Gyneolatry [Gr.  woman + -(o)latry.] refers to an excessive adoration or worship of women or femininity. Gyneolatry is sometimes referred to by alternative terms such as chivalry, romantic love, benevolent sexism, pussy worship, simping, gynocentrism, woman worship, autogynephilia or pro-feminism.

Earliest use of the term pairs it with chivalry/chivalrous behaviors by men, as in the following examples:

“The sentimental gyniolatry of chivalry, which was at best but skin-deep, is lifted in Beatrice to an ideal and universal plane.”

[1876 Lowell Among my Bks. Ser. ii. 36]

“Looked at with the scientific eye it is sheer gyneolatry – the chivalrous sentiment inflated with poetic wind, like a bubble, to the utmost possible degree of iridescent tenuity.” [The Life and Works of Friedrich Schiller (H. Holt, 1901)]

Also: gynolatry, gyniolatry, gynaeolatry, gynecolatry, gynaecolatry

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The following are examples of gyneolatry from historical literature:


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