining being women, will fare better than a tribe with the sex ratios reversed. The argument being that one man can fertilise the uteri of dozens of women and that as there are more women, there are more uteri and thus more offspring can be produced to replace the population in the immediate aftermath. The implied assumption to this scenario, is that all of the women in a tribe (or most of them) will be making full use of their uterus and maximising their reproductive output in the immediate aftermath.

There is no consideration given though for the food, water, resources, protection from predators and shelter that the community and these offspring will require to survive and develop and who will provide those necessities and protect the community, whilst substantial numbers of or all the women in the community are pregnant and/or caring for young helpless infants and toddlers and consequently less able to contribute to these activities.

There is no consideration given to the environmental conditions the population faces and the stresses they impose and the impact a loss of men would have on the community surviving in those conditions. There is no consideration given to the loss of genetic diversity in losing most of the men in a tribe and the impact that increased inbreeding and the subsequent accumulation of deleterious mutations will have on the fitness and fertility of future offspring. There is no consideration given as to whether the environment has the carrying capacity or the community has the adults to provide the shelter, protection and resources, to support such an intensive reproductive effort in the immediate aftermath and all of the offspring and the women raising and giving birth to them.

There is no consideration given to the possibility that a population that produces fewer but healthier, better developed, better equipped and more fertile offspring, with higher parental and alloparental investment and a lower mortality rate, might actually be a more efficient and effective investment of resources in certain environments and have greater evolutionary success, than a population that produces large numbers of offspring with few men around to provide and protect for the community.

Yes there is a minimum number of uteri required to sustain a community, but there is also a minimum level of investment in survival required to sustain a community and a minimum number of males required to achieve that investment through provision and protection and also produce sufficient numbers of offspring with an adequate level of genetic diversity. The minimum thresholds of investment in reproduction, survival and genetic diversity required to sustain a community, will vary across environmental conditions and habitat carrying capacities and the minimum number of males and females required to achieve those thresholds will also vary. In some environmental conditions, more males may be required than females to meet those minimum thresholds. A harsh geoclimatic environment for example may have completely different requirements to a lush jungle with an abundant food supply.

Little thought is given as to how the relative value of the contribution of males and females to sustaining a community may shift, once a community is above the minimum numbers of males and females required to sustain itself and how the relative value of those contributions may vary as a result of population size, environmental conditions and carrying capacity. A population with uteri above the minimum number required to sustain itself, may actually suffer more from losing men than women in certain contexts (provided the number of women lost does not drop below the minimum threshold required to sustain the community).

Little consideration is given to this duality in sustaining a community by reproductive reductionists. I can go on further with a list of omissions reproductive reductionists make when they use this scenario of a decimated tribe, however it should be relatively obvious by now that things are not as simple as they make them out to be. The point that I am trying to make is that human communities are systems and like any system it has components that are interdependent. Reproduction itself is not just dependent on how many uteri you have. The value in producing offspring is only realised if those offspring survive and reproduce viable and fertile offspring themselves. A tribe can produce as many infants as it wants, but if they all die from starvation, predation or a harsh winter before reaching sexual maturity, the tribe is gone.

The male contribution to providing the food, water, resources, habitation and protection to sustain a community, whilst a number of women are temporarily disabled or limited from pregnancy and preoccupied with caring for young infants and children, has a value to the community. This is particularly the case in harsh, hazardous and resource scarce geoclimatic environments, with high levels of predation, brutal winters and summers, rugged terrain and a heavy reliance on physical labour to hunt food, find water, get resources, defend against predators and build shelter. Such environments require high levels of parental investment, which means someone must devote most of their time to directly caring for the young. They also require high levels of investment in survival and high degrees of physical exertion, risk taking, exposure to hazards and a heavy reliance on spatial ability, tool marking and hunting. Simply breeding in such environments is a recipe for death and evolutionary failure.

The ecology of human communities is extraordinarily complex and cannot simply just be reduced down to how many uteri you have. The somewhat amusing thing about this scenario that a tribe with the greatest number of uteri is automatically better off, is that you can put the comments of someone in the MGTOW or MRA community promoting this, right next to the comments of a female supremacist and you would not be able to tell the difference.  All radical feminists have to do is point to the same reductive arguments some MRA’s and MGTOWs are putting forward to justify the righteousness and inevitably of their own gynocentric double standards to marginalise men. How long do you think you will be going your own way, before female supremacists use your own reasoning to justify your own subjugation? Just something for certain individuals (but certainly not all) in the manosphere to think about.

Let me finish off part one of this article by pointing to the reality that pedestalising women and pandering to female narcissism reduces your fertility rate. Women are naturally hypergamous and marginalising men to elevate women reduces your fertility rate. This is something both Stardusk and Paul Elam and Peter Wright have both discussed in videos linked here7 and here8, for the “reproduction enthusiasts”. The reality is that even if we just focus on reproductive success alone, treating women as superior and giving them undeserved respect for simply having a uterus and marginalising men, undermines the reproductive success of a community.

The remaining failings of reproductive reductionists will be discussed in part 2 of this article.


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The gynocentric mob and female superiority

By Peter Ryan

shutterstock paid mob march group protest lynching

Gynocentric Herd Mentality

What gives gynocentrism its social power is the power of the mob. The female mob and the army of white knights and simps at the ready to enforce the dictates of the female mob, is what holds society hostage to gynocentrism. Feminists, gynocentric female voters and their loyal male foot soldiers and white knights in politics, the legislature and policy etcetera, make sure that their gynocentric agenda rolls out and is enforced in society.  Are all women and all men herd animals that subscribe to groupthink and defer to women in every context, regardless of the circumstances? No, absolutely not. Substantial numbers of both sexes do not belong in that category and those numbers are growing every day as the grotesque face of gynocentrism becomes unmistakable in the culture.

But despite this, the reality is that a substantial fraction of the male and female population do exhibit gynocentric herd mentality. Gynocentric herd mentality as the name suggests, is the tendency in women and in men to abandon individual thought, critical thinking and moral principles and passionately form a mob around gynocentric motives, conform to gynocentric groupthink and enforce gynocentrism in society. Reason is generally not involved in driving such behaviour, which is often highly irrational, immoral, primitive and tribal in nature and driven by emotion.

Gynocentric herd mentality is not a conspiracy, it is an observable phenomenon. The female ingroup bias1 of the population and the women are wonderful effect2 are features of it and have been the subject of research by social scientists. The power of the gynocentric mob was evident in the female voting patterns during the 2018 US mid-terms3, in the aftermath of the manufactured Kavanaugh controversy. We have also seen numerous high-profile examples of gynocentric herd mentality. Here are some of them: The women’s march over the last 3 years because someone with a vagina did not become US President, the rapid transformation of the metoo# movement into a man bashing crusade and witch-hunt, the manufactured scandal and backlash by the feminist mob over the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, slogans being promoted like the “future is female” and “believe the woman” and the infamous 2012 feminist protest at Dr. Warren Farrell’s lecture on the boy crisis at the University of Toronto (one of many such disruptive protests by the feminist mob that have occurred at universities across the West). Gynocentric herd mentality is even more pronounced within politics, the media, academia and corporations etcetera than the general population and it is little wonder then why society has become so lopsided.

The Social Power Of Women

Human beings are social animals and there is a strong tendency in both sexes to obtain and maintain the social approval of peers. In our prehistory, social approval was an important factor in determining the survival and reproductive prospects of individuals, their offspring and families. Social ostracism reduced these prospects. This pattern has continued throughout history and right up until the present day. Women have a large amount of social influence in prescribing the social value of individuals and female approval and disapproval plays a large role in determining what is and is not socially permitted within a community. Maintaining female approval and avoiding disapproval from women, has been a key factor in men escaping social ostracism and therefore maintaining their position in society and by extension their survival prospects and reproductive prospects. A man that attracts the wrath of the sisterhood and gets ostracised, experiences social death and social death in primitive times often meant physical death. If he is a powerful man, he may not experience social death, but instead a loss in social rank and reputation damage which is often severe and long term. In today’s world social ostracism instigated by women, can drive men to suicide. There are men that have been falsely accused of rape, condemned by the sisterhood in their communities and lost their livelihood and standing in the community and taken their own lives. This is female power- Social power.

Much has been said about the power that men hold in society, but relatively little has been said about the power that women hold in society. Whilst male power in society is primarily physical, economical and institutional in nature, the nature of female power in society is primarily social, emotional and sexual. David Shackleton at the Canadian Association For Equality, has discussed4 these differences in power between the sexes in detail. Men express power through action and women express power through persuasion. Modern society readily identifies pathological expressions of male power in society and has measures in place to hold it to account. However modern society has forgotten the pathological expression of female power in society- manipulation. Society has relatively little measures in place to hold female power accountable, or women in general accountable for anything. The lack of accountability for women and girls is that low, women can rape teenage boys in some jurisdictions and receive child support for it5.

Women are considered in our society to be close to infallible. They can do no wrong. They are pure and innocent creatures and when they behave in a way that contradicts that image, people go rushing to find excuses for their behaviour. The reverse is seen for men, when men do wrong we hold them to account. Even when men are being abused, we hold men accountable for their behaviour. Any factors that may explain and even justify men’s behaviour is dismissed. When women do wrong, we look for reasons to excuse their behaviour so we don’t have to hold them accountable. When men do no wrong, we look for reasons to find them guilty. We have hypoagency for women and hyperagency for men.

There is an important factor at play that helps explain this lopsided dynamic. The social power of women is based upon maintaining a positive image of women. The capacity to persuade and manipulate other people, requires that people respect, trust and value what women have to say. Once women lose the respect, trust and concern of society, they cease to have most of their power. Conversely the social power of women is maximised and elevated above accountability, by cultivating and maintaining a societal attitude that women are innocent, pure, infallible beings relative to men and that women are superior to men. This is the women are wonderful effect. Without cultivating the societal belief that women are superior to men and particularly morally superior, women cannot stir up the gynocentric mob to do their bidding with zero accountability.

Given this reality, feminists and gynocentric women in the media, are predictably quite sensitive to any portrayal of women that puts them in a negative light relative to men. They are quick to silence or omit any example of women behaving badly, because it threatens to destabilise the societal belief that women are superior. Masking and hiding the darker side of women behind a carefully crafted mask of feminine vulnerability, innocence and victimhood, is key to maintaining the façade that women are morally superior to men and therefore that we should defer to women in every instance. Men also prop up this façade to win the social approval of women. This façade is the foundation of modern gynocentric female social power.

In our gynocentric culture men compete with other men like trained seals, to simp and white knight and win the social approval of the “divine” female collective in order to climb the social ladder. One of the central strategies that men employ to do that in this dysfunctional culture, is to appeal to the sense in gynocentric women that women are superior. Men even write books about female superiority. Here are two examples of this linked here6 and here7. People may also want to read this reviewdebunking this nonsense. Not only do men help feed the societal belief in female superiority, they also excuse women from their bad behaviour so they can remain in the good graces of women and avoid female disapproval.

