2 thoughts on “Revisioning Anima and Animus

  1. That’s reading a bit too much into it. As Adolf Guggenbuhl-Craig notes, “Women and men are determined in their sexual identities and behavior by only a select number of archetypes.” In other words, some archetypal images can represent sexual nature and biology (eg. think of muscular Hercules, or maternal Demeter as archetypal images derived from sexual features), whereas other archetypes belong to men and women both (eg. archetypes of Anima, Animus, Self, Child, Ego… and so on).

    Also, while humans are clearly sexed with X or Y characteristics, the imaginative capacity of the human psyche tends to ignore biology to a certain extent: https://gynocentrism.com/2020/12/30/james-hillman-the-psyche-tends-to-ignore-gender/

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