It would be very interesting to put such men in a hypothetical situation in which women voiced strong disappointment and disapproval toward their bigoted beliefs in female superiority and then shamed and ostracised these men for it. The cognitive dissonance maybe sufficient to break such men free of their gynocentric stupor and stop them from throwing other men under the bus to earn female approval. Essentially both men and women reinforce this belief in female superiority in the culture and the result is that questioning and criticising what women say and do becomes a social taboo. Women rise above social accountability and even legal accountablility, because sufficient numbers of men and women are stupid enough to believe in female superiority, including academics who should know better (There are plenty of idiots with doctorates, despite what people think.). This is doubly so for the men and women in politics, the media and in our learning institutions, which have become echo chambers where ideologues can promote their bigoted beliefs and worldview with little scrutiny. Due to the existing societal belief in female superiority, when gynocentric herd mentality rears its ugly head in society, there are no checks and balances to stand in its way.

Who Is Really In Charge Of Society?

Gynocentric herd mentality wields a considerable degree of power in our institutions and in politics. We have this misguided belief in society that if more men are in positions of authority, that somehow means men are in charge and will act in men’s interests at the expense of women. In reality it is the complete opposite. I have said before that modern society more closely resembles a matriarchy by proxy, than an oppressive patriarchy and that in modern society women are privileged. Women are the power behind the throne and men just have the appearance of being charge. Of course such claims taken literally are monolithic and the reality is somewhere between the two extremes. Whilst I would not argue that society is presently an absolute matriarchy, society is certainly heading in that direction before it eventually collapses socially and economically from rampant gynocentrism.

Men in politics are to at least some degree the puppets of female voters and feminist lobby groups and organisations. Politicians of course are aware of the power of the female vote. They dance to the tune of female voters and feminists and throw men under the bus with indifference quite often. Even Donald Trump bows to the gynocentric female mob to at least some degree. This was apparent in his recent state of the union address9, where he celebrated female employment statistics and yet was silent on the multitude of issues facing men and boys in family court, education, health and from biased workplace policies and affirmative action. Whenever he discussed an issue impacting men, like the increase in manufacturing jobs, he was careful to describe it in gender neutral terms. Whilst Donald Trump and his cabinet have done some positive things for men in the United States, it has been relatively piecemeal. Throwing bread crumbs at men, is hardly going to be sufficient to overturn the entrenched gynocentrism in our institutions, businesses, legislature, education systems and governments in any substantive and meaningful way.

Just as with politics, a similar pattern is present in corporations. The feminist mob infects the HR departments and corporate service branches of businesses and then applies pressure throughout the workplace to implement biased workplace policies and affirmative action. Where feminists cannot do this from within the organisation, they mud-sling businesses from the outside from positions they hold in the media, in politics and in law. Feminists gang up in groups and target businesses and individual executives and managers, to get their way from within businesses and from outside businesses. We saw the power of the gynocentric mob with what happened to James Damore10. Don’t conform to the mob, lose your job. The media and academia also face the same pressure from the gynocentric mob from inside and outside and there have been many examples of this.

Why don’t these men that have all of this authority say no to the gynocentric mob? Aside from the fact that chivalry is still prevalent to some degree in our culture, especially among older men in authority, these men realise that retaining the social approval of women, is critical to them maintaining their positions and getting things done. If men in positions of authority are out of step with the gynocentric mob, then they run the real risk of attracting female disapproval and losing their positions and reputation. The unassailable power of female social approval, rests in the divine value that society places on what women think and have to say and that in turn rests on an image that women are superior and the moral arbiters of what is right and just. By going along with this dynamic, men in authority reinforce the validity of the positions of the gynocentric mob. When men in authority or corporations apologise for things they should not apologise for to escape the wrath of the mob, they are validating the position of the mob and strengthening its social power to bring nonconformists into line.

It is the male aversion to female disapproval, chivalry and the male competition to win female approval, that ensures that any man in authority defers to female interests above all else and often at the expense of men and the future of society. The Myth Of Male Power11 was aptly named. Our concept of male power and male oppression of women is a myth12. A myth developed by feminists and gynocentric women to help mask female power in modern society and ensure any social manipulation by women as a group flies under the radar without scrutiny. This myth ensures that when feminist women gang up on men in positions of authority and attempt to sack them or reprimand them for daring to transgress the dictates of the feminist mob, that feminist influence is overlooked.

The Gynocentric Mob And Freedom Of Speech

We can see the power of the female collective on full display in the domain of freedom of speech. The control that women have as a group with respect to the Overton window is extreme. Offend a woman or a offend a feminist and you risk being banned on social media, attacked and doxed, losing your job and even being charged and imprisoned. In Argentina a radio host has been forced to have feminists on his show to prevent imprisonment, after he was accused of misogyny. Don’t believe it? Here is the story13. That is the power of the feminist mob when they gang up on someone. Of course if you write articles in mainstream media publications titled, “Why Can’t We Hate Men?”14, or write books about men being obsolete15 and unnecessary16, or create and spread hashtags like “killallmen” or “Ibatheinmaletears”, that is to be celebrated and promoted in the mainstream media, in social media and in academia. That is how lopsided society has become.

If you dare criticise women or feminists, you risk imprisonment in some jurisdictions. But if you are an academic or in the mainstream media, you can write books about men being obsolete and men being inferior with no consequence. In fact you will be lionised by your peers as being progressive and even be invited to conferences and interviews to talk about your book. You will also be allowed to run televised debates supporting your arguments and with the outcome skewed in your favour.

Just like the mainstream media, the alternative media will bow and scrape to female approval and steer clear of triggering the wrath of the gynocentric mob. Here is a recent example of this shown in a YouTube video17 from a rising YouTube star called Isaac Butterfield. Isaac who has been highly critical of feminism, distances himself from being called a men’s rights activist in the video and then proceeds to mud-sling the men’s movement and erroneously claim that aside from family court, men pretty much have the same rights as women. I left a comment on his video as follows:

“The holier than thou mentality of these YouTubers that suddenly found men’s issues and antifeminism because it is becoming increasingly popular and now think they know what they are talking about and then turn around and lecture the group of people that have been working on these issues for decades, is getting tiresome.  The fact it is a dirty word to say you are a men’s rights activist, just demonstrates why a men’s rights movement is needed. Someone can identify as a feminist in this society, despite all of the far more numerous and deeply rooted examples of bigotry from that ideology and it will be celebrated in our institutions, schools, universities, businesses, media, legislature and politics. But don’t you men dare call yourselves men’s rights activists!

Family court is just one example of a long list of issues impacting men you clearly know nothing about. Men do not have a right to genital integrity, they have virtually no reproductive rights to speak of relative to women, they can be conscripted and drafted into war, they face legally sanctioned discrimination in employment and education thanks to affirmative action and they face relatively little effective legal protection against abuse by women even when they are children. Those are just a few examples (and there are many more) where men have far less rights. Next time research the topic you are discussing.

The fact that we cannot have an honest discussion about the issues impacting men and the fact that videos like this get produced, just goes to show you the extent that men are marginalised in society. Men are that marginalised in the culture they will self-censor and belittle other men that dare to attempt to identify with men’s rights activism. The ad hominem’s are all too predictable. The “playing it safe” strategy of armchair criticism of the culture and staying within the Overton window of socially permitted discourse, is precisely what allowed misandric feminist ideology to gain traction in the first place. It is not heroic, it is not smart and it certainly does not make you morally superior to a movement you claim to not identify as.”

I generally like Isaac’s work, but the reality is that until we can have an honest discussion about men’s issues in society and stop descending into ad hominem’s and strawmanning groups that are trying to discuss and address them, we are going to go nowhere. It does not make someone edgy or trendy to go along like a sheep attacking a group of people that dare to identify with the rights of half of the population, just because it is socially acceptable to do so. If you have solid grounds that a movement in question runs contrary to what they claim to stand for and it is a systemic deviation observable with both prominent leaders in that movement and from the movement as a whole (like feminism), then fair enough. But don’t go making the equivalence fallacy that the men’s rights movement is just the same as feminism. They are not even close to being alike.

People can do their own direct research to see the difference between feminism and the men’s movement like Cassie Jaye did18, without the mud-slinging from people like Isaac Butterfield. The gynocentric herd mentality of society, the avoidance of having an honest discussion of the issues impacting men and the avoidance of the elephant in the room- gynocentrism, has to end for the sake of society. If we want to change the dysfunctional status quo of society and avoid disaster, then we must risk offending people when we tell the truth and that includes feminists and women.

Gynocentrism And The Avoidance Of Difficult Decisions

The stranglehold that the gynocentric mob has over the Overton window is considerable and it is dangerous. One of the major factors that drives the degradation of civilisation is an avoidance in making difficult decisions. When men with influence decide to place the social approval of women above reason, evidence, morality, law and their own principles and responsibilities, the systems that society relies on to function will eventually decline and then fail. We have a society in which men with authority place the approval of women above their own responsibilities and the long-term interests of society. There is a reluctance from these men to confront reality and make the decisions that need to be made to save society from its own fempocalypse19.

Bettina Arndt recently has produced a video20 calling out Jordan Peterson and other men with influence, in shying away from confronting the accountability gap between men and women. Peterson is big on responsibility, except when it comes to holding women responsible for their actions. The selective application of principles based on sex, is one indicator of gynocentrism. I certainly don’t think that Jordan is alone in that regard. There are plenty of men like Jordan with far more influence, that look the other way when it comes to the shadow side of women and put their heads in the sand and their fingers in their ears.

Women like all human beings are neither good or bad, but a combination of the two and men are no different. This is the reality of human nature. Yet in our gynocentric culture, we promote a polarised view of men and women. Women are angels and men are devils. Men are responsible and women above reproach. Men are to serve and women are to be served. Men are human doings and women are human beings. These are some of the gynocentric elements of the attitudes that this culture promotes about men and women.

It is not just influential men that have a reluctance in acknowledging the shadow side of women. Society in general is reluctant to confront this reality. For many people their worldview and their identity rests on an assumption that women are perfect and divine. There are women that cannot apologise for anything, no matter how wrong they are. There are men that cannot say no to a woman, no matter how unreasonable their demands might be. For many people it is painful to consider the possibility that women may not be so “wonderful” or “all things nice”. For many men it is only when they go through the suffering in family court, get violently assaulted by a woman, or face discrimination in the workplace or in education from feminist policy, that they take off the gynocentric rose tinted glasses and begin to question the cultural narrative they have been told about men and women.

Jordan Peterson is no different. I certainly do not wish this on Jordan or anyone for that matter, but I wonder whether Jordan and men like him would think differently if they lost their career and their freedom from a false allegation and experienced what men like Mark Pearson experienced21. Do we have to get to a point where influential men in their hundreds are thrown in jail based on a woman’s word alone and feminist mob justice reigns supreme, before these men will confront their own gynocentric bias? Or will society need to collapse and then descend into another dark age because society simply can’t cope with the female half of the population being held equally accountable for their actions? These are questions that we should be confronting, because if we don’t, then we can expect modern civilisation to collapse into a primitive tribal society resembling the third world. Of course that is if we are lucky enough to avoid a nuclear winter occurring from the process of social and economic implosion. An implosion that runaway gynocentrism and other factors will help eventually bring about, given enough time without any correction.

No modern and developed society can last when men and women have equal rights, but only one sex is accountable to the other. No such society can last when prioritising the well-being of one sex above the other without any corresponding reciprocity, is called equality. No such society can last when attempts to correct these imbalances are met with censorship, hostility and violence. No such society can last that refuses to acknowledge the shadow side of women. No such society can last where gynocentric herd mentality runs roughshod over the rule of law and freedom of speech. Such a society has a finite lifespan. The general reluctance in the population to accept these realities, will eventually lead to a crisis and then society will implode and then fracture into hundred’s of pieces. All of this is predictable and all of it is avoidable, if society is prepared to confront gynocentrism.

There are decisions that need to be made right now, to get society off the dangerous trajectory it is on. These decisions are not going to be popular and they are not going to be easy. This “playing it safe strategy” and “tread carefully” approach, is not going to save anyone in the long run. Let us take a simple example of what I am talking about. It is a fact that women in general are hypergamous and that women prefer men that earn more money than they do. It is a reality that women choose to work less than men and choose to work in lower paying professions to pursue their interests over earning money. It is also a reality that in many cases men are the only net taxpayers and that male economic activity remains the primary driving force of GDP and also of female consumer spending. Despite these realities, feminists have pushed for an education system and hiring policies in the workplace, that prioritise women and girls at the expense of men and boys.

The same women that ask for female hiring quotas, affirmative action and a feminised education system that prioritises women and girls learning needs over men and boys, fully expect men to have proper well paying stable employment and to earn more money than them, which these women intend to spend while they work less than their male partner. We can see throughout the West the impact all of these contradictions are having on the fertility rate, economic activity, government spending versus government debt, on the marriage and divorce rate and how it drives the increase in fatherless households, with all of the associated consequences of fatherlessness. We can see it in articles like, “Where have all the good men gone?”.

Clearly something will have to give for society to replace itself and to maintain social and economic stability and yet no one in politics will confront these realities. It is political suicide to confront reality for fear of offending women, thanks to gynocentric herd mentality. It is political suicide to dare to suggest we should reform the education system, remove affirmative action policies and reform divorce and family courts. Feminism sees to it that any politician that puts forward such reforms, will be framed as a misogynist in the mainstream media and many female voters will buy that narrative hook, line and sinker.

This is what happens when a society puts women’s feelings above reason and responsibility. Political decision making on important and critical reforms that are essential to keeping civilisation afloat, becomes paralysed. The end result of failing to take appropriate steps over a long enough period of time is societal collapse. Society has to choose between short term pain in the present and risking hurt feelings, or experiencing far greater suffering in the future. We can only kick the can down the road for so long. Part of the reluctance that society has in confronting gynocentrism, is the fear of making women angry. The female ingroup bias is instrumental in driving this fear. The looming wrath of the gynocentric mob and feminist cliques in the workplace, in politics, in academia, in social groups and in wider society, is a coercive force in our society that must never be mentioned, for to even speak of it is forbidden. But it is there. Every man and woman is acutely aware of what I am talking about.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

In our gynocentric society the looming threat of female anger and outrage is a powerful and guiding influence not just for men in positions of authority, but in relationships and in social settings within the community. Sayings like, “Happy wife, happy life” and “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, are examples of the prevailing expectation of men to not displease women and to tread carefully. The reason these sayings exist, is because women are not held accountable for their aggression and that goes especially toward men22.

This fact was explicitly illustrated recently to millions of people in my country on an Australian TV show called Married At First Sight. We had a woman berating, belittling and abusing23 a man on multiple occasions on a major national television network at dinner time in front of children. This is despite numerous government funded ads24 on television in Australia, showing men berating women in exactly the same way as on the show and it being called domestic violence. Only when the man called her a “cunt” after copping a week of abuse, was there a reaction25 and that reaction was focused on chastising the man for his comments.

Women are not held accountable for their aggression in relationships or in wider society. So when angry feminist mobs form, which often happens on university campuses when someone comes to talk that does not fit the feminist Overton window of approved ideas and speech, the aggressive behaviour of the mob is predictably out of control. How many violent and disruptive feminist protests have we seen on university campuses across the West over the last 5 years alone? Too many for me to recollect. Feminists and gynocentric women are fully aware there are little or no consequences for their aggression. That is why someone like Madonna can talk about blowing up the White House26 in front of thousands of people at the women’s march in 2017, without experiencing any serious or significant consequences for her comments and actions.

The fury of the gynocentric female mob and their white knight enforcers, is most evident when a man is accused of sexual assault by a woman. If a woman points a finger at a man, a substantial number of women will side with the woman, believe everything they say and condemn the man without a shred of evidence being required. If a woman points a finger at a man, a substantial number of men will side with the woman, believe everything they say and be at the ready to beat the shit out of the man without a shred of evidence being required. Ordinary people stampede like mindless wildebeest over men and even children, when they hear the call of gynocentrism. The metoo# movement has grown to the size it has because of gynocentric herd mentality.

Think about how much male violence has its roots in female manipulation. How many fights between men have involved a woman spreading lies about a man and getting other men to attack him for her protection and for her honour, over the centuries and in the present day? How many fights between men have started from women cheating on their partner? Think of the Lady Macbeth’s of history and the amount of men that have died from their manipulation. It would be interesting to find out the male death toll from female manipulation.

The Darker Side Of Women

Much is said about men misusing their physical power to abuse and control women, but little is said about women misusing their social power to abuse and control men. The documented female ingroup bias in our society is also barely acknowledged, if at all. Esther Vilar has written about female manipulation of men in her book, “The Manipulated Man”27. Karen Straughan has discussed the tyranny of female hypoagency28 and Alison Tieman has discussed the use of threat narratives and victimhood by women, to bully other women29 and men30. Such behaviour is not new, it has been around for centuries. But feminists have worked very hard to ensure that any discussion of female power and the pathological expressions of that power, are not discussed or addressed in the modern age. Feigning female vulnerability has been a core tactic of feminists and gynocentric women, to hide female power in plain sight and keep it cloaked. As Dr. Warren Farrell has stated, “Men’s greatest weakness is their facade of strength, and women’s greatest strength is their facade of weakness.”

Esther Vilar herself, was the subject of numerous attacks by feminists and it is little wonder given the fact that the core strategies of feminism have relied on a number of the very things she discussed in her book. Exposing female manipulation to public scrutiny, is like exposing a vampire to sunlight. Manipulation only works when it remains invisible to the manipulated and feminists do their best to keep female manipulation of men at the relational and societal level invisible and out of the field of public perception.

One of the reasons why feminism has been so effective, is because it’s influence can escape scrutiny. Feminism did not march an army down the streets, seize control of government buildings and violently overthrow the government. Feminism has successfully implemented a bloodless coup of multiple countries through the infiltration of our institutions, the subversion and social manipulation of them from within and by instigating internal and external pressure through stirring up mobs of angry women and white knights. It is through manipulation rather than physical force, that feminism has succeeded in taking over our societies.

Whilst I have addressed a number of the failing’s men have which have contributed to the gynocentric mob mentality in society, it is of course the case that a number of failings in women have contributed to it as well. In our prehistory our environment was harsh and unforgiving. Whilst men could potentially survive on their own as individuals to some degree without the tribe, this was much less the case for women. With considerably less physical strength and overall fitness, individual women especially with young offspring, would have had far less survival prospects going it alone than men. Being part of a tribe and forming female coalitions to care for each other and nurture young, has considerable advantages for women and has been a part of prehistoric, historical and modern societies. It is not really surprising then, that women have a tendency to form an ingroup bias given this reality.

However that does not mean that women are incapable of thinking as individuals or disagreeing with group consensus. It is certainly possible and indeed what is required to dissolve the gynocentric mob. Individuality in women requires women to think for themselves and regard themselves as agents in society with the capacity to influence the world around them and value themselves as individuals ahead of valuing themselves as females. The feminist control of the mainstream media and academia, has been a key factor in ensuring sufficient numbers of women are indoctrinated with the feminist worldview and succumb to gynocentric herd mentality. Janice Fiamengo has talked about this and how universities have been turned into “institutions of higher indoctrination”31.

Feminism has done everything it can to make sure women perceive themselves as helpless, disempowered and victimised and to make women feel as fearful, angry, bitter and resentful as possible toward men. Alison Tieman has discussed how feminism uses threat narratives32 to develop and cultivate this mentality in women and in the population in general. All of this encourages women to seek refuge in numbers for safety, provision and well-being and to put female group identity above individuality.

Rising Above The Gynocentric Mob

Supporting women that encourage other women to see themselves as empowered individuals ahead of being female (A shout out to the Honey Badgers!), supporting women that fight against the feminist threat narratives of male oppression, rape culture and rampant male violence etc and supporting women that promote a message that men are women’s partners and not the enemy, is how we break the back of gynocentric tribalism. Once women awaken to what feminism has done to them and join men as partners, it is game over for feminism. I am looking forward to the day when women eat feminists alive for what they have done. It is coming. Hell hath no fury indeed! Women have been used as pawns to further an agenda for power hungry women and when the penny drops for women, the shitstorm that will envelope feminists will be of epic proportions.

Encouraging men and boys to stand up for their principles and to act authentically and speak honestly over female social approval and disapproval and not to self-censor, will also be equally important. Abandoning the tradition of chivalry and teaching men to stand their ground with women and hold women accountable for how they treat them, will be essential. Men going their own way33 is all about that. Men that value themselves and are prepared to draw a line in the sand and stand up for themselves and for other men when confronted with gynocentrism, is precisely what this society so desperately needs right now.

Having an honest conversation with boys about how to identify female abuse, which is often more psychological and social in nature and teaching boys how to protect themselves from it in childhood and adulthood, will also be important, given that our society pretends female abuse and bad women do not exist. Telling boys the honest truth that not all women and girls are sugar and spice and that like all human beings there are good and bad women, is the way forward.

Removing the feminist influence in our institutions, particularly in the universities and introducing new measures and strengthening existing measures in our political system, media, academia and legislature to safeguard against gynocentric herd mentality, will be essential as well. Freedom of speech and the rule of law is under siege by the gynocentric mob. Freedom of speech, due process, the presumption of innocence and legal impartiality, are under threat and they need to be strengthened now more than ever. The more territory society loses with respect to freedom of speech and the rule of law, the closer society gets to a totalitarian state, revolt and then eventual collapse.

The most important change that will have to occur though, is our attitude toward women and girls. Women and girls are not higher divine beings that are infallible. They are human beings and like all human beings they have a dark side and are capable of and commit all of the same vices men do. There are some immoral acts men commit more frequently, but there are also immoral acts that women commit more frequently. We often fail as a society to recognise female abuse, ostracism, rumour mongering and manipulation, because they are psychological and social in nature and not physical. Female bullying and psychological abuse, can often go on for years without being noticed and can drive men and women to suicide. With have seen with a number of high-profile rape cases and the number of young men suing their colleges from false allegations, that women can and do lie about sexual assault. Even in the physical realm, women are far more violent than society believes they are. The research on domestic violence bears that out. See this link34 for more information.

Society needs to abandon this attitude women are a superior class of human being. To suggest that women are capable of the greatest evils and horrendous violence is not hyperbole. Female Hanz Fritzl’s do exist and they abuse girls as well as boys, such as this example35. There were sadistic female SS guards that did horrible and cruel things to prisoners and got sexually aroused by it, such as this example36. Quite a sick bitch that example. There are many more examples of extreme cruelty and depravity by women I can cite, but you might need a bucket to throw up in. Like with domestic violence, the expression of evil in women is more common than people think it is and that includes female pedophilia37.

Acknowledging these realities does not mean women are inferior to men or more evil than men. That is just as wrong as suggesting women are superior and more virtuous. We are talking about the dark side of human nature, not female nature or male nature. We are kidding ourselves as a society, if we think that we can ignore the darker side of human nature when it expresses itself in women. This blind spot does not just impact men and boys, it impacts women and girls as well, who often get physically and sexually abused by such women.

Feminists and the gynocentric men and women in our society, would rather let women continue to murder, assault, rape and sexually torture and abuse children and adults, by shielding women from social and legal accountability, than acknowledge that women are capable of being just as evil as men. They would rather wilfully ignore the fact women can commit acts of evil as heinous and abhorrent as any man and do so far more frequently than society believes is the case.

No one wins from ignoring evil in women. In the end civilisation is based on checks and balances. If the female half of society are not held accountable, then the worst parts of human nature will increasingly express themselves in women and provide fertile ground for evil to flourish in women. Expect the worst in women to be expressed with increasing frequency and severity in the coming years, thanks to feminism and gynocentrism. In the words of Lord Acton, “Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. If society continues to turn a blind eye to the darker side of women and persists in maintaining a belief that women are divine infallible beings, then it will pay the ultimate price- its own destruction. The imbalance will ensure nothing less. All society has to do to prevent that, is abandon the childish belief women are angels and recognise women as human beings, with all the flaws of human beings.

I am almost certain somebody that reads this will say, “but not all women”…..That is right, not all women are devils. Not all men are devils either. But just as not all men are angels, not all women are angels. Let me reframe the “not all women” line. Not all women should be respected, just as not all men should be respected, not all women should be trusted, just as not all men should be trusted, not all women are saints and not all men are serial rapists and murderers just waiting outside a woman’s apartment to assault them.

Both sexes are capable of terrible evil and amazing good. The belief in female superiority is the core factor behind the gynocentric herd mentality in society. If enough people were prepared to question and criticise women when they behaved improperly and not just blindly believe and respect all women simply because they are women, then half the gynocentric bullshit that is slowly destroying society from within would cease. The belief in female superiority and the associated attitudes about men and women have got to go, if society is to have a future.

We can either descend into a new dark age and let the gynocentric mob take over, or we can fight for the foundations of civilised society and travel to the stars above us. All that is required is for people to think for themselves instead of subscribing to groupthink, act as authentic individuals,  abandon the belief in female superiority, put their own principles and reasoning above social approval and particularly female approval and above all, stand their ground against gynocentrism.




Gynocentrism and the sin of being male


By Peter Ryan

The shaming of men and boys in our culture has been going on for a long, long time. So long in fact that there are now men and women in the population that never grew up in a time when masculinity was valued and men were viewed in a positive light. Being male in this culture is a sin. Being a white male doubly so. In my previous article, “Gynocentrism and Misandry”1, I elaborated further on how gynocentrism is associated with a belief in female superiority and that this belief system is based on the attitudes that society cultivates around masculinity and femininity.

Men and boys are devils and women and girls are angels. Men are violent, predatory, primitive and destructive. Women are peaceful, empathetic, civilised and life giving. These attitudes we have about men and women and the associations we make with masculinity and femininity, distort our perception of reality and our behaviour toward the sexes. At the macro level this impacts our culture, how we raise the next generation, how we run society and shape policy and laws and it also importantly impacts the future direction of society.

Our society sees the worst in men and the best in women and rarely the reverse. Only in circumstances where men are conforming to gynocentric norms of prioritising female well-being over male well-being, are they given a reprieve. But even that is temporary and is often labelled benevolent sexism2when it is convenient for feminist women to do so, to advance their agenda. Of course if men then attempt to treat women as true equals and abandon chivalry, then they often become the target of aggrieved entitled women3. Men can’t win, which is the entire point of the feminist agenda and why men need to recognise feminism for the hate movement4 that it is. This movement wishes to subjugate you and marginalise you because you are male. Kowtowing to feminists will just accelerate the process, it will not save you.

The gynocentric attitudes we hold about men and women in society, reinforce bigoted gynocentric double standards in our culture on a regular basis. These attitudes become not just a justification but also an incentive, for enshrining gynocentrism in our laws, policies, institutions and social norms. Challenging gynocentrism in our culture, can sometimes lead to people revealing their own bigoted attitudes about men and women. You may have heard the cry, “Because I am a woman” for example, if you have ever questioned these double standards.

These gynocentric attitudes about men and women go back centuries. We can see them reflected in old nursery rhymes from centuries ago that tell us, “boys are made of snips, snails and puppy dog tails and girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice”5. The demonisation of masculinity and the deification of femininity in the culture, has been an ongoing and gradual process spanning centuries. Dr. Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young have examined the deification of women and the demonisation of men over history and in the modern era, in their book Sanctifying Misandry: Goddess Ideology and the Fall of Man6. Like a snowball going down a hill, this process has been gathering increasing momentum over time over the centuries and particularly the last five decades under feminism.

According to feminist ideology to be born male is to sin. In the eyes of feminists, men are collectively to blame for the actions of all men. Not just men that live in the present, but all men that have lived thoroughout history. We as men are guilty for the actions of men that lived hundreds and sometimes thousands of years ago. This is feminist tribalism and the perspective of the female mob and self-loathing men behind their hateful ideology. Men are also to my knowledge the only group that can be collectively blamed for the actions of one individual in Western society (here is just one example 7of this). In any other case society regards it as bigotry. That speaks volumes about the contempt society has for men.

Feminism have rewritten history and framed men as the oppressors of women. The feminist capture of the humanities departments at the universities has been instrumental in their campaign to vilify men and propagate this false and hateful narrative. The narrative feminists have spun is a powerful one. History is not something we can easily examine as we cannot directly observe it. The general public has to rely heavily on academics to learn about their history and when feminists control the humanities departments of universities, the truth is especially difficult to uncover.

The narrative of women being victimised at the hands of men, also plays on our base emotional drives and impulses to protect what we perceive as the more vulnerable sex (thanks in part to female neoteny and the parental brain). It becomes very easy for feminists to use this narrative to play on people’s emotions and bypass critical examination of their agenda by society. The feminist account of history is difficult to challenge unless you have a thorough knowledge of the primary sources of the historical record, since so much history syllabus has been corrupted by feminist ideology. Even with all the facts at their disposal, people still need to contend with appealing to reason when the feminist narrative puts people in an emotional frame of mind.

History informs so much of what we do in everyday society. Our political and legal systems and culture rely to a significant degree on history to inform decision making. We look at what worked and what did not and use that as a guide to shape policy and law. We debate issues and ideas based on our account of our own history. Cultural tradition is rooted in our understanding of our own shared history. Indeed an effective way to socially engineer society, is to corrupt it’s understanding of it’s own history. Feminism has virtual control of academic scholarship in the humanities and has been actively corrupting our understanding of history for decades, with little to no substantive resistance. We are told that men have oppressed women for thousands of years. Past society is described as a violent, tyrannical patriarchy where men were privileged and women were oppressed and treated as chattel. That is the feminist account of history, which they have subtly and gradually been embedding into scholarship within academia over the decades.

This does have profound implications for society, because like I said, our account of our own history influences how we run civilisation. History also shapes our attitudes about ourselves and about others. We can see this influence play out in diplomatic relations between countries, in the perpetual conflict in the Middle East and between governments, indigenous people and the general population. History does not just influence our decision making, it shapes our attitudes towards groups of people and also about ourselves. Even today Germany is still trying to overcome the legacy of the Nazi party and the death camps. So when feminism invaded the humanities and began rewriting history decades ago, it was quite predictable that this would eventually have profound implications on our attitudes toward men and women and it has.

We now have an education system in which boys and girls are taught as early as primary school, the feminist narrative of male patriarchal oppression and male violence. Here are two accounts of what boys have exposed to, linked here8and here9. Please read and listen to what they are telling us is going on and how it has impacted them and the boys that were around them. This process of indoctrination continues from primary school, through to high school and postgraduate study, all the way up to academic scholarship itself. The mainstream media, politics, our legal system and government policy, are also informed on this worldview of “thousands of years” of patriarchal tyranny. Feminists are not content with just telling people what to do, they want to burrow inside your brain like a parasite and they want access to young children to brainwash.

The feminist strategy of subverting our education system and embedding their ideology into scholarship and the syllabus, is essentially a systematic form of brainwashing of the general population. Feminism wants to shape people’s perception, because once they have control of the perception of society, they can then implement their agenda with the support of the population. If feminists can train society to perceive men as the violent oppressors of women for thousands of years, then it gives feminism the support to push forward an agenda in government, business and elsewhere, that prioritises female well-being above male well-being, with no reciprocity or regard for fairness. The feminist narrative of thousands of years of tyrannical patriarchy and male privilege and oppression of women, is the foundational justification and incentive used to pass laws, policy and initiatives. that treat women and girls as a higher class of human being and men as an underclass.

This is precisely the same pattern you see with any ideology that advocates bigotry. Bigotry requires a belief in ones own moral superiority over the group they perceive has wronged them. This sense of moral superiority and self-righteousness, requires bigots to find a justification and support for their own attitudes about the group they hate and why their actions are righteous. Millions of people have been exterminated based on this way of thinking. As Karen Straughan described in two videos (linked here10 and here11, some of her finest work in my opinion) debunking the feminist worldview and narrative of an oppressive patriarchy, you kind of have to hate men to twist facts and omit so much of history to paint men as the oppressors of women.

When we examine the gynocentric attitudes about men and women in society today, we are seeing the product of not just centuries of gynocentrism, but also the feminist revision of history. I discussed in “Gynocentrism and Misandry”, that the misandry we are witnessing in this society has gotten to this level because of the indifference of the general population. This is certainly correct, as the indifference of the population to male well-being ensures there is no resistance to feminist bigotry and misandry. However the driving force behind the escalation of misandry in our culture over the last fifty years, has been the feminist revision of history and the feminist cultivation of hatred toward men in the general population. Feminism has been creating a fire in the hearts and minds of the population, that men need to get what they deserve. The feminist version of equality, seeks retribution for supposed wrongs based on the skewed feminist account of history.

In the minds of feminists, men must pay for thousands of years of what they frame as male oppression. They use this rationalisation to stir hatred and bitterness in the population toward men and garner support from the public in pushing forward an agenda of female supremacy in the name of justice. It is not uncommon for instance to see simpletons in the general population argue the feminist initiatives to implement female hiring quotas are fair, because men have been in charge for hundreds of years and have supposedly “ruined” everything. Feminists never heard of two wrongs not making something right. It is an eye for an eye for feminists. Of course it is not really an eye for eye, because the feminist fiction that history is thousands of years of male oppression is a disgusting lie.

The slogan “the future is female”12, is often justified by some people on the basis that men have had their turn and now it is time for women to be “privileged” and have their time in the sun. The reliance on the historical narrative of male privilege and male oppression of women, is key to this simplistic childlike thinking. With it feminists can not just gain acceptance from the population in advocating for biased policies, programs, initiatives and laws that place women and girls above men and boys, they can actually engender support and encouragement from a sizable amount of gullible and stupid people within the population. Remember half the population has an IQ below 100. All you need to do to seize control of society, is to persuade the stupid, gullible, impressionable and ignorant to form a mob, accept your narrative and silence any dissent. Every totalitarian ideology based on hate, victimhood and tribalism, has employed this strategy and feminism is no exception.

These far left feminist mobs we now see every second week or so on TV did not come from thin air. The hatred of men and particularly white men, has been cultivated through a feminist revision of history that has been spread by feminist control of academia, the education system and the mainstream media. When you teach successive generations through schools and then universities, that men are the historical oppressors and women have been the oppressed, it impacts their attitudes toward men and women. Women walk around with a chip on their shoulder and men walk around with their shoulders slumped. It fosters resentment, anger and bitterness toward men and it fosters self-loathing and shame in men. As discussed, the feminist control of academia ensures that it becomes virtually impossible for any member of the general public that questions this narrative or even an academic, to get an accurate and unbiased account of their own history.

As time goes on and more and more generations have been indoctrinated with the feminist account of history and our society has gradually lost it’s memory of what it once was, soon all that will be recorded is the feminist account of history. There is no discussion by feminists on the millions of men that died in war to protect their female partners and family, or the millions of men that worked themselves to an early grave in the mines, in the bellies of ships and farmed the land from sunrise to sunset with their bare hands and backs etc so their families and women could eat. There is no consideration given to the reality that the majority of men were just as poor as the majority of women over history. There is no acknowledgement by feminists of the fact that many men did not own any land at all or any substantive amount of land and did not have the right to vote for the vast majority of human history. Many men worked at the mercy of the male and female aristocracy, with little influence over their own lives.

There is no accounting by feminists of the fact that it was only some men and women in society that had any substantive wealth, land or power. There is omission by feminists of the powerful and wealthy female upper classes, who enjoyed a life of relative privilege and had a quality of life far beyond the vast majority of men in the population and were free of any labour or drudgery. Feminists are silent on the reality that feminism itself mainly originated from privileged upper class white women. There is no thought given by feminists of the numerous social and legal responsibilities men had toward women, or the privileges and exemptions from certain societal obligations that women were exclusively given. Women were not conscripted in the millions and sent off to be cannon fodder, to cite just one example.

The feminist account of history is one of omission and distortion. The feminist subversion of history and the humanities, has been the feminist equivalent of book burning and has been going on unchallenged for decades. This had led to a cultivation of hatred toward men in modern society. It cannot be understated the impact that has on fueling gynocentrism. When feminists cultivate hatred toward men and they portray women as victims of male oppression throughout history and cultivate sympathy toward women, they provide a justification and an incentive for gynocentrism to flourish. The recent focus on toxic masculinity and feminist ideology in the Gillette Ad13 and the APA guidelines on men and boys14, comes from this very narrative of historical patriarchal oppression. We have seen an explosion in gynocentrism over the last fifty years, as a direct result of this widespread and unchallenged lie that men historically oppressed women.

As Dr. Warren Farrell has pointed out, the primary focus of civilisation up until very recently was one of survival. Men have not been the oppressors. The harsh and unforgiving environment has been the oppressive force on society. The environmental pressures faced by society, required both sexes to make sacrifices and for men that often meant their lives. Ironically it was these very sacrifices that allowed society to advance to a point where there was enough prosperity for feminism to rewrite the very history that enabled it to come into existence!

Men sacrificed and have died in the millions so feminists could write about how violent and oppressive they were. It is the ultimate insult and a disgrace to shame men for the sacrifices they have made for women and society throughout history. Men have not been more privileged, they have been held more responsible. They were given authority to sacrifice for others and men did. Dr. Warren Farrell has written in the Myth Of Male Power15, about the underlying reality that any civilisation that has survived has done so by training it’s men to be disposable for society and to sacrifice themselves for others and particularly for women and children. The Titanic is just one example of how old this tradition of male sacrifice is. How oppressive of men to save the lives of women and children at the expense of their own!

Whether it was protecting their society and women and children from a hostile invading force, or working themselves to death or injuring themselves doing hazardous and physically arduous labour, the history of men was one of sacrifice. I would invite people who think otherwise to watch this video by Tom Golden, that shows just one example16 of this sacrifice. I would invite everyone to watch that video and listen to just how fucking hard men had to sacrifice for society, before they start talking about men historically being the “privileged” sex. If it were up to me, I would invite feminists to work and re-enact what men did on that canal that Tom discussed for just one day. We could quash that fucking narrative of male patriarchal oppression of women and male privilege in one day!

As Tom Golden has discussed17, this cultivation of hatred toward men is based upon the same mechanism behind the cultivation of hatred toward black people in the early 20th century. If we are serious about addressing the pervasive misandry on display in our culture, then in addition to addressing the indifference we have toward male well-being and our bigoted attitudes about men and women, we will also need to reclaim our history back from feminists. Clearly if the nature of men was to oppress women, feminism would never have come into existence at all and it certainly would not have achieved the level of power it enjoys today.

Even in the modern era feminists will argue that men are privileged and oppressing women. They will point to the tiny fraction of men that are CEO’s relative to female CEO’s and then infer this represents the population as a whole and is caused by patriarchal oppression of women and no other factor. Feminists completely ignore the majority of the homeless which are male, the male unemployed and the men working in hazardous and low paying professions. They will discuss the gender pay gap repeatedly and then ignore the numerous variables that explain it (like more women choosing to work part-time, more men working night shift and in remote locations, or more women choosing to work in childcare over engineering) and rush right to the conclusion that the gender pay gap is all due to discrimination against women.

Stefan Molyneux has done a brilliant job examining the feminist claim that men today are privileged in this video18. This claim of male privilege in present day society, has always rested on the feminist narrative of history to garner validity and robustness. Present day accounts of male privilege require feminists to employ sophistry to make it appear that male privilege and patriarchal oppression have always been with us. That they are as real, solid and enduring as the air we breathe. It is much more difficult for feminists to persuade the public their bullshit ideological concepts are real, if they cannot demonstrate that they have existed for thousands of years.

It is time to call bullshit on the feminist revision of history. It is a one-sided and distorted account of history, that polarises people and cultivates hatred toward men. To destroy a society, destroy it’s culture by corrupting it’s own record of it’s own history. That is a central component of the feminist strategy to transform society into a female supremacist matriarchy. Please comment on those points below and share your thoughts on what is wrong with the feminist narrative on history and give examples if you like. The more the merrier!



Gynocentrism and misandry

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By Peter Ryan

In my previous article “Perversions of gynocentrism”1, I discussed the void of respect for men and boys. We live in a culture that does not respect the male half of the human race. To call this truth out is to attract the ire of feminists and be labelled a whinger and a misogynist that is just angry his supposed “privilege” has been taken away. The contempt that our gynocentric society has for men and boys is a forbidden topic to discuss.

This hostile reaction to discussing men’s issues and their well-being and labelling any men that discusses them a whinger, is not just seen from feminists. It is also expressed from a substantial number of men and women in society. It is an ugly reality of human nature that people do not like to confront their own bigotry and when they are confronted, it generally elicits a hostile response. The reality is that the misandry that feminism vomits out into society, is just a symptom of a much more deeply rooted problem in our culture.

Men and boys cannot read a newspaper, watch television, go online, listen to the radio, go to work, or to college or school, or even socialise with their peers, without being regularly bombarded with hateful and bigoted messages that there is something inherently toxic about them or wrong with them because they happen to be male. There is a feminist campaign of psychological warfare directed at men and boys. Tom Golden has compared it2 to the communist brainwashing of political dissidents in China and made a compelling argument feminists are using the same techniques.

In my article “Diagnosing Gynocentrism”3, I discussed how gynocentrism is associated with a belief in female superiority. This belief holds that women and girls are naturally and inherently superior to men and boys based on being female. This belief emerges from two attitudes. There is an underlying attitude that masculinity is inherently flawed and that masculinity is toxic, violent, predatory, destructive and primitive. There is also a corresponding attitude that femininity is flawless, pure, peaceful, empathetic, life-giving and civilised. Gynocentric slogans like “women civilise men”4 and feminist terms like “toxic masculinity”5, are just two expressions of this same belief system. Female superiority is a belief system that leads to the dehumanisation of men and boys and the deification of women and girls.

Within one week of me publishing “Perversions of Gynocentrism”, the American Psychological Association released their guidelines on dealing with men and boys, which pathologises traditional masculinity. Ex-Navy Seal Jocko Willink, has written a brilliant article debunking this nonsense6 and I highly recommend people take time to read it. Numerous psychologists such as Dr. Gad Saad7Dr. Shawn Smith8 and Dr. David Ley9 in Psychology Today, have strongly criticised these guidelines and the demonisation of masculinity and the feminist ideological bias within them. A few days later, Gillette releases their new ad10 on how men need to reform themselves and evolve past their primitive, violent and predatory ways (because apparently all men in general are now represented by the actions of a handful of predatory, backwards and violent men). These examples of demonising men and masculinity are nothing new. This has been going on for decades.

Where I live, we have government funded man-bashing ads on TV on a regular basis11, holding men in general collectively responsible for domestic violence. If one woman is murdered by a man, the media are quick to collectively hold all men12 as sharing responsibility for their death. There is of course no discussion of female violence toward men. This is despite the abundance of research available13 that shows it is hardly a tiny fraction of domestic violence, but actually a substantial portion of it.

There is of course no collective blame directed at women in society for the actions of individual women that commit child abuse and physically attack their male partners. There should not be either, because all women and all men are not responsible for the actions of individual men and individual women. Of course this is understood when we look at female violence toward men and children, but not in the case of male violence toward women and children. That is just one gynocentric double standard that helps keep reinforcing the bigoted attitudes we have about men and women, which in turn drives the belief in female superiority.

Man bashing ads are like grains of sand on the beach. Books14and research papers15 have even been written on how pervasive the negative portrayal of men and masculinity is in this culture. The institutionalisation of misandry is also widespread in our society. Misandry is present in our political system, our universities, our family courts, our legal system, our schools, our universities, our corporations, our mainstream media and our government departments. It is in our policy, in our laws, in our news, in our entertainment, in school and university syllabus and academic scholarship and it is increasingly invading our personal spaces and social interactions.

None of this is new. What is new is the level of outrage the Gillette ad has generated. 2019 will mark the ten year anniversary of A Voice For Men. Ten years ago the Gillette ad would barely have created a ripple. There would have been some criticism, but hardly to the level we are presently seeing. This change in societal attitudes is a new phenomenon and an emerging trend. People have finally had enough. People are starting to notice the impact of what disrespecting the male half of the human race has in their own lives and they are recognising the true face of feminism. We have a long, long way to go, before we unlearn centuries of gynocentric programming. We are however starting to see society question the cultural narrative that something is inherently flawed about masculinity and also feminist ideology.

I did leave a comment on the Gillette ad. I responded as follows:

“Is this ad the best a man can get? Imagine if this ad generalised all black people or all women by the actions of a few individuals. Would such bigotry even get past production and be released? So why is it suddenly ok to generalise the male half of the human race by the actions of a few men? This is wrong. It is not “some” men doing the right thing, it is actually most men. Inspiring men to do better, requires respecting men to begin with. Seeing the worst in men and using shame and guilt to inspire them to do better, just creates the understandable level of hostility we see toward this ad. Men are not toxic, this message and messages like it are toxic. Inspiring men to do better, requires portraying a positive image of masculinity to your audience and not deriding them. Such simple logic.”

Predictably feminists attempted to gaslight me. That is their predictable (all so predictable) response when they get challenged on their own double standards. There is nothing wrong with what they are doing, it must be me and the million or so other people like me that expressed a problem with the ad. Not in one instance in the replies under my comment, did feminists answer my question about whether this ad would have even got past production if it had of portrayed black people or women in this way.

Gillette would have us believe “some” men but not most men, are doing the right thing by others. It is implied through omission that the majority of men need to reform themselves. The ad clearly exploits a perceptual bias called anchoring16, to set the perceptual frame in the viewers minds right from the beginning, that men in general are to be found guilty for the actions and behaviour of a handful of predatory and violent men. Then it proceeds to lecture men from a morally self-righteous position, on what men should be doing to redeem themselves. I will ask the question again, would feminists approve of this ad if an ad like this was made about women? I think we all know the answer to that and their silence to that simple question is deafening.

Feminists were predictably quite quick to obfuscate an examination of their own double standards and bigotry, by accusing people of having a problem with men acting like decent human beings, or even going as far as insinuating that I was somehow one of those toxic men portrayed in the ad. This is the predictable game feminist ideologues play- They set the bait to elicit anger from men, there is an angry reaction from men and then they frame themselves as victims of male aggression. It is all in your head, there is something wrong with you etcetera, etcetera. Gaslighting is a preferred tactic by feminists. But the central question that I asked still remains unanswered. Would these same feminist ideologues be perfectly fine with a comparable video being made about women? Indeed people have noted that double standard and have produced such videos17.

Men and women do not have a problem with the message of men acting like decent human beings. They do have a problem with an ad framing men in general as violent, primitive, predators and that only “some” men are doing the right thing. They do have a problem with an ad that takes such a pompous and morally self-righteous position to judge and shame it’s male customer base and then dare to lecture them on how they should behave. The ad like most feminist inspired ads, is dripping with condescension toward men18.

Paul Elam did an excellent response to the ad linked here19. I also left a comment on that video as follows:

“When I wrote about there been a void of respect for men, I was not saying that as a minor footnote. We live in a society that is so gynocentric it pathologises the very type of men and masculine traits it depends on to exist. They say fish rots from the head and it certainly does. This ad is nothing new, just more of the same. The misandry in ads has been going on for decades.

Feminist ideology is the religion of the corporate kleptocracy we live in. The steady progression of this toxic ideology through our public institutions and businesses, is the product of decades of general apathy from the public toward the well-being of men and boys. Society gave feminism the green light to demonise and dehumanise men and boys and marginalise them in the name of equality decades ago. Business executives and politicians go along with it because society mostly does not care and has shown zero concern for decades. Is anyone going to protest outside their HQ? Is anyone going to make a formal complaint or take legal action over this ad? Is this really going to lead to any serious and long-term boycott of their products? Is there going to be any real tangible consequences for this business and any well organised movement to pushback against this misandry?

There were many ads, articles, books and shows like this before and most people said nothing. Only now is the rotten stench of feminism starting to bother people.

You reap what you sow. This will continue to worsen until people confront and correct their own gynocentric programming. Exactly how bad the stench of feminism needs to get before that occurs, depends on how much people are willing to suffer for their own gynocentric stupidity. The moral laziness of society toward gynocentrism is really to blame, not a business that just reflects the fashionable bigotry of the day. Look in the mirror people.”

One year ago there was another video that attracted similar levels of controversy. Does anyone care to guess what it was? It was the Jordan Peterson interview with Kathy Newman on Channel 420. So you were saying? So you were saying? So you were saying? Remember? Strawman, gaslight, strawman, gaslight. Precisely the same feminist tactics of painting men as villains and portraying themselves as victims, was on full display a year ago from that interview and in its aftermath. Just like now, there were millions of people that heavily criticised that interview. The cycle of misandry repeats itself over and over again each year and it will continue to escalate.

So my question to people is what are you going to do now? This is not a new problem. I can pretty much guarantee with certainty that the bigotry and contempt that our feminist controlled society has towards men, is going to keep continuing and keep escalating. You can expect more ads like this. What we are presently facing is not something that just grew overnight. The demonisation and the marginalisation of men and masculinity, has been going on for decades. It was the apathy and the indifference of the general population to what feminists were doing then, that allowed the pervasive misandry in our society to be normalised by feminists and grow to the point we are observing today.

I want people to really think about how deeply entrenched the hatred of men would have to be in our society, for the American Psychological Association to come up with their feminist inspired guidelines toward treating men and boys. I went through multiple examples in “Perversions of Gynocentrism”, on describing the world we now live in and how they illustrate a void of respect we have for men and boys. It is not hyperbolic for me to say that if I replaced men with Jews in some of the hateful content coming from our feminist media, academics and politicians, it would not look at all out of place in Nazi Germany. Could you imagine the outrage if the Washington Post article, “Why Can’t We Hate Men?”21 was written about Jews? Antisemitism is reprehensible and so is misandry. The fact you can write such hateful drivel about men in a major mainstream media publication, goes to show you just how depraved our society has become.

To get to this level of feminist depravity and hatred towards men in society, the general population had to be apathetic and indifferent enough to the well-being of men to permit it. That is the disgusting truth that no one wants to acknowledge. Even a substantial number of antifeminists will stop short of examining the reasons why feminists have been so successful in implementing their agenda, with next to no resistance from the population. All of these mothers and fathers with sons did nothing for generations, while feminism gradually infected and then spread through our institutions, companies, politics, media, legal system and public and private organisations. Despite the massive outcry over this one ad that goes for less than 2 minutes, the concern and outrage from the public over a multitude of far more serious examples of systemic and institutional misandry in society, is relatively little.

Men and boys are far behind girls at every level of education from kindergarten to postgraduate education. They have been struggling academically for decades in a feminist controlled education system that prioritises women and girls learning needs and avoids and silences any attempt to address this imbalance. Young men have seen their rights to due process eliminated on college campuses and their lives ruined from false allegations, thanks to biased feminist university policies and kangaroo tribunals. Husbands and fathers face severe bias in the family court and divorce process and many of them lose everything- wife, kids, house and sometimes their lives. Countless fathers are killing themselves on a regular basis from being alienated from their children. Men are now facing a social climate thanks to metoo# and changes to the legal system, where a woman can virtually point the finger at a man and based on an unproven accusation from more than 20 years ago and with no trial, the man can have his life destroyed. The list goes on and on.

Many of these problems have been around for decades and they are systemic in nature and have impacted millions of men and boys. The silence from our society to these issues has been deafening, because mostly no one cares. Like I said, the Gillette ad that went for less than 2 minutes, got more attention in one week than any of those men’s issues I just mentioned have gotten from society in twenty years!  If these things were happening to women, we would be up in arms and there would be a revolution. The indifference to the suffering and marginalisation of men and boys, is a readily observable feature of society. This is the gender empathy gap22.

It is a stark and surreal claim to talk about men being privileged in a society that bends over backwards on every occasion to cater to feminist demands to prioritise female well-being (even to the point of spending money on stopping “manspreading” on public transport), while at the same time shaming and ostracising men and boys and showing such indifference to their suffering. So whilst I am glad to see the reaction to the Gillette ad, that reaction is just a blip on the radar screen. In contrast the reaction from society in general toward the systemic misandry within it, has been one of silence, indifference and in some cases encouragement. If people want to see real change, then that will have to change.

Feminism has been able to spread through the public and private sectors of our society with ease, because our leaders have correctly perceived that they will receive greater consequences from feminists for not going ahead with the feminist agenda, than from the general public if they do. Politicians will gladly parrot feminist talking points on domestic violence for example, because they know the attacks they will get from feminists in the media and elsewhere if they do not, will be orders of magnitude more detrimental to their political careers, than the consequences they will receive from the general public by doing so. I noticed Stardusk has raised this very same point in relation to his response to the Gillette ad23 and also emphasised the importance of saying “no” to these feminist ideologues. It is the same situation in any big organisation that feminists infest.

Our society has been slowly rotting away from the inside year after year and decade after decade, from the slow and gradual feminist subversion of our institutions, academia, media, legal system, political system and corporations etc. The feminist capture of the universities has been essential to feminisms spread throughout society, ensuring that our future politicians, policy and law makers, business professionals, mental health professionals and educators, are thoroughly indoctrinated in feminist ideology and go on to work at senior levels where they can spread feminist ideology within the private and public organisations they work for.

In many ways modern society today resembles a termite infested house. The feminist infestation has gone by unimpeded for decades and now suddenly the damage is starting to appear on the surface. What people need to realise is the Gillette ad is just the tip of the iceberg of this problem. We now have a situation where the public and private sectors of our society, blatantly express the female supremacist values of feminist ideology and the general population is disgusted by what it sees. But what the general population is disgusted by, is really just a reflection of its own gynocentric double standards. All that was required for this to occur, was for people to remain indifferent to male-being for long enough to let feminism implement their agenda and entrench themselves in our institutions and corporations etc.

In “Perversions Of Gynocentrism” and “The Normalisation Of Gynocentrism”24, I explained at a social and cultural level how the spread of feminism and gynocentrism has been achieved. Gynocentrism is at the heart of the pervasive misandry we are observing today and feminism is merely a political manifestation of gynocentrism.  We are not going to overcome feminism by simply limiting our focus to criticising feminist ideology. We have to ask serious questions about why society has been so easily overtaken by feminism. We have to confront our own apathy toward male well-being. We have to confront our pedestalisation and deification of women and girls. We have to confront our own gynocentric programming and how that programming taps into basic sexual and emotional drives and short-circuits them. If we are not prepared to confront our own gynocentrism, then feminism will continue to degrade our society until it inevitably collapses from a fempocalypse25.

Only if society cares enough about male well-being to react in a manner that leads to serious consequences for our politicians, businesses and academics etc to lead them to change their ways and resist feminism, will we see any change. Until then it will remain business as usual and feminism will keep on escalating the misandry in our society. Feminism has had several decades to infest every branch of society and has a great deal of political and financial momentum behind it. Feminism will not be defeated by a single protest or a single boycott or a single march or a single legal battle. It is going to take a sustained effort on multiple fronts to remove the decades of feminist rot in our society. It is going to take a society prepared to rise above its own gynocentrism and its one-sided concern for only female well-being, to generate a strong enough response to defeat feminism. Half measures will not be enough. If people truly have had enough of misandry like the Gillette ad, then we have to go the whole way and question our own double standards that prioritise female well-being and ignore male-being.

The gynocentric seeds of our own destruction bore the fruit of feminism. Feminism is just an extension and a reflection of our own bigotry. We have an underlying belief in female superiority embedded in our culture which we do not want to look at, because we do not like the reflection that stares back at us. We have bigoted attitudes toward men and toward women engrained in our culture. The women are wonderful effect26 and the female in-group bias27, are real measurable phenomena in our society and are the subject of scientific enquiry. We need to unlearn those attitudes. Men are not collectively responsible for the actions of mass murderers and serial rapists. Women and girls are not all sugar and spice and men and boys are not all primitive violent Neanderthals. The notion of women and children first and the complete disregard for male well-being, is indefensible in a modern developed society where women enjoy the same rights as men.

The underlying belief in female superiority that has gradually been embedded in our gynocentric culture and the attitudes it is based upon, need to be confronted and eradicated. Masculinity is not toxic, these gynocentric elements of our culture are toxic.



Perversions of gynocentrism


Man kissing a woman's hand at a romantic dinner

Article by Peter Ryan


Chivalry And Feminism Go Hand In Hand

Gynocentrism perverts everything it comes into contact with and the first casualty is the standard of behaviour between men and women. Sydney Watson recently did a great video1 on men helping women and the ridiculous feminist concept of benevolent sexism. In this article I will be discussing her video and exploring the connection between chivalry and the success of feminism. I will also be discussing benevolent sexism further and what is missing for men in our gynocentric society, as part of my series on exploring the nature of gynocentrism. Chivalry has been around in Western culture for far longer than feminism and is one of the major contributing factors to the rise of feminism in society and its successful and rapid spread through our institutions, corporations, politics, academia, media, law and policy etc.

The chivalrous deference that men in power have shown toward women and their eagerness to prioritise female well-being, often at the expense of everything else, has been absolutely critical to the rise, spread and success of feminism in Western culture. The willingness of men and boys as a group to not just tolerate, but actively support feminist measures that prioritise female well-being over their own well-being, without any reciprocity, is a product of the gynocentric tradition of chivalry that has been ingrained in our culture for centuries and passed down from generation to generation. Without men in power and men as a group deferring to the demands of feminists and women as a group and feminists deliberately exploiting the gynocentric tradition of chivalry, feminism would have never been able to gain traction.

Chivalry2 is what gynocentric traditionalists (not all traditionalists are gynocentric) do not want men and boys to unlearn. What they fail to understand, or perhaps do not want to understand, is that it is chivalry that allowed feminism to emerge, grow and quickly spread throughout society like a virus and gain a stranglehold in our institutions etc. Feminism was a power grab by a substantial fraction of the female population, to enshrine gynocentric double standards into law, policy, media, academia, businesses and our institutions and normalise those double standards in the culture.

Chivalry was what gave feminism the opportunity to successfully execute a bloodless coup of our societies. Chivalry was the accelerant that facilitated the rapid spread of the feminist firestorm through every branch of society, without any resistance from the men supposedly in power. We could eliminate feminism tomorrow, but as long as chivalry remains in our culture, it will simply re-emerge a few decades later under a different name. I would actually go further and argue that as long as chivalry remains in our culture, feminism will never be defeated.

As long as men defer to women and men in power and in men general are prepared to prioritise female well-being over male well-being, without any reciprocity for men and boys, feminism will keep succeeding on every front with their agenda until society collapses. Calls by gynocentric traditionalists for men to be more chivalrous, are nothing less than calls for more gasoline to be thrown into a burning building. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, is called insanity. It is gynocentric insanity to be promoting chivalry in the modern feminist society we live in.

Feminists are of course all too happy to keep exploiting chivalry to their advantage and like gynocentric traditionalists, they also encourage and promote chivalry when it suits them. HeForShe and White Ribbon for example, are nothing less than an attempt by feminists to blatantly exploit chivalry for their own benefit. We could go through example, after example, after example, of this same strategy being employed by feminists- Set a victim narrative or damsel in distress narrative where women and girls are in need of male assistance, instill guilt and shame in men and then engender a sense of duty in men to save the day, be the white knight and redeem themselves (of course even when men do what feminists say, they are never forgiven for their sin of being male), then ostracise any man or woman that questions your narrative and label them a misogynist. Wash, rinse, repeat. It is the same feminist strategy every time and on every occasion our male politicians fall for it and so does most of the rest of society. Exploiting chivalry from men and boys, has always been a core element of feminism’s success. It is the fuel that keeps the feminist fire burning.

The prime distinction between gynocentric traditionalists and feminists, is they exploit chivalry to fit an agenda that is different. Both exploit chivalry, just for different ends. Both are different sides of the same gynocentric coin and are in conflict over the male resources they want to exploit. It is a gynocentric tug of war between two gynocentric factions of society that want to exploit men for different goals. Neither group has an ounce of concern for male well-being, except to the extent it serves female interests.

So why is it exactly that feminism has been able to rely so heavily on chivalry to gain traction in society? Chivalry in its modern form is one-sided. There is no reciprocal set of responsibilities and duties expected from women and girls, in relation to how they treat men and boys. It is all one-way traffic, which makes chivalry the perfect fuel to drive a one-sided and bigoted agenda of female supremacy under the banner of feminism. Whilst chivalry has diminished somewhat in the culture over the last several decades, it still remains socially enforced to a substantial degree in modern society. Indeed a number of women in the media3 have been doing their very best to promote chivalry.

This is about women wanting to have their cake and eat it too. They want the rights and opportunities of men, but not the responsibilities, obligations and sacrifices expected of men and they want to keep the traditional privileges women have enjoyed for centuries. They want to be treated as equals when it suits them, but they want special treatment like they are aristocracy when equality does not suit them. This is female entitlement mentality. The same women arguing men should act like gentlemen from the 19th century, bristle at the very mention of women acting like ladies from the 19th century. That right there is the problem- Lack of reciprocity. The one-sided gynocentric face of chivalry in the modern era.

To Defeat Feminism Chivalry Has Got To Go

Chivalry in its modern form is gynocentric bigotry. It is a one-sided code of socially enforced behaviour for men and boys to treat women and girls as a group with a special level of care and respect, simply because they are a female, with no equivalent efforts expected to be made by women and girls toward men and boys in return. Men and boys are expected to act like gentlemen and women and girls can act in any manner they please toward men and boys. Like other forms of bigotry, chivalry has no place in a society that claims it is against discrimination and for equality.

If we are ever going to defeat feminism, then chivalry will need to go. Men in power have to start saying “no” to the demands of feminists and putting their principles ahead of the approval of feminists, female voters and female media commentators. Men in general are going to have to learn to set boundaries with women and stand their ground and not cater to the demand’s women make that conflict with their values. Men in general need to learn to say “no”4 to unreasonable demands by women and feminists. This might sound simple and yet for many men they cannot bring themselves to say that simple word when it really matters. What would we call a relationship when you cannot say no to a group or individual? Slavery and dictatorships come to mind.

Society is not a patriarchy, that is feminist projection (so much of feminist ideology in general is projection). Modern Western society more accurately resembles a matriarchy by proxy, with feminists ruling from behind the throne and the men in power acting as feminist servants. These men in positions of authority, regularly and eagerly implement the feminist female supremacist agenda on feminists behalf, without a whimper of resistance and throw men and boys under the bus for approval from feminists and female voters.

All that is required for this to stop, is for men (and particularly men in positions of authority) to stop kowtowing to women, find their balls and say the word “no” to the next unreasonable demand made by a screeching feminist harpy. Men place far too much value in concerning themselves about winning and maintaining the social approval of women and far too little value in striving to be the best version of their authentic themselves and winning the approval of others on authentic grounds that are true to themselves. That is the distinction between a man with integrity and a man on a leash that follows the social whims of women and feminists. That needs to change and if we want to begin that change, then we need to stop teaching young boys a one-sided chivalrous code of behaviour. We need to stop teaching boys that deferring to women and prioritising female well-being at the expense of male well-being, without any reciprocity, makes them a “man”.

Of course men are not the only group that need to change if we want an end to chivalry and to defeat feminism. There will also have to be a big shift in the attitude of women as a group toward men. We live in a culture that fosters female entitlement mentality5, as Miranda Devine termed it. Women to a significant degree are raised from childhood to expect chivalry and a one-sided set of obligations men have toward women. There is no reciprocal set of obligations given to girls on how to treat men and boys. Boys and girls learn from a young age that boys do not hit girls, but rarely if ever are girls told not to hit boys. This is despite boys and girls reporting similar levels of intimate partner violence when they date6. That is just one example of many that I can give of the lopsided gynocentric messages children get as they develop into adults.

Paul Elam has recently done a video7 examining the link between how we raise girls in modern society and how that then fuels the culture of female entitlement that leads to feminism. Children are not stupid. If girls are taught and see the adults around them expecting men to treat women specially simply because they are women and the reverse is not expected for women on how they treat men, then of course it will foster a sense of female entitlement and female superiority they will carry through to adulthood.

Both men and women are involved in perpetuating the cycle of gynocentrism from one generation to the next and teaching girls this sense of entitlement. The result of this cycle is an epidemic of female narcissism. Dr. Tara Palmatier spoke about this social trend of female narcissism8 in her talk at the first international men’s conference in Detroit in 2014. Peter Wright has recently discussed9 how gynocentrism in women is a form of situational narcissism in women’s relations with men and compares the characteristics of gynocentrism in women with narcissistic personality disorder.

Female entitlement mentality is indeed a pathology and it is narcissistic, but in this feminist culture we glorify it as a sign of female empowerment. That will also need to change if we want to see an end to chivalry and by extension, an end to feminism. Female entitlement mentality is not something to be proud of or something we should be normalising in the culture as a sign of female empowerment. All it does in the long term is foster resentment and bitterness between the sexes and drives them further apart, which in turn hastens the social breakdown and collapse of society. Neither sex benefits from female entitlement mentality in the long term.

Sex Differences And Limitations

In Sydney’s video she discusses the reality that males and females are different and each sex has their own unique set of limitations and vulnerabilities and that there is nothing necessarily wrong about men helping women in that context. I would absolutely agree. The sexes have co-evolved over millions of years of natural and sexual selection, to develop unique and complementary sets of traits to perpetuate the lineage. This has been a feature of not just human evolution, but also the evolution of our ancestors. It is certainly correct to state that men helping women based on real limitations, is not immoral and it is not gynocentrism. Where it becomes gynocentric bigotry, is when men help women based solely or partly on the fact they are female and not because of some real limitation and where no reciprocal efforts are expected or made by women in return.

There is a distinction between being kind, compassionate, respectful and generous toward your fellow human being and applying such principles selectively based on the sex of the individual. This is why I developed a diagnostic definition10 of gynocentrism to delineate between being authentically generous and compassionate and gynocentric bigotry. If you are a man that sees a woman that clearly needs help with her shopping bags and you want to assist them, so be it. Good on you! However, if you are the sort of man that sees a man clearly needing help moving a fridge onto a truck and won’t help them simply because he is not female, don’t ask me to respect that. Imagine for a moment if this double standard was reversed or based on racial grounds. What would we call it? Make no mistake chivalry in the modern era is bigotry, gynocentric bigotry to be exact.

Feigning Female Vulnerability

Dr. Warren Farrell in the Myth of Male Power11 wrote that, “Men’s greatest weakness is their facade of strength, and women’s greatest strength is their facade of weakness.” In our gynocentric culture it is often the case that female vulnerability and limitations are exaggerated and in some instances just made up, as a means to garner special treatment for women and girls. As mentioned, the feminist victim narrative is critical to their standard strategy of getting their agenda implemented. In sharp contrast, it is often the case in our gynocentric culture that male vulnerability and limitations are dismissed. So whilst I agree with Sydney that real limitations between men and women exist and that men helping women where these limitations is exist is not automatically a bad thing, we need to look at those limitations in an honest way and without the gynocentric glasses on. We should seriously look at male vulnerabilities and limitations as well and not just glaze over them.

We also need to take an honest look at how we react to those limitations of women and men and make sure we react in fair and balanced manner. For example, if we are going to lower physical entry standards for the military, then we should be basing that decision on solid evidence that it will make our military more lethal by allowing higher quality recruits to be retained. Furthermore, we should be applying those standards across every recruit and not just female recruits. If the reasoning for lowering entry standards is to increase the number of women serving in the military to appease feminists and win female votes at the expense of national security and such standards will be selectively applied to female recruits only, then we are not reacting honestly or fairly to the physical limitations of women.

Benevolent Sexism Doublethink

I discussed benevolent sexism in my earlier article on diagnosing gynocentrism and how we need to look at the intent that is driving the behaviour before we make claims men helping women is sexist against women or conversely that it is gynocentric. Indeed that was precisely the same point Sydney raised in her video discussing benevolent sexism. Using feminist logic, it can be successfully argued that numerous feminist initiatives where men are helping women, like White Ribbon, HeForShe and others, actually hurt women and are examples of benevolent sexism. It could even be argued that feminism itself is benevolent sexism. Such claims are clearly false obviously.

To claim men helping women is sexism against women, implies that the intent driving that behaviour is malicious and that such acts are done with the intent to harm women rather than help them. If that was indeed the case, then we would expect the attitude that such men express toward women would be negative and that their stated reasons behind their actions would betray a similar negative view of women and a clear intent to do them harm. Yet we do not see this, we see the opposite. Instead we often see such men talking about women (undeservingly I might add), as if they are some superior or special class of human being. We often see such men arguing women are kinder, gentler, morally superior or should rule the world etc. The goals or reasoning behind the actions of such men is often explicitly and emphatically stated to be to benefit women and not to harm them. Only someone that has a deep-seated mistrust and hatred of men, would assign negative motives in such a context and in light of these facts.

Benevolent sexism contradicts itself and is gynocentric doublethink. If it is sexism, then by definition it is not benevolent. Such terms exist because feminism cannot tolerate men being viewed in a positive light by society, if men are to accept their own exploitation. If men are doing things to benefit women, then that clearly runs against the feminist narrative of male oppression of women and against the feminist propaganda to instill perpetual guilt in men and boys. It is hard to demonise men and boys in the eyes of society, when they are trying to help the people they are accused by feminists of oppressing!

What Is Missing For Men

Sydney points out in her video that men are in a no-win scenario, where any action they take will lead to shaming and ostracism by feminists. I addressed this in my article on normalising gynocentrism12, where I discussed learned helplessness in men. Feminism seeks to dehumanise men and encourage men to give up on themselves, so that gynocentric bigotry can be normalised in the culture and men will accept it. This is precisely why pleasing feminists and women in general, should not be the core priority of any man. You cannot win by kowtowing to feminists or women, you just make things worse for yourself and also worse for society by pandering to female entitlement. Living life in your own way, in an authentic manner, according to your own principles and forming your own identity and setting your own direction in life, is the only path left for men to take and that is a good thing. What I have just described is men going their own way (MGTOW)13. MGTOW is a good thing, because perhaps now men will finally start taking care of themselves, standing up for themselves in their relations with women and demanding fair treatment from society and from women and not just rolling over and allowing their own exploitation.

Sydney is correct that men need a purpose or something to do and I would argue this is also true for women. People need a direction in life to give it meaning. For much of human history men have been assigned their purpose by society, just as women have been. Only recently has society become technologically advanced enough and by extension prosperous and safe enough, for the sexes to have the opportunity to assign their own purpose based on individual interests (As Dr. Warren Farrell has pointed out, men were not the oppressor, the harsh environmental pressures on human survival for most of human history and prehistory was the oppressor). Everyone needs a direction in life and that is important for men in particular, because men get their primary sense of fulfillment from taking action, undertaking challenges and accomplishing things. Men need an outlet to actively express their natural masculine talents.

However men must be given the right as women have been given, to assign their own purpose and not be lectured to on what a “real man” is by women or by other men. Yes men have an innate tendency to protect and provide, but that does not translate to men having an innate tendency to be a disposable workhorse for women and society (I am not implying that is what Sydney meant, but often in this gynocentric culture those innate drives in men can be deliberately twisted to mean that).

It is not that men need to be needed either, it is deeper than that. This is about respect. Men need to be respected for what they do for themselves, for others and for society as a whole. That includes men being respected for what they do for women and reciprocal compassion, help, respect and generosity being shown toward men by the supposedly fairer female sex. The feminist message that men have been receiving for the last 50 years and in particular the last 20 years, is that there is nothing men do that is respectable and nothing that women should do for men in return for what men do for women. Masculinity is framed as toxic and as a disorder.

We live in a world where panels of women can have televised debates about whether or not the male half of the human race is obsolete and get support from the mostly female audience for the absurd claim men are obsolete. You can listen to Karen Straughan’s critique on that disgusting bigotry here14. Women can even write books, articles and be interviewed about such bigoted opinions and have such ideas promoted and celebrated by the mainstream media. Women can write hateful articles titled, “Why Can’t We Hate Men?”15 and get it published in mainstream newspapers. Boys are now being told by society that the future is female16 and are being indoctrinated to feel inferior because they are male. The list is endless. Imagine for a moment if this was happening to women and girls. Men and boys are not suffering from a purpose void. This is a void of respect. This society has no respect for men and boys. Masculinity is continuously attacked and men and boys are constantly demonised and disrespected, despite all the amazing things they do for women and society on a daily basis.

Men and boys are internalising the message that they are not worthy of respect and nothing they do or contribute is worthy of respect. The large drops we are seeing in boy’s academic achievement and motivation in education, the claim young men are failing to launch (which is really nowhere to land) and the male suicide epidemic etc, are all symptoms of the widespread reality men and boys are being starved of respect. Men going their own way is simply that and nothing more (despite what some disingenuous people claim, it has nothing to do with hating women). MGTOW are men taking a stand to value and respect themselves, in the face of a society that encourages them to hate themselves.

MGTOW is about going your own way in life, by having the self-respect to live life according to your own principles and identity and with no regard to what this hate filled society has to say about it. Men have the right to set their own direction and find their own purpose in life, pursue their own happiness and decide for themselves how to live their own lives. Men are going their own way in increasing numbers and it is about time! If gynocentric traditonalists, feminists or men or women want to complain about MGTOW choosing to avoid marriage and to a lesser extent relationships, then they might want to look at what they can do to make marriage and relationships less toxic and healthier for men.

Marriage is no longer marriage, it is a slave contract for men. That is what feminism has done to marriage. If you think I am being hyperbolic I am not. Just ask the tens of thousands of men in US prisons that cannot make alimony and child support payments to their ex-wives, because the alimony or child support that is set by the courts exceeds their actual income. Just ask the tens of thousands of fathers that kill themselves after being alienated from their children and losing everything from divorce. Here are just two disgusting examples linked here17 and here18, illustrating how perverted marriage has become. There are so many other stories that can be shared and I would encourage men to leave their story in the comments section below this article if they like. The institution of marriage is rotten to the core. The bias men experience in divorce and family court and during the course of marriage itself is systemic and deeply tipped against men.

We all know roughly half of marriages will end in divorce and that most divorces are initiated by women and it is little wonder why when the scales are tipped so heavily in women’s favour. Whilst the nature of the misandry of marriage varies from country to country and from state to state, the common theme is one of male servitude to women and female entitlement. The sayings, “Happy Wife Happy Life” and “The Ball And Chain” did not emerge from nowhere. Marriage in the modern era is a gynocentric perversion of the original marital contract between the sexes, which feminists happily tore up and rewrote to unilaterally benefit women at the expense of men (no fault divorce, family courts, VAWA etc).

Relationships have gone down a similar path of gynocentric perversion of catering to female entitlement, which has been accelerated with the metoo movement. MGTOW is not the problem, the degradation of marriage and relationships is the problem. MGTOW is about choosing your own path in life and not kowtowing to what society or women demand men do with their own lives. Perhaps if marriage was reformed, relationships became more balanced and respect was shown again to men, fathers and masculinity, more MGTOW would freely choose to get married and have relationships on their own accord without social coercion and shaming.

Something tells me though that the gynocentric traditionalists and feminists will continue to double down and shame men for going their own way and daring to passively resist their own exploitation. Newsflash- These men stopped caring about what society thinks of what they should do with their own lives long ago and indeed for many of them the shaming was what drove them to discover MGTOW, or was the last straw that drove them to adopt a MGTOW pathway. MGTOW are the men that are prepared to say no to feminists and women, set boundaries with women, reject chivalry and stand up for themselves. They are the sort of men that can help bring about the end of feminism and that scares the shit out of the feminist mainstream media, because these men are not getting back in line and bowing their heads.

Society needs to get over its reluctance to honestly examine the actual reasons why MGTOW are avoiding marriage and relationships. Society needs to start making serious efforts to correct the numerous systemic imbalances and double standards that feminism has enshrined into our legal system and culture and address the pervasive culture of female entitlement. Until that happens, shaming MGTOW will just help increase the social phenomenon and contribute to its growth. MGTOW is now the only pathway for men to follow. Once men become aware there is no way to please women and society by pandering to female entitlement, they go red pill and then MGTOW in rapid succession.

Like I said, society has a void for respect for men and boys. Men walking away from a gynocentric society that hates them and disrespects them at every turn, is that predictable even a six-year-old could have told us this would be the result 20 years ago. This has nothing to do with men wanting women back in the kitchen or under the thumb of men and everything to do with respecting men and restoring fairness and reciprocity to the social contract between the sexes.

This gynocentric society will reap what it has sown until the imbalance between the sexes is corrected and society is prepared to confront the elephant in the room- its own gynocentrism